Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
“Untitled II”

October 17th, 2014
Reseda, California
Photos: Devin Chen Photography

After the never-ending Battle of Los Angeles 2014, we get ourselves a nice brisk walk in the park for Untitled II. At a hair over two hours, this is one of the shorter PWG events in a long while. A nice change of pace from the marathon viewing that was BOLA or the way over two hour events of recent vintage.

Biff Busick vs. Tommaso Ciampa: Fan-fucking-tastic. What an opener. If you’re looking for some elaborate story telling, keep on moving. These two dudes, in some ways, mirror images of one another ended up beat the shit out of each other for 20 minutes in true Pro Wrestling Guerrilla style. I like that shit, and you should, too…because it’s entertaining. What started off with a little shenanigans involving hugs and tests of strength turns into a full fledged everyone-gets-beat-up match. Ciampa was especially stiff here and had no regard for the well being of Biff when during a Suicida attempt by Busick, gets an opened chair thrown directly at his head mid-way through. Littered between the stiff shots are some big moves, false finishes, and Rondy Rousey throwing the most awkward chop to Biff’s throat. Ciampa finally finishes Biff with a Project Ciampa off the top rope. I happen to be a man of exquisite taste that loves me some nonsensical slobberknockers. ****

Cedric Alexander vs. Bobby Fish: A very workman-like effort here between these two. Fish still taking his bumps coming into PWG while Big Ced is seemingly about ready to get pushed up the card. Alexander went strike for strike with Fish for most of the match. Alexander wins clean with his flippy double knee backbreaker finisher thingy in a pretty straight forward bout. **3/4

Brian Cage vs. Uhaa Nation: If you expect anything else other then two horse meat eatin’, juiced up athletic freaks showing off for 10 minutes, you must not have ever seen these two dudes before. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you know exactly Brian Cage is. If you’re not familiar with Uhaa Nation, he is essentially the Black Brian Cage. Swoll to the gills and athletic as hell. Errbody gets their shit in here, as expected, with a few unfortunate rest spots thrown in and then, Brian Cage goes for a Lionsault and breaks his neck…those ropes in Reseda are not meant to propel a 300 pound dude. Seriously, that move is going to win a Botchamania End of Year award. Brian Cage wins with a lariat after a flurry from Uhaa.  Pretty sure Cage will end up a paraplegic in Reseda at some point.   ***1/4

World’s Cutest Tag Team vs. Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor: Candice is ON POINT tonight. Yessir. A quick side note on Joey Ryan: I’ve grown fond of his along-for-the-ride gimmick he has with Candice here in PWG. He doesn’t even attempt to take any shine. Anyway, a lot of goofy shit in the opening stages. It gets better with some nice spots and crisp movess, but, I’m sure I’m late to the party, but the Candice gimmick has jumped the shark for me. Everything seemed a bit too contrived here. Leads to the usual banana peel, balls plex, reverse frankensteiner finish. Who am I to judge, the Reseda crowd is still into it. **3/4

Adam Cole vs. Trevor Lee: I would wear an Adam Cole BAYBAY OBEY-knockoff t-shirt on non-laundry days. (OK, no, I wouldn’t…but I love the shirt) Things escalated quickly in this match. Cole with an early heat segment before Lee launches himself over the top taking out everyone in the first three rows. After a little BIG MOVE back and forth, Cole gets hammy in his heelish ways — it’s why the crowd loves to hate him before Lee gets more beat down. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise and Trevor Lee gets the roll up for the flash win. Unfortunately, I thought this match was on its way to being really good before the quick win. As is, it’s merely alright. I dig the Lee push. I think he is really good. But enough of the zOMG HE WON?!! gimmick, please. Let’em beat these PWG stalwarts clean and decisive. ***

The Young Bucks vs. ACH & AR Fox: Every single person reading this knows exactly what happens in this match. Obnoxiousness, 90’s Nostalgia, Flipz, Super Kicks, and Too Sweets and it all works. Bucks win with the Package Piledriver-Super Kick combo. Pretty sure AR Fox is dead again. ****

Kyle O’Reilly (c) vs. Roderick Strong: There is a lot to like about this match. The exchange in strikes was great. I loved Roddy’s big moves here. The working of limbs to set up submissions was well done. However, the crowd never fully invested here and neither did I. It took a silly ref bump to get everyone out of their seat and then the end falls a little flat as Roddy taps to a guillotine choke. The ending was set up with a breaking point for Roddy as he was clearly frustrated he couldn’t beat O’Reilly and win the title, which was a good story to tell, it just wasn’t convyed and executed up to par. ***3/4

After, Roddy is an asshole and really really really hurts Rick Knox.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this was a strong two hours of wrestling. Quick, to the point matches. Nothing ran long. Some strong bouts, but nothing really comes close to topping that first match here.

  • The Buzz: Skip RAW, Watch This
  • Match of the Night: Biff Busick vs. Tommaso Ciampa
  • Also Watch: The Young Bucks vs. AR Fox/ACH
  • Next Up:  Black Cole Sun (easily the coolest event name in a long time) on December 12th. Kyle O’Reilly will face off against BOLA14 winner Ricochet for the title. Also, World’s Cutest Tag Team vs. The Addiction. There is also a strong chance someone dies in the opener in a four way with Biff Busick, Tommaso Ciampa, Uhaa Nation and Brian Cage.