Ohio Valley Wrestling TV
Episode 794
November 5th, 2014
Davis Arena – Louisville, Kentucky

This is the first episode of TV since November’s edition of “OVW Saturday Night Special”! If you missed what happened at the SNS then read my review here: https://www.voicesofwrestling.com/2014/11/07/ovw-saturday-night-special-november-review/

For a quick recap: Michael Hayes is the new OVW TV champion, TerreMex are the new OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, and Cliff Compton is still the OVW Heavyweight Champion after a double count out in his match vs. Melvin Maximus. Also, Ryan Howe regained his guitar after he tore the Pastor of Disaster’s “good book” to shreds, and Timmy Danger is the new OVW Senior Official after defeating heel referee, Josh Ashcraft.

We kick off the show with commentators, Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey recapping the Saturday Night Special as still pictures of the events show on the screen. Corsey breaks the news that Cliff Compton suffered some broken ribs from being in Melvin Maximus’ Bear Hug for three-to-four minutes.

Robbie Walker and Adam Wylde vs. The War Machine (Shiloh Jonze and Eric Locker) w/ Michael Titus: Corsey mentions that Wylde is a newcomer to OVW and we don’t know much about him yet, except that he is from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The War Machine comes in fired up and pissed off after losing the OVW Southern Tag titles this past Saturday. Locker and Jonze are showing an impressive mean streak as they work over Walker and Wylde.

Locker and Jonze finish off Wylde with their tag team finisher. **

Michael Titus gets on the microphone and says the events of SNS were “bull s—“. Titus says Frank Miller first didn’t even give his dead dad a proper funeral and then he screwed over The War Machine and cost them the OVW Southern Tag titles. Titus then cuts to a video recap of the events backstage at SNS showing Frank Miller laid out with a steel chair draped over his head and Titus screaming at him that he is going to end up dead like Miller’s dad. Titus, back in the ring, reveals the man who was responsible for laying out Miller, Marcus Anthony. Anthony then comes out and Titus reveals that The War Machine is going to evoke their rematch clause next week on OVW TV.

This segment was a nice way to add heat to the Titus/Miller feud, but I’m not sure what it does for TerreMex/The War Machine. OVW seems to be getting stuck with these non-wrestler feuds. Again, I’ll hold complete judgment of this “exploitation of a real life death” storyline until I see the payoff.

Gilbert Corsey is in the ring as he introduces the new OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, TerreMex. Randy Terrez and Mexicutioner come out to celebrate their victory. Terrez says they won the titles for all of the OVW fans. Terrez says they will be ready next week to take on The War Machine and will take on all comers and challengers. The No Class Connection comes out to interrupt TerreMex. The No Class Connection challenges TerreMex to a match. Corsey calls for a referee and the match begins.

TerreMex (Randy Terrez and The Mexicutioner) vs. The No Class Connection (Deonte Davis and Leon Shelley): At the end of the OVW tag championship match at the SNS Randy Terrez had separated his shoulder and Mexicutioner had to pop it back into place. This leads to The NCC working over Terrez’ shoulder to start of the match including a spot where Terrez misses his opponent driving his own shoulder into the ring post. The NCC works over Terrez with a classic heel tag team strategy of double teaming Terrez as they make quick tags in and out all the while The Mexicutioner tries to fight his way into the ring.

Terrez escapes the NCC long enough to get the hot tag into The Mexicutioner. Mexicutioner quickly takes out The NCC and picks up the win with a Spear. *3/4

We then get an advertisement for the next Saturday Night Special that will take place on December 6th, 2014. (Every month on the first Saturday of the month)

“Ram Jam” Jonathon Ramser vs. “The Psychedelic Superstar” Chris Silvio: Ramser is wrestling’s first deaf wrestler. It is pretty remarkable for someone who is deaf to become a pro wrestler with all of the communication that goes on in the ring.

Silvio comes out with taped up ribs, but is pissed off and full of angst after losing his OVW TV title to Michael Hayes this past Saturday. Silvio starts off the match in control with Ramser gaining control momentarily with some stiff forearms and a cross body off the top rope for a two count leading to Silvio re-gaining control.

Ramser fights back with some stiff kicks straight to Silvio’s injured ribs. Ramser loses control after jumping off the top rope and Silvio steps out of the way delivering a knee to Ramser’s ribs and hits Ramser with the Psychedelic Super Punch for the win. **3/4

OVW could really build Ramser up as the ultimate underdog that just sells his butt off and can never “win the big one” very much akin to Sami Zayn as his work resembles Zayn. Oh, and OVW, please keep pushing Silvio. The dude is the most entertaining thing you’ve got going.

Gilbert Corsey is in the ring as he invites new OVW Senior Official, Timmy Danger to the ring for an interview. Danger suspiciously enters the ring wearing his ring gear. Corsey asks him why he isn’t dressed as a referee. Timmy Danger says that it’s nice to be the OVW Senior Official, but it’s time for Timmy Danger to be a professional referee. Timmy Danger then calls Joe Wheeler to the ring to hand over the title of Senior Official to him. Josh Ashcraft storms to the ring saying that Danger that cannot hand that title over to someone else. Timmy Danger announces that Danny Davis has assigned a match for him tonight and NEW Senior Official, Joe Wheeler tells Josh Ashcraft that Josh will be refereeing Danger’s match and must call the match down the middle.

I am okay with the Danger/Ashcraft feud lingering a little bit longer, but it would behoove OVW to transition Ashcraft into just being a heel manager for a wrestler that needs a good mouthpiece. This referee feud shouldn’t last too long.

Dapper Dan vs. Timmy Danger: It’s my favorite rookie pro wrestler, Dapper Dan! I was watching the 1994 WCW Fall Brawl and it hit me. Dapper Dan reminds me of Lord Steven Regal. Dan isn’t nearly as technically sound as Regal, but he has the same smarmy heel persona mixed with a stiff/believable style of wrestling. I would like to see Dan mix in some stiff European Uppercuts into his arsenal. I haven’t heard Dapper Dan cut a promo, but his character work and in ring work is really impressive for only having wrestled for a few months. If promos are Dan’s strong point then maybe Josh Ashcraft can be his manager.

This was a great showcase match of Dapper Dan’s offense as he controlled the whole match and finished off Danger with his signature German Suplex. Ashcraft talks trash to Danger after the match and grabs Dan’s can and vest for him and follows him to the back. Maybe Ashcraft is already starting to be Dan’s manager!

OVW Television Championship Match – Body Guy w/ Big John vs. “The American Hero” Michael Hayes©: Body guy comes out in his old attire. The gear he wore at SNS must have been a onetime deal. Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey plug a YouTube documentary that Corsey did about Michael Hayes called “From Iraq to the Ring” and commands that anyone who is knew to OVW to watch it after this episode. It is posted below this review.

This match is full of headlocks, arm bars, and rest holds. Normally when you’re thinking about those things in regards to a WWE match it sounds like a boring match, but if there is one thing OVW does well its making headlocks, arm bars, and rest holds exciting. The wrestler don’t sit still, they really work these moves in and try to get the crowd into it. It looks more realistic and doesn’t allow you to think “Man, Randy Orton must be tired right now.”

Body Guy gains the advantage in the match with help from Big John choking Hayes over the rope behind the referee’s back. Body Guy really works Hayes over and shows off with plenty of sleazy hip thrusts. Hayes does a great job of trying to fight his way to victory by rolling up Body Guy multiple different ways throughout the match only to get two counts and lose control to Body Guy again.

The two men square off in the middle of the ring and exchanges some really stiff closed fist punches back and forth. Hayes gains control with a side suplex and a double armed suplex. Big John jumps on the apron to distract Hayes. Body Guy then removes the turnbuckle pad as the referee tends to Hayes. Big John grabs Hayes and holds him so Body Guy can hit him, but Hayes ducks and Body Guy knocks Big John off the apron. Hayes then hits Body Guy with a Code Breaker for the win. **3/4

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun episode of OVW TV to watch. It recapped SNS in a good way as well as set the table for the next month of shows leading to the next SNS. Silvio, Hayes, and Dapper Dan continue to be the standouts of OVW and the lack of the OVW main eventers made for an enjoyable show as the undercard remains the most entertaining aspect of OVW’s wrestling product. And remember you can follow me on Twitter @LuchaNerd and read my WWE Smackdown reviews every week on Voices of Wrestling as well as OVW’s coverage.