Shake Them Ropes
January 13, 2015
Episode 60

We’re going to talk PROMOS from WWE Raw this week! Boy, there were a lot ot go through. John Cena spoke, Roman Reigns told stories, Seth Rollins stood strong, Rusev and Lana yelled, and much more. We’ll talk those promos, who could win the Rumble, why more matches haven’t been announced, as well as review Shield vs Team Hell No & Randy Orton from Smackdown in June of 2013.

00:00-04:00: Intro, iTunes Review
04:00-09:15: Can Rusev win the Rumble?
09:15-14:30: Seth Rollins Promo
14:30-32:00: Raw, Roman Reigns
32:00-35:20: John Cena Promo
35:20-41:15: Daniel Bryan’s Return
41:15-44:30: Reddit doesn’t like Rob
44:30-45:00: It’s cold in the midwest
45:00-49:30: WWE Announcer Changes
49:30-59:00: #92 – Shield vs Orton, Kane, Bryan
59:00-64:00: REF TALK

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