A half decent offering for this edition of CMLL on Terra, featuring Guerrero Maya Jr., Cavernario, Negro Casas, Atlantis and a title match between Titan and Polvora. It’s not a blow-away show on paper but who knows CMLL may have some surprises up their sleeves for this show. I’m actually fairly surprised that there are no women matches on this edition but other than that everything looks normal. Let’s just get to the action.

Flyer & Sensei vs. Akuma & Espanto Jr.: Flyer is already the best guy in this match because he comes out to Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole”. Flyer and Akuma start out with some mat work and it’s fairly even until Flyer gets the advantage. Espanto Jr. and Sensei put me to sleep for a few minutes with Espanto Jr. moving especially slower than molasses. Akuma and Flyer get back into the match but Akuma catches Flyer with a running Canadian Destroyer and then Sensei is caught in a Northern Lights Suplex to give the rudos the 1st fall. Seriously what is it about rudos having a nipple fetish in some matches? Eventually the tecnicos get the 2nd fall with an armbar from Sensei on Espanto Jr. and Flyer rolling through a powerbomb attempt to get a pin on Akuma. The pace picks up in the final fall as Flyer does what his namesake says, he flies all over the ring. Sensei gets a nice looking bicycle kick to Espanto Jr. but it’s all for naught as Flyer gets absolutely massacred on the barricade. Sensei does a poor man’s version of Tajiri’s Tarantula Hold as Flyer gets a dropkick on Akuma. It comes down to Flyer with a modified Figure Four on Akuma and Sensei with a variation on the Stretch Plum and armbar to give the tecnicos the win and the last fall. Flyer looked great here and the other three guys were not even in his class even though they tried. Sloppy in some points and a little too packed with action to make it truly stand out, it was still a fun time. **

Soberano Jr., Star Jr. & Starman vs. Cholo, Metalico & Ramstein: Star Jr. is too fast for Metalico so he does his best to keep Star Jr. grounded but Star Jr. has too much prowess until he is triple teamed by the rudos alongside his team mates. The 1st fall is over fairly quickly and we even see Ramstein hit a senton onto Star Jr.’s testicles. Star Jr. receives more damage once the 2nd fall starts as Cholo throws him for a huge back body drop. Star Jr. continues getting worked over until he turns a wheel barrow slam into a victory roll to give the tecnicos the 2nd fall. Soberano Jr. and Star Jr. are practically flawless and move so seamless, this is easy for them. Metalico and Starman go at it for a bit until Metalico hits a tope suicida that sends Starman into the barricade. Star Jr. and Cholo go back and forth until Cholo catches Star Jr. in a powerbomb and Ramstein gets a draping dropkick. The finish was strange as Soberano Jr. was caught with a Ramstein powerbomb and a Cholo frog splash and then Ramstein pinned Star Jr. with a knee across his chest. That felt entirely lazy and I was expecting a Star Jr. comeback, how dare you CMLL? Better than the opener as Metalico had charisma, Soberano Jr. and Star Jr. are credible and the other guys were all tolerable. ***

Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. & Stuka Jr. vs. Boby Zavala, Sagrado & Sangre Azteca: Sangre Azteca and Stuka Jr. start it off and they reach a stalemate after being even with each other. Sagrado and my favorite underrated luchador Guerrero Maya Jr. are in but that doesn’t last on account of Sagrado’s cowardice. Delta and Zavala square off but Delta gets the better of it. Sagrado nails Guerrero Maya Jr. with a stiff clothesline immediately as both get in the ring. It breaks down as the rudos jump the tecnicos on the outside and then Stuka Jr. is worked over on the inside. It looks like Azteca gets a double stomp on Stuka Jr. and Sagrado gets a rolling suplex and a leg drop to Delta which gives the rudos the 1st fall. The speed of the tecnicos is too much in the 2nd fall as Stuka Jr. and Guerrero Maya Jr. get tope suicidas and then Delta gets Sagrado trapped in the ropes and finishes him off with a double stomp. Guerrero Maya Jr. gets two tilt-a-whirl backbreakers on Sagrado and the rudos are in dire straits.

Stuka Jr. chugs along with two monkey flips and a hurricanrana on the outside to Azteca. Delta turns into Tiger Mask and does the Space Flying Tiger into a hurricanrana to Zavala. Every time Guerrero Maya Jr. gets into the ring the rudos respectfully try to talk him down from delivering a world of hurt (Now that is simple storytelling). Guerrero Maya Jr. traps Zavala in an intricate submission and taps him. Delta gets his ring post moonsault to the outside and it comes down to Stuka Jr. and Azteca. In the end Stuka Jr. gets his boss looking plancha splash to give the tecnicos the 3rd fall and the win. All 6 guys worked hard, Stuka Jr. is still one of my sentimental favorites, Delta is legit, Guerrero Maya Jr. needs more singles matches and the rudos made the simple things look easy. This built to a satisfying finish and the pace was great throughout. ***1/2

Dragon Rojo Jr., Fuego & Maximo vs. Barbaro Cavernario, Pierroth & Shocker: The rudos stomp Maximo to start the match and just continue to bring the punishment to both Dragon Rojo Jr. and Fuego. Apparently, Maximo taps out to Shocker’s half crab and half armbar stretch but it takes the ref forever to notice and it’s blatantly awkward. The Puerto Rican legend Pierroth is stomping both Dragon Rojo Jr. and Fuego to start the 2nd fall. Maximo actually manages a comeback with a flying hip attack and a kiss of death on Cavernario while Fuego gets a pin on Pierroth and Dragon Rojo Jr. gets an elevated Boston crab on Shocker to give the tecnicos the 2nd fall. Maximo with some nasty hip tosses on the ramp to Cavernario after the 2nd fall is over. In the 3rd fall we get the singles pairings between all 6 men with the highlight being Dragon Rojo Jr. and Cavernario. Tope suicidas from Maximo and Fuego but Dragon Rojo Jr. is caught in an abdominal stretch from Shocker and then when Maximo does get his kiss of death, Cavernario with a huge foul/kick to the grapefruits and Shocker with the easy pin as Fuego walks around complaining to the ref for his lack of vision. That ending was so illogical and made absolutely no sense, why would Fuego not break up the pin instead of complaining? Shocker tends to bring matches down and along with Pierroth I was not invested in this match. Plenty of stalling in this match and too slow for its own good. Why couldn’t we just have Dragon Rojo Jr. vs. Cavernario again? Anything would have been better than this mess. Afterwards, Maximo challenges both Cavernario and Shocker to a three way cage match and Shocker left without accepting. **

Mexican National Welterweight Championship Match – Titan vs. Polvora: I was a big fan of their match in 2013 so hopefully this delivers like that mini masterpiece. Titan is like Tetsuya Naito in NJPW, immensely talented but no one talks about him and he has these sneaky good matches but hey let’s focus on Rush and the other big stars in CMLL! They start off with some mat work but there is a stalemate multiple times. Titan gets the better of Polvora with a hurricanrana on the inside and outside and then Titan tries to do too much and Polvora drives Titan’s head into the mat with the Rubix Cube to pick up the 1st fall. Polvora continues with the advantage he has and works over Titan relentlessly in the 2nd fall. Polvora even does the most dastardly thing in Lucha Libre, he tries to rip off Titan’s mask! Titan comes back into the match with a huge hurricanrana, tope con hilo and then a modified Figure Four/Armbar to win the 2nd fall. As usual the pace picks up the 3rd fall with Titan getting a tope suicida and multiple near falls. Polvora with a plancha from the top turnbuckle to the outside onto Titan. Back and forth between both men as Polvora counters Titan’s springboard hurricanrana into a powerbomb and then counters Titan’s attempt at a suplex into his own suplex. I will never get tired of that Titan dragon screw leg whip and Figure Four spot. Titan gets a Pele kick, a hurricanrana from the ramp and then a tope con hilo from the ramp onto Polvora. Busting out the big moves now aren’t you fellas? The fans are solidly behind Titan but Polvora has his share of supporters. Don’t fall for the Titanics Polvora! Both men are exhausted and they are still going to the top rope to pull out a Polvora Driver. Titan goes for a tope suicida only for Polvora to slam him into the barricade (Now that was nasty). Titan still manages to kick out after that crash and burn and now Polvora is desperate. Polvora with another Polvora Driver and Titan still kicks out. In the end Titan pulls out something I have never seen him do and we get a La Mistica into a cradle to give Titan the 3rd fall and the win. This had drama, fans were hot and these two complement each other so well. It’s probably not safe for Titan to keep doing that barricade spot so please do not continue doing it Titan. It was not better than their 2013 match but it was still great and it was a change of pace and Titan continues to be the best wrestler in CMLL not named Barbaro Cavernario. ****1/4

Atlantis, Mascara Dorada & Volador Jr. vs. Euforia, Mephisto & Negro Casas: Lot of heavy hitters in this one and maybe in my fantasy world Casas takes the mask of Atlantis but again I’m dreaming. I’ve gotta respect guys like Casas and Atlantis who are in their 50s and still chugging along and putting on some fun matches along the way. Casas and Co. jump the tecnicos to start the match and they work over Volador Jr. and Mascara Dorada. Mephisto finishes off Volador Jr. with the Devil’s Wings and Euforia gets a cradle pin on Mascara Dorada to win the 1st fall. Atlantis gets mollywhopped and then Mascara Dorada is hip tossed onto the ramp by Mephisto. The tecnicos get a comeback as Atlantis fires off tilt-a-whirl backbreakers, Dorada with a running hurricanrana from the ramp and Volador Jr. with a tope con hilo. Atlantis and Dorada end up pinning Casas and Euforia respectively to win the 2nd fall. Dorada gets the better of Casas and Euforia to start the 3rd fall, Dorada looks like a million bucks. Casas and Volador Jr. have a great little standoff that Volador Jr. eventually gets the better of. Volador Jr.’s attire is legit, I’m waiting for him to become The Phantom next. Dorada latches on a Figure Four onto Euforia but Casas breaks it up as Atlantis and Casas end up pinning Dorada and Euforia respectively. I’m using the word respect plenty for my thoughts on this match, I’m so very sorry. The action gets too quick and then Mephisto nails Volador Jr. with a foul and that winds up giving the win to the tecnicos. At times it felt a bit too rushed and man that finish was anticlimactic but everything leading up to it was a good time and everyone played their parts well. ***

Final Thoughts:

Go see Titan vs. Polvora — it’s sneaky good and some of you may rate it lower or higher but I loved it. The whole show was enjoyable save for a match here and there. The usual suspects were impressive and pulled their weight plus nothing felt overly long which is always an added bonus. Is every episode of CMLL fantastic? No. Is every episode legendary? No. Either way, this was the best episode I have seen since the En Busca de un Idolo Final and there was consistency throughout. As usual if you want to tell me I did good or bad go to Twitter: @RobsBrutalWorld.