After winning a championship solely thanks to the efforts of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage was now at the top of the WWE roster…whenever Hulk Hogan wasn’t around. When he was, he teamed up with him. They, along with Elizabeth, became the Mega Powers, who fought every foe they came across, primarily the Twin Towers consisting of Akeem and Big Bossman. But as the year went on, Savage became jealous of Hogan and Elizabeth’s relationship. Things started to crack, and on one Saturday Night’s Main Event, everything exploded. After Elizabeth was laid out and Hogan took her to the back, leaving Savage to fend for himself against the Twin Towers. Hogan would come back later, but Savage had enough. After the match, Hogan checked on Elizabeth again, which sent Savage into a rage and attacked him, eventually leading to the match we’re about to witness tonight!

WWE Women’s champion Rockin Robin starts us off by singing America the Beautiful. A very nice rendition, though I wonder if she was a last minute replacement for someone as it was kind of obvious that she’s not a singer by any means.

King Haku vs. Hercules: What an opener! Somewhere within the last year, Hercules was sold to DiBiase to be a slave. Yes, this was a storyline that happened in 1989. You can mark this point of time as to when WWE became really goofy. Hercules eventually broke free from him and is now going after Heenan and his family. They proceeded to have a dull match. Haku did a bearhug that lasted forever. Hercules powered out. Actually after this it picked up, mostly thanks to Haku. Hercules gets the win out of nowhere after a back suplex bridge.

The Rockers promo. They’re ready to take on the biggest team in pro wrestling, the Twin Towers. Literally, not figuratively I imagine.

The Rockers vs. The Twin Towers (Akeem and Big Bossman): Rockers have the advantage early, but eventually the Towers isolate Marty. He hot tags to Shawn who runs wild. Bossman tries for a splash but misses. Double dropkick sorta connects, but Akeem runs in to break the count. Shawn goes for a top rope move but Bossman powerbombs him in mid-air (!) and Akeem takes care to Marty for the three count. This was really good. **¾

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Ted DiBiase. He’s going to demolish Brutus Beefcake tonight. Today he meets his destiny, being beaten by the Million Dollar Man.

DiBiase shakes hands with Donald Trump before the next match.

Ted DiBiase vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake: I think this is maybe for the Million Dollar title. Wasn’t completely established. Lots of stalling. Virgil interferes which allows DiBiase to gain control of the match. Such a dull match. Eventually it just ends in a double count out when both exchange punches in the ring. Beefcake grabs Virgil and lays him out with the sleeper. The crowd goes mild! ½*

Lord Alfred is with the Bushwackers at the WrestleMania brunch. The joke is they’re talking with their mouths full as they talk about their match against the Rougeaus. Even back then, WWE humor sucked. It was gross.

The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers vs. The Bushwackers: The Rougeau Brothers have the greatest entrance music and gimmick ever. Unfortunately, most of their heel run consisted of having matches with the Bushwhackers, who are in fact very terrible. They stalled for a long ass time until Raymond finally starts working on Butch. I thought The Iron Sheik sold bad, but man I haven’t seen anything until I saw Butch trying to take a flat back bump. He does not fall gracefully nor does he actually land on his back. The Rougeaus pose, only for Butch to immediately get back up, then with Luke doing the battery ram and finishes one of the Rougeaus off with a double gutbuster for the pinfall. Describing this as terrible doesn’t do this match justice. This takes the “Worst WrestleMania Match Ever Award” up to this point. -** - WWE WrestleMania VSean Mooney, making his WrestleMania debut, gets licked by the Bushwackers, I guess just to rib him.

Mr. Perfect vs. The Blue Blazer: This sounds like a good match on paper. Problem is, the crowd was dead for the majority of it. Nothing wrong with the in ring, in fact compared to the last two matches this was great. No one reacted though, except for the last minute or two for near falls. Owen looked great but wouldn’t be used much at all for this run, because he is in fact small. But we’ll be seeing a lot of him later. As for now, however, he gets pinned with the perfectplex in a relatively short and uninteresting manner. Would have been better with a crowd that reacted to stuff. *3/4

They introduced Jesse Ventura for no reason for the third year in a row. I’m assuming this was just to get the crowd hyped. Maybe that explains it all!

They show scenes from yesterday regarding the 5k run they had. Mr. Fuji, complete in his usual outfit, was ready to compete in this run. He’s in good superior shape, you see. He promises the handicap match tomorrow will mean nothing. He gets a head start, then you see everyone passing him through. Later, he finishes the race, despite not really seeming to break a sweat or anything. Amazing how that works!

RUN DMC come out and do the WRESTLEMANIA RAP. There was a DJ table and everything and they rapped. I had no earthly idea what they said, but this jam was, well, pretty jammin’.

Video package of Demolition and the Powers of Pain. They show the turn at the first Survivor Series with Fuji costing Demolition the match and later aligning himself with the Barbarian and the Warlord earlier in 1989. Demolition call Fuji “Fuj the stooge” and promises to demolish both Fuji and the Powers of Pain.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Mr. Fuji and the Powers of Pain vs. Demolition (c): Yes, the tag team titles are being defended in a handicap match. This would annoy me, but after suffering through some booker’s ideas of how to defend titles I’m not completely offended. A largely dull match with most of it being Warlord and Barbarian working over Ax. Fuji misses a splash that allows Ax to tag in Smash. Warlord grabs Smash and Fuji goes to use the powder but Smash ducks and Warlord gets blasted with powder. Demolition eliminate the PoP and give Fuji their finish for the pinfall. It wasn’t interesting, but it was mostly solid and the faces got retribution, which is nice to see these days. **

Schiavone was trying to interview Savage, but he wouldn’t have it and freaked out, pushing the cameraman to the floor in a frenzy.

Dino Bravo vs. Ronnie Garvin: Garvin got the 2014 WWE midcard entrance. As in, he was already introduced in the ring as the pushed guy made his way down. This was all a backdrop to introduce the real star of this segment, the return of Jimmy Snuka, who made his way down to the ring. Zero heat for this. I never understood why Dino was so protected for most of his run. I liked Garvin’s offense here. Dino counters a piledriver with a back body drop and eventually got the clean win with a sidewalk slam, which Gorilla called a “side suplex”. Nope. Short and aside from Garvin’s comeback, nothing. 1/2*

The Brainbusters vs. Strike Force: This was the first time Strike Force teamed in a long time as Martel was out (kayfabe) injured. Brainbusters take control early but Martel makes a GREAT comeback and a double dropkick sends Tully and Arn reeling. Martel was sinking in a Boston crab when Tully rakes him in the eyes on the apron. Double figure four leglock on the Brain Busters. Santana tags in Martel, but a forearm smash accidently connects, sending Martel to the outside. Brainbusters come back and isolate Santana. He eventually manages to get to his corner to tag in Martel, but he refuses. He exits the apron and walks away as Tito is left to fend for himself. Santana tries his best and makes a brief comeback, but it’s two on one. Spike piledriver and that’s it. Pretty good. ***

Mean Gene is with Martel. He got what he deserved. Essentially, he’s sick and tired of Tito riding his coattails and carrying him. From here, he’d be managed by Slick and become known as “Awkardly Dancing to Jive Soul Bro Guy” Rick Martel. But soon he’d ditch Slick as his manager and find a new persona. What kind of persona? Well, you already know I’m assuming, but we’ll see more of this new persona next year.

Howard Finkel introduces Roddy Piper, who is back to host Piper’s Pit. I thought he retired forever, never to return! Darn these wrestling retirements. However, when Finkel does the introduction, it’s not Piper who appears, it’s Brother Love! Maybe he backed out at the last minute by remembering his retirement match a couple of years ago. Brother Love then proceeds to interview Roddy Piper, as in he asks himself questions and Love answers back in Piper’s voice. It was not very engaging. This brings out Morton Downey Jr., who was famous for being a crude loud mouth who had a talk show reminiscent of later shows like Jerry Springer. I only know who he is because he appeared here, I should mention. They traded insults white Downey smoked. Eventually, Piper came out to a big response. He talked to Brother Love forever and threw insults at him. He then proceeded to talk to Morton Downey Jr. forever and traded insults with him. Downey kept smoking and blowing smoke in Piper’s face. This totally has to be a Vince McMahon thing as he hates smokers.  Eventually this leads to Piper spraying Downey with a fire extinguisher. This was excruciatingly long.

Mean Gene introduces the trailer to No Holds Barred. I’ve never seen the movie, but the trailer looks completely cheesy, even by 1989 standards.

Sean Mooney interviews Donald Trump, who says it’s an honor to be here. Mooney came off as completely jumpy and nervous. I guess being near Donald Trump will do that.

Back at the commentary booth, Jesse Ventura was PISSED that Hogan’s entering the Hollywood scene. He cuts a firey promo on Hogan, saying that of course he’s going to Hollywood because tonight he’ll lose against the Macho Man, and that if he wants to be in Hollywood so bad he can be his limo driver. This was the best promo on the show for a match that never happened.

They then show a video package of the Mega Powers forming, which of course took place at last year’s WrestleMania when Randy Savage won the title by blatantly cheating. They were a team from here, winning their big match at SummerSlam. But by early 1989, things started to crack. Savage became more jealous of Hogan and Elizabeth. After a big spot that sent Elizabeth to the floor, Hogan took her to the back as Savage fended on his own on a 2 on 1 attack against the Twin Towers. When Savage came back, he turned on Hogan by abandoning him. Of course, Hulk ended up winning single handedly anyway. He went to check on Elizabeth in the medical area, and when his back was turned Savage jumped him, solidifying the turn.

Hogan promo. Says that he wanted to be Macho’s friend, he had his back, but he wasn’t able to live up to what the Hulkamaniacs wanted. I wonder who is. He turned something he and Elizabeth had into something twisted. He also made sure to note that he had seismologists working here in case the earth would erupt when they meet each other later tonight. All he wants from him is his best.

Jake Roberts vs. Andre the Giant: Big John Studd is special guest referee. He came back to the WWE in 1989, won the Royal Rumble that year then proceeded to really do nothing. Well, at least he’s here as a referee! Andre starts off hot but eventually slows down to his usual offense, which consisted of holds and doing as little as possible. I don’t want to slag him on this, since people still reacted and he was a draw, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. Eventually, Studd and Andre get face to face. Remember, they’ve had a rivalry dating back to the first WrestleMania. Jake gets the snake, which causes Studd to reprimand him, but from behind Andre shoves Studd. As they get into it, DiBiase suddenly comes down and shoves Jake to the floor. This ends up in a wild brawl as both DiBiase and Roberts as well as Andre and Studd get into it. Roberts comes back and Andre bolts, he gets DQ’d for attacking Studd. Not much of a match. 1/2*

Tony Schiavone is with Sensational Sherri. She runs down Rockin’ Robin and her singing ability. Hey, she was better than Mean Gene. She also runs down Elizabeth. Foreshadowing, perhaps?

Rhythm and Blues vs. The Hart Foundation: This is a match that is happening because, umm…yeah. I guess. Shouldn’t complain though was this was mostly a fun back and forth brawl. Hart’s interference with the megaphone backfires as Bret grabs it and hits Honky Tonk Man with it for the pinfall. Not much else to say about it other than it killed time on this 3 ½ hour card. **½

Footage of the POSE DOWN at the Royal Rumble earlier this year between Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude. Warrior was winning when Rude attacked him, leading to this match.

Intercontinental Championship: Ultimate Warrior © vs. Ravishing Rick Rude: Rude jumps Warrior, who proceeds to no sell and throw Rude around like a ragdoll. He took good bumps. Rude, that is, not Warrior. Long bearhug spot. Warrior proceeded to do moves, and he failed, including giving Rude the sloppiest backbreaker ever. Warrior powers out of the Rude Awakening but Warrior powers out. Rude escapes to the apron and Warrior tries for a suplex, but Heenan grabs Warrior by the leg and Rude holds him down to pin him and win the title. Warrior lays out Heenan after to gain a measure of revenge. Rude tried, but only managed to get this out of negative star range. ¾*

Bad News Brown vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan: Duggan runs wild on him early only for Brown to bail. He comes back and Duggan continues. They proceeded to do lots of uninteresting back and forth brawling. They eventually fight each other with weapons for the double DQ. Duggan then wipes out Brown with the 2×4. Extreme waste of time. -½*

RED ROOSTER PROMO. He can’t wait to get his rooster claws into that weasel hide, he says. He then cawed like a rooster. Hey, you know what, he’s friends with Triple H so it all worked out for him in the end, didn’t it.

Bobby Heenan vs. The Red Rooster: Brooklyn Brawler is at ringside to help out Heenan. Rooster immediately won after rolling up Heenan following a missed charge to the corner. Brawler laid out Rooster with a bodyslam because faces can’t win just like that, silly! Felt like a 2014 Raw segment where no one got over. NR

Mean Gene interviews Elizabeth. She’ll be in both men’s corners tonight and feels bad the situation has come down to this. She hopes no one will be seriously injured after tonight.

WWE Championship: Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage ©: Savage, the champion, came out first because, well you know, Hogan. Lots of stalling to start. They run around the ring and Savage puts Elizabeth in front of Hogan to boos. He uses this to gain an advantage and starts grinding him down with holds. Savage busts Hogan’s eyebrow open. Things start picking up from here, with Savage getting a nearfall roll up and back and forth action ensuing. Hogan slams him off the ring all the way to the floor in a crazy spot. Savage gets back up and they brawl. Hogan goes to post him on his shoulders, but Elizabeth steps in front of the post and asks him not to. This gives Savage the opportunity to go behind and shove him into the post. She tries to help Hogan up but Savage gets in her face and sends her out, security taking her away. Big sledge off the top rope to the floor by Savage onto Hogan’s throat. Hogan comically sells the throat as Savage works on the throat area. He hits the elbow but all of a sudden Hulk Hogan comes to and HULKS UP. Maybe that’s why Savage helped Hogan that one time in WCW by giving him an elbow when he was down, “reviving” him. He does his comeback and hits the legdrop and that’s all she wrote! A pretty great, dramatic match. You might slag Savage for working out all of his matches beforehand, but by planning out these matches, everything makes sense, and most importantly, every move in the match meant something. This was fun. ***½

Final Thoughts:

This was a one match show, and the match delivered. The big problem with the show was the venue. Trump Plaza just isn’t a place for pro wrestling, and it showed as this card continued to drag on. I understood why WWE did it for two years in a row, but when I watched WrestleMania VI it was obvious that the crowd was there to see wrestling. Not sure what this crowd was here to see other than Hulk Hogan. Strike Force’s split was well done, but other than that everything on the midcard is either solid stuff that no one will remember or really terrible stuff everyone will remember for the wrong reasons.