WWE Main Event
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November 25, 2014
Fort Wayne, IN
Photos: WWE.com

Episode 113

Episode 113 took place in my home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana, so naturally I attended the event live. The recap/review of this episode will not be in depth as I did not go back to watch the televised version, because one viewing of Main Event is enough for me.

The Fort Wayne audience, while small in numbers, was pretty upbeat and hot for the show. It didn’t hurt that the Miz & Mizdow act opened up the program, and boy was Mizdow popular. Honestly, he was one of the most reacted to acts of the night.

Miz & Damien Mizdow defeated Los Matadores: Miz pinned un Matador. The finish saw Mizdow hit a matador with the Skullcrushing Finale, but Miz made a blind tag in order to get the pinfall and glory. They continued the deal where Mizdow soaks up reactions on the apron as he mimics Miz’ actions, while not getting into the match himself until way late and without Miz’ willingness. **1/2

FANDANGO vs Adam Rose: Fandango beat Adam Rose via pinfall after the top rope leg drop. Pros: Scarlett Bordeaux was ringside as a rosebud. Con: Everything else. The match was nothing, as it was just an angle to both further Fandango’s win streak upon his return and to continue the Bunny vs Adam Rose deal. No one live cared about this, and could you blame them? *

Backstage, as this was the show leading up to Thanksgiving, Natalya and Tyson Kidd were sharing what they were thankful for amongst a thanksgiving feast. Layla and Summer Rae walked up, and yada yada yada Layla put a pumpkin pie in Nattie’s face.

Natalya vs Layla: Nattie tapped Layla to the sharpshooter. Natalya came to the ring with much pie still on her face, which was a nice touch. A back and forth match, this was, but it ended in a rather quick manner as most Main Event Diva’s matches have lately. After Natalya’s win, Tyson soaked up applause from the audience as if he was the star. *1/2

Voicesofwrestling.com - Dean Ambrose Kane Main EventDean Ambrose vs Kane: Ambrose pinned Kane via rollup. DEAN KANE. Do you get it? Live, this match seemed to go on forever. I figured they would based on how quick the middle two matches were. It was a fine match, but Kane was moving pretty slowly even for himself. Thankfully, with the large HD Tron live, we got to see Dean Ambrose’s amazing facial expressions while Kane worked a chin lock in the middle of the match. This was the best thing on the show. Dean knows when this is a cartoon, and goes with it, and it was awesome. With the rollup finish, I have to imagine the announcers made it seem like Dean was barely escaping with the victory. That’s fine, as Kane needs to still be promoted as a somewhat intimidating man while Dean just needs wins right now. **

Nothing in Episode 113 was necessary to go and watch, unless you really like watching Mizdow work on the apron. If that’s you, then have at it.

WWE Main Event
WWE Network
December 2, 2014
Oklahoma City, OK

Episode 114

The Real American, Jack Swagger, opened up this week’s episode, fresh off his heated confrontation with Rusev the night before on Raw. With Zeb Colter presumably out for a while, Swagger came out alone to take on Titus O’Neil.

Jack Swagger vs Titus O’Neil: Swagger won via submission. This was a really heated, agressive match between two big dudes who have had frustrating recent runs in WWE. Titus had control for much of the match, which made Swagger’s heated comebacks easy to get into. The crowd liked it, I liked it, you should watch it. That’s right, a fun MAIN EVENT match worthy of a view! ***1/4

After the match, Renee Young entered the ring to ask Jack about the Rusev attack on Zeb. Swagger said Zeb was like a father to him, proceeding to put over how tough and proud he is. He called Rusev a coward, saying he’s unworthy of the US Championship. Swagger dedicated his life to taking the US title away!

Adam Rose, dancing side by side with the Bunny and tailed (pun intended) by his rosebuds, was on his way out next!

The Bunny & Adam Rose vs Gold & Stardust: Stardust pinned Rose via Dark Matter. The Bunny sure did have a ton of confidence tonight, rocking out the Fargo strut and his pelvic wiggles multiple times. I wonder how proud Eden is of her husband every time she announces and witnesses his entrances. They better do something with this Bunny-Rose angle soon (if they do anything at all), because we’re headed towards the busy season. When Brock, Roman, maybe Taker, and the rest of the Mania stars start coming back, I don’t expect us to see a ton of Adam Rose unless it is strictly held to these B-shows. Could Rose vs The Bunny be blown off on a Main Event in early 2015? In the words of Matt Martel, “You neeeeeeeeever know!” *1/4

Cole called the Dust Brothers victory, “Impressive.” The fuckers beat a raver and a fury.

Backstage, Real Tom Phillips interviewed the Usos. Jimmy Uso was in a serious mood, while Jey was more playful. Jimmy, of course, was still furious at Miz for talking with Naomi on Raw. Jey wanted Jimmy to settle down, realizing Jimmy’s being just a tad over the top with his anger.

Oh, good, Rosa is in the ring “dancing.”

VoicesofWrestling.com - Fandango Main Event

FANDANGO vs R-Truth: Mr. ‘Go won via pinfall after the Top Rope Leg Drop of Certain Doom. Sorry ’boutchya, Truth. Truth, by the way, still sings his entrance, including wanting to be one of the finest young brothers to every step in this game. His window for succeeding in that may have closed a decade ago. Michael Cole admitted on commentary that he and his wife were once champion ballroom dancers, and that’s pretty much all anyone has to know about this match. *3/4

Count me as one of the few that actually likes Fandango’s new music and persona, but Rosa, unfortunately, just brings the act down. She’s an act killer. Killer of acts. I give this new Fandango act three months to live. He’s another of the guys who will be doomed between the Rumble and Mania.

We interrupt this episode of Main Event to air the usual 10 minute Raw/Smackdown recap video. Rowan vs Big Show in a Stairs Match was made official for Tables, Ladders, Chairs… and Stairs on 12/14.

Jimmy Uso vs The Miz: Jimmy pinned Miz after a top rope splash. Yep, this was the big grudge match between Miz and Jimmy stemming from the actions of each on Raw. I know they have a tag title match that is more important, I suppose, coming up at TLC, but it’s odd they did this particular singles match here after the angle they were given on Raw. I could have rather used Jey vs Miz here, while Jimmy waits for the PPV to get his hands on the man who… um, talked to his wife. Oh, and they may have been doing this for a while, but I just noticed the Usos now wrestle in their shirts. I’ve not been the biggest fan of the Usos for a while, but this is another point deduction on their scorecard for me. The finish saw Jimmy send Miz to the mat, ready to hit his top rope splash. Before he could finish his climb to the top, however, Damien Mizdow came into the ring and bumped, to mimic Miz. So, of course, Jey Uso climbs to the top rop on the other side of the ring. Mizdow, like an idiot, stays down on the mat while both Usos jump. Jimmy splashed Miz, while Jey splashed Mizdow, and the ref counted three to give the #1 contenders to the tag titles the singles win here. Mizdow the act is hilarious and growing more popular. Mizdow the wrestler is an absolute idiot. **3/4

If you want to watch one of these episode of Main Event, make it episode 114! I’m really looking forward to the post-TLC episodes of Main Event, as I just have a feeling that with some talent returning, we may see more of the bigger names appear more often on Main Event to get storylines over. I miss seeing quality Rusev, Dolph, and Rollins matches on the show, and I expect them back in early 2015.