No column next week due to Christmas and all that. The podcast week in review, brought to you by Teleflora.

They Said It…

  • “Generally, the average age of my guest is dead.” – Jim Cornette, on having the youthful Bryan Alvarez as a guest.
  • “You can be in the Federal Witness Protection program and be on that fucking…network and people won’t be able to find you.” – Jim Cornette on the widespread availability of AXS TV/HD Net.

The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop (12/6/14): Doc and Karl this week, and maybe it’s because of the lack of Doc’s voices, but this is one of the better shows in a few weeks. They touch on the NJPW tag league, Ricky Morton, the horror of appearing on Botchamania, and things actually get a little serious (!) as they address the comments they made about Lionheart last week. Then they quickly get back to mocking the names of their listeners. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio (12/14/14): Part 1 of the MLW Christmas party, as Court, MSL, and Konnan call a variety of guests, including Ed Ferrera, John Pollock, Wai Ting, Jim Cornette, and Mick Foley. The different guests make for a enjoyable show, and they still talk some wrestling so it’s not all shenanigans. Konnan’s delight at Wai Ting’s name is something else. THUMBS UP

Piper’s Pit (12/15/14): John Carpenter, who directed Piper in “They Live”, is the guest this week. They of course focus on their film, but Carpenter has directed so many great movies I wish they had gotten deeper into his filmography. Carpenter is super nice and humble, and also a big wrestling fan, which is actually detrimental because it allows Piper to bring up playing the Mexican national anthem yet again. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Who’s Next With Goldberg (12/16/14): Rampage Jackson stops by the studio to chat with Bill. The interview is short, but they hit a lot of topics, from fighting in Pride, the UFC, the A-Team movie, and CM Punk’s new career. Jackson is pretty open about his feelings for people like Scott Coker and Joe Silva. Rampage of course has bundles of charisma, and Bill is so into Pride he’s as engaging as he gets. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin Show (12/16/14): Dave Meltzer calls in and Austin actually manages to record the show. They spend the first 50 minutes on the UFC and breaking down upcoming fights, then shift to the current WWE and how wrestlers are impeded by the current structure. Dave is on Wrestling Observer Radio 2-4 times a week, but it’s always great to hear him outside of that context. Meltzer and Austin have great chemistry and they’ve never had a conversation I didn’t enjoy. THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho (12/17/14): It’s Talk is Jericho #100, and he celebrates by having KISS’ Paul Stanley on for an hour plus interview. Paul can certainly be mercenary and a blowhard, but he’s very honest about his philosophies on concerts, his former bandmates, and the Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones. Jericho also runs down all the guests he’s had on, and it’s an admittedly a very impressive roster. <Stanley’s interview starts at 23:34> THUMBS UP

The Ross Report (12/17/14): Jeff Jarrett joins JR. They spend the first part of the show running down the TLC PPV for some reason, then they get into the upcoming New Japan PPV that just plays like an informercial. Things pick up when they discuss Matt Striker calling the show with JR and the circumstances behind Jarrett holding up Vince for money. Anyone hoping for any detailed plans for Global Force won’t find anything here. <Jarrett’s interview starts at 10:39> THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Bauer & Pollock (12/17/14): John and Court run down a busy week covering the UFC Lawsuit, CM Punk’s ongoing adventures, Wrestle Kingdom, and TNA’s move to Destination America. It’s a fun breakdown of the week’s news, and Court also seemed to indicate Alberto Del Rio is in talks with Bellator. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling (12/18/14): Joel Gertner is the guest this week. I was excited, since he’s a well spoken guy who clearly has a lot of ECW stories. But wrestling is barely touched upon, there are zero stories about working with the Dudleys, and getting answers is like pulling teeth at points. Gertner talks about work philosophies and I was just tuning out after a point. Nigel McGuinness also makes an appearance to discuss his new Kickstarter project. THUMBS DOWN

Steve Austin – Unleashed (12/18/14): Steve and, yup, Ted Fowler are back. I don’t even have a joke at this point. It’s a mostly wrestling related, with some good stories about Austin kicking Jerry Lawler’s $400 crown into the crowd. And you get to hear about what kind of pro wrestler Ted Fowler would be, so there’s that too, I guess. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

THE JIM CORNETTE EXPERIENCE (12/18/14): Bryan Alvarez joins Jim and Alice. You would think the obvious show would be to discuss the Death of WCW with Cornette adding his personal experiences with the company. But no, they discuss current events, which is not Cornette’s strong suit (thinking NXT is on Spike?) as well as the tired “MMA is the best pro wrestling” trope. The conservative letter writer is pretty funny, though. Alvarez’s interview starts at 21:38 THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho (12/19/14): Ryback is the guest this week, as he tells Jericho about being a time keeper at a WWF show at age 12, the origin of his various gimmicks, injuries, and meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also addresses the Punk podcast, basically saying he respects Punk, he apologized after the missed table spot, and the whole “you’re trying to injure me or you’re stupid” incident never happened. Doesn’t really get into why he flipped out on Twitter and called Punk a weakling, but whatever. Ryback comes across as a personable, hardworking guy. <Ryback’s’s interview starts at 19:40> THUMBS UP