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Titan vs. Gran Guerrero (CMLL) August 19th, 2014: Any Titan match is always welcome here and Gran Guerrero is always solid so this can’t be awful, I sincerely hope it’s not. We start with a staple in Lucha, mat work and trading of holds and these two are pretty great in that department. Titan did not just bust out a standing Cattle Mutilation, this guy just keeps raising his stock in my book. Gran gets a baseball dropkick that sends Titan to the floor and he follows it up with a cross body to the outside. Gran is laying in slaps to the chest but gets too cocky for his own good and ends up eating 2 dropkicks from Titan and then Titan gets his hurricanrana on the ramp and then a tope con hilo for good measure. Titan gets the rope assisted moonsault but Gran still kicks out. Gran gets the powerbomb but is caught using the ropes for leverage in the pin and when he argues with the ref he almost gets pinned in a roll up from Titan. Titan with the huge Asai moonsault on the outside and then follows up with an apron dropkick. Corkscrew senton from Gran misses and Titan is firmly in control and works to finish off Gran but Gran catches him in a top rope powerbomb but that only gets a near fall as well. The chokeslam from Gran still doesn’t do it and just when Titan is down he gets Titanics and gets the win. Someone show this to CMLL because it proves you don’t need to do two out of three falls matches for the sake of tradition. These two just went out there, worked hard and worked a fun entertaining pace for 12 minutes. One fall can be done and the product will not suffer. These are the things I enjoy, I’ll have my little victories when I can. ***1/2

Monster Clown vs. Chessman (AAA) October 10th, 2014: I enjoyed Chessman so much on the first edition of this column I had to have him back. Demon Clown already has me not looking forward to Monster Clown but hopefully he is more like Psycho Clown and I can tolerate him. That Psycho Circus theme is legit too, makes you enjoy the circus without having to go to the circus. They start with slaps to the chest and face but Monster Clown gets an armdrag and body slam for the advantage. He follows up with a dropkick and a tope suicida to remain in control. Chessman comes back into the match by throwing Monster Clown’s cranium into the ring posts. Chessman then starts working Monster Clown’s knee but of course Monster Clown doesn’t sell it as he starts flying around with a hurricanrana, clothesline and a reverse X Factor. A little back and forth until Monster Clown gets a tope con hilo and then follows up with another reverse X Factor and a reverse Figure Four. The wheelbarrow slam and another reverse Figure Four make Chessman tap out to give Monster Clown the win. Afterwards, MonsterClown is beat down mercilessly by the Hell Brothers which made up for how the match was. Bad selling from Monster Clown, bad camera work and Chessman has been better this year than this match shows. **

Australian Suicide & Faby Apache vs. Eterno & Sexy Star (AAA) September 26th, 2014: Hey boys and girls it’s Sexy Star and she is in an intergender match that just so happens to not be in Lucha Underground (Isn’t that something?). I just noticed this when the wrestlers are introduced, AAA is showing their Twitter handles which is fairly intriguing in an era where Twitter is king. Faby Apache has no problem starting the match off against Eterno and neither do the fans. Australian Suicida and Sexy Star jump in but the rudos get the advantage on both tecnicos. I thought the rudos were going to do The Dudley’s WASSUP move but Eterno dropkicks Faby right in her lady parts-you sir are a despicable individual. Australian Suicide tries to save Faby but he gets double teamed and an emphatetic slap to the chest puts Australian Suicide to the floor. Faby finally makes a comeback with a well-timed superkick to Eterno and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Sexy Star. The crowd is bursting for every move, mannerism and facial expression of Faby. Australian Suicide gets some near falls, an atomic drop and a dropkick that sends Sexy Star reeling. Australian Suicide is flying all over the place and he even hits a ring post assisted moonsault to Eterno. Eterno goes for Chris Daniels BME but hits the canvas flush and that lets Australian Suicide hit the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press to win the match for his team. This was a fun little sprint that let everyone show off, there were a few slow portions but other than that it wasn’t half bad for a match. **1/2

Atlantis, Stuka Jr. & Valiente vs. Barbaro Cavernario, Felino & Negro Casas (CMLL) October 14th, 2014: Let it be known that one of my favorite trios in modern wrestling is La Peste Negra of Casas, Cavernario & Felino-each guy brings something different to the table. You could even throw Mr. Nibela into that equation too but I’m talking trios here and despite being part of the same stable I enjoy this pairing the most. Cavernario and Valiente start off and trade arm drags and some mat work before they reach a standoff. It’s time for comedy as Felino and Stuka Jr. go at it but that goes nowhere and we get the main course of Casas and Atlantis and then we pick the pace up as Valiente taps out Felino and Cavernario is the recipient of Stuka Jr.’s boss splash from the top rope-simple move but I love it every time. Casas is pissed off and arguing with the ref while the tecnicos celebrate winning the first fall. Valiente gets the better of Casas and he even flips out of a monkey flip from Felino and further down we see Cavernario do a worm that puts Scotty 2 Hotty to shame. Cavernario has so much charisma and he is his character, the caveman who just has so much hyperkinetic energy and I love the guy. Felino and Cavernario stomp on Atlantis until Casas finally catches him with La Magistral to give the rudos the second fall. The rudos double team on the tecnicos for the majority of the third fall but nothing really stands out. Atlantis makes a comeback as he hits a trio of tilt-a-whirl backbreakers on each member of La Peste Negra. Cavernario throws himself recklessly at the ring post and then Valiente gets a nutty looking moonsault to the outside on Cavernario. It comes down to Atlantis getting Atlantida on Casas and Valiente getting on Felino. This felt so thrown together and after it was over very little stood out and it really had no substance. The usual CMLL main event nowadays that either is totally average or a complete letdown. **1/2

Imposible vs. Emperador Azteca (IWRG) August 10th, 2014: I have never seen either of these guys but I’m hoping this will be better than the other IWRG matches I have seen and loathed here (I’m not getting my hopes up). They lock up to start and Imposible gets the advantage, I don’t know what’s going on but the commentary sounds like it is playing over the speakers and the crowd is muted which is making me quite distracted. They trade kicks to the spine and some submissions before they reach a stalemate. After a bit of back and forth Azteca hits the Package Piledriver to win the first fall to make the crowd happy, mind you the crowd is half empty — IWRG is not operating at full capacity much like AJPW baby! Azteca is in total control and he blasts Imposible with a chair and chokes him with cable wire but Imposible comes back into the match when he nails Azteca with a stiff powerbomb to pick up the second fall, so far this is not setting the world on fire. They trade punches at the start of the final fall but Imposible gets his receipt back with the chair shot to Azteca. Imposible stays in control with a tope suicida and a running senton onto Azteca as he is seated in those chairs I hated in elementary school. Imposible uses the referee as a step stool to hit a corner dropkick that Katsuyori Shibata would have smiled at. In the end they look to go for Tombstone Piledrivers but Imposible locks in a ridiculously nasty submission to get the third fall and keep his title. Nothing earth shattering but it was decent and I’m happy it’s over as none of the fans or commentary seemed to care at all. **