Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis had one of the most heated, emotional matches of 2014 that led to the unmaking of Ultimo Guerrero —something that people will remember for years to come. Somehow, I get the feeling that tonight won’t be able to match that. Fantasticamania is here and that’s always a good thing as it’s something different while also being fun at the same time. As far as matches go, it looks like an interesting card with two title defenses, some tag team action as well as the aforementioned main event. Let’s get started!

Both Mr. Niebla and Rey Cometa are out of their match tonight, which was explained at the start of the show. Cometa will be wrestling tomorrow, and was seconding his team tonight, but Niebla was nowhere to be found so it seems like whatever injury he suffered during the tour is keeping him out for a while.

Tomohiro Ishii, Gedo and Yoshi Hashi vs. Angel de Oro, Jushin Liger & Tiger Mask: For whatever reason, Tiger Mask and Liger were wearing hybrid versions of their respective masks. Not complaining, it’s pretty cool. Gedo went for a handshake early, was even nice to the ref, but eventually jumps him when Liger eventually falls for it. I thought that was only a Suzukigun gimmick. Ishii and Tiger Mask come in and now Ishii’s knee is taped up as well. Dude’s going to break down physically at this rate. Standard New Japan six man with everyone pairing off (Liger/Gedo, Oro/Yoshi Hashi, Tiger Mask/Ishii). Oro gets the hot tag and goes wild on YH including a quebara and a plancha to the outside. Tiger Mask get a gets a nearfall with a tiger driver but Gedo ducks a headbutt. People gather to the outside which allows Angel de Oro to hit a Sasuke special, which allows Tiger Mask to pin Gedo with a rollup. **½

Cavernario Barbaro and Okumura vs. Kushida and Triton: Okumura and Triton pair off, then Kushida and Cavernario. They do some standard back and forth stuff until Triton unleashes a sick looking springboard moonsault to the floor on Barbaro. That was COOL. Soon its a four-way scramble including Triton knocking off Okumura with a springboard hurricanrana. Kushida went for a dive but Okumura blocked it. Cavernario responds with a huge splash to the floor. In the ring, Okumura is able to take Triton down and submits him with a half boston crab for the win. ***

Cavernario attacks Cometa, who was seconding his team after the match. That’s not very nice. Cometa and Barbaro exchanged words after, hyping up their match for tomorrow.

Ryusuke Taguchi, Tetsuya Naito, and La Sombra vs. Captain New Japan, Mascara Don and Mascara Dorada: This was mostly a comedy match, but had some fun stuff along the way. Mascara Don, as you know, is Manabu Nakanishi doing a lucha gimmick. Think about that one. He and Taguchi square off at one point and Taguchi’s pharaoh mask is ripped off, causing him to exit the ring in a panic. Tetsuya Naito, who is also wearing a mask, squares off with Captain New Japan. CNJ tags in Mascara Don who lariats both Taguchi and Naito. Sombra and Dorada square off, with Dorada going to the middle rope for a step up hurricanrana but Sombra counters with a powerbomb. That was cool. Mascara Don ACTUALLY TRIED TO DO A PLANCHA and sort of maybe did one. Not really, he just jumped to the floor and people kinda fell. Dorada followed up with a much better one. Sombra isolated CNJ and hit a springboard moonsault for the pinfall. Another fun six man tag. **3/4

La Sombra gets on the mic and talks smack at Sombra before throwing the mic on him. Dorada responds, which doesn’t leave Sombra all too happy.

NWA Welterweight Championship – Volador Jr. (c) vs. Gran Guerrero: Volador Jr. came into the ring with WINGS. Large ones, in fact. It was kinda amazing. Lots of great spots at the start including a tope by Guerrero. Volador responds with a springboard hurricanrana to the outside. That was sick. Guerrero eventually ate a superkick after stalling for a while. Guerrero eventually dumps him to the outside, stalls some more while Volador dropkicks him from behind and unleashes an Asai moonsault. Volador Jr. looks really good while Gran Guerrero…has a nice color scheme going tonight. Volador went to do something off the top rope, but Guerrero counters it with a reverse facebuster off the top rope. That’s gotta hurt. Huge springboard hurricanrana off the top rope gets a nearfall. Guerrero went for the Gory special but Volador escaped, then followed with a chokeslam for a nearfall. Guerrero laid out Volador and went to the top rope, but Volador immediately no sold it and hit the C4 off the top rope to retain the championship. Guerrero didn’t look good here at all, but the high spots and Volador made up for that, and it turned out to be pretty decent. ***¼

Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship – Mephisto vs. Stuka Jr: Mephisto came to the ring wearing a Bullet Club Latin America t-shirt. Yujiro accompanied him and cut a promo, saying he was the latest member of the Bullet Club and that he is real. I guess having a guy that looked like a zombie Batman in this match does add to the group. Stuka, who I sort of dismissed at first because he looked like he was kinda chubby plus he was wearing a shirt, busted out a huge Asai moonsault that looked fantastic. I’m easily proven wrong. After some back and forth, Stuka comes off with a huge torpedo crossbody to the floor. Yikes. Two torpedo splashes by Stuka but it’s still only a nearfall. Mephisto hits a double underhook suplex from the top rope for a nearfall, invites Stuka over to the top rope again as they face off, then he cuts him off again and hits a second double underhook suplex for the pinfall. Some cool moves, but nothing beyond that. **½

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Stigma & Mistico vs. Kazuchika Okada, Shinsuke Nakamura & Polvora: When Tanahashi’s team came out they had a mini tribute to Black Cat, including playing his music and presenting flowers to what I assume is his family. Okada and Mistico start things off, then its Polvora/Tanahashi (which included lots of posing) followed by Stigma and Nakamura. This wasn’t that great when the luchadores were in, which was a lot in this short match. Mistico didn’t look good at all and Stigma botched a couple of spots. The brief offense for Tanahashi and Okada was fun, though. Mistico eventually submits Polvora with the la mistica armbar. *¾

Mistico was clutching his leg during the match and limping after, so it’s possible he’s injured again. The parallels between him and the original Mistico is pretty amazing.

Atlantis vs. Ultimo Guerrero: Guerrero comes in wearing his mask. Atlantis wants it gone, but Ultimo refuses. The crowd is clearly behind Guerrero, which is pretty funny. Atlantis tries to unmask him until Guerrero finally relents, unmasks, then jumps Atlantis while he’s distracted. He then sets up a barricade and kinda jumps over it sending Atlantis down. He goes for a headstand into a bronco buster, then goes for another headstand on the top rope but Atlantis shoves him down to the floor. Atlantis responds with a huge tope that sends Guerrero into the crowd. Keep in mind he’s 52 years old. He follows with another huge move, this time a crossbody from the top rope. Guerrero blocks Atlantis and hits a reverse suplex for a nearfall. He goes for a hurricanrana, but Guerrero counters with a powerbomb for two. Guerrero goes for a move, but Atlantis transitions into the torture rack, but Guerrero transitions it into a rollup. Atlantis goes to the top but Guerrero catches him with another reverse suplex and pins him. Very good match, obviously not as good as the Anniversary show but still very fun and my personal favorite match of the show. ***½

Final Thoughts:

I liked this show a lot. There was nothing outstanding on the show, but the show itself was enjoyable with lots of fun spots, outfits, masks and more throughout. It’s always fun to see these two promotions come together each year for this tour as it’s something special and always enjoyable.