We’re back with the 50th episode of Shake Them Ropes! Today, Rob & Jeff will recap the big stories from WWE Raw, preview and predict Survivor Series, get into Finn Bálor’s NXT in ring debut, and more. Plus, we begin our 100 part series reviewing WWE Network’s Top 100 Matches To See Before You Die. We start with #100: Jericho vs HHH at Fully Loaded 2000. You can find the full list in the show notes at ShakeThemRopes.com!

00:00-03:45: Intro | ShakeThemRopes.com
03:45-07:00: Interspecies Wrestling in WWE
07:00-18:10: Luke Harper, The Ryback, and Raw
18:10-22:20: Is Rowan “The Most Improved of 2014”
22:20-28:10: Will Triple H Wrestle Soon?
28:10-32:50: John Cena Comedy
33:00-43:00: Survivor Series Predictions
43:00-49:45: Bálor Debut | NXT Review
49:45-70:00: WWE Top 100: HHH vs Y2J Review

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