For those of you who don’t know, all of these matches fall under 2 out of 3 falls rules, this is a tradition in Lucha Libre that is a gift and a curse but let’s move on. This is a fairly big weekend for CMLL and Lucha Libre in general, Dia Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead for you uninformed types) happened and LA Park returned to CMLL for the first time in six years. CMLL went all out with this concept as Mictlan was leader of the undead and rudos as well as referees were wearing body and face paint for this holiday. As for LA Park coming back, this could mean he and CMLL worked out some kind of deal for him to work there or maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m convinced he has come back to lose his mask to La Sombra sometime in 2015 but perhaps it’s a pipe dream. This has plenty of tag matches on this edition, plus you have Negro Casas and Rush continuing with their feud and Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis go at it again. Will Ultimo & Atlantis have another classic a la their match from CMLL’s 81st Anniversario? Who knows? Let’s just get to the action and tons of rambling from your resident Lucha reviewer which you all will enjoy, right? RIGHT?!?!

Astral & Electrico vs. Demus 3:16 & Mercurio: Mercurio & Astral start the match off exchanging some flash pins, mat work and arm drags until they reach a stalemate. Electrico gets the tag in and flies all over the ring thwarting Mercurio until Mercurio derails Electrico’s momentum and then we get a tag to Demus 3:16!!! Confession time: I’ve always liked Demus and he is probably one of my favorite mini’s in lucha but let’s get back to the match. Demus gets taken out by Electrico and it goes back to Mercurio and Astral with Astral hitting a spring board cross body on Mercurio and a hurricanrana on Demus on the floor. Electrico gets the advantage on Mercurio and locks in the Cavernaria on Mercurio, while Demus is counted out and the tecnicos win the 1st fall for their team. The 2nd fall sees the rudos capture the win quickly as Demus wrecks both Astral and Electrico. A top rope splash finishes Astral off and a combination side slam and leg drop finishes off Electrico and we are tied 1-1 baby! The 3rd fall sees Demus biting nipples, taunting, headscissors, an Electrico elbow drop onto Demus on the ramp, shoulder blocks and your usual sped up pace for the last fall. The finish was bad as Mercurio was caught in multiple pin attempts before he lost and then Demus gets counted out again, huh?! That was all kinds of awful and really took away from the match but this is the way things go. It did get the fans excited and they did some pretty entertaining things throughout, I mean Demus biting areolas counts for something doesn’t it? *3/4

Dark Angel, Lluvia & Princesa Sugehit vs. Dallys la Caribena, La Seductora & Zeuxis: La Seductora and Lluvia exchange back and forth for a while until Lluvia gets the better of it and then Dallys and Dark Angel tag in. Dark Angel outclasses Dallys at every single turn, we get Zeuxis and Sugehit after that but that doesn’t last long as Dark Angel hits a somersault plancha on Zeuxis and then the tecnicos get 2 quick submissions to capture the 1st fall. The 2nd fall sees Dallys hit a vintage Randy Orton draping DDT on Lluvia, MAGGLE MY GOD!!! The rudos triple team Lluvia with a jumping forearm, shoulder block and shotgun knees from Zeuxis. The rudos work over Sugehit and Dark Angel in between and pick up the 2nd fall with a submission from Dallys and a seated senton from Seductora. Sugehit and Dark Angel get beat down extensively in the 3rd fall until we get a tecnicos triple dropkick, 2 sentons and a rolling senton plus plenty of Sugehit’s kicks that gives the tecnicos control. The finish sees Dark Angel get out of Zeuxis’ Package Piledriver and then trap Zeuxis in a pin to win the 3rd fall for her team. The ladies tried but this was really the Zeuxis and Dark Angel show with a side of Princesa Sugehit and the other ladies stuck out like a sore thumb. Dark Angel is a true professional and she needs to be in singles competition where her talents shine and not in these six women tags that further nothing and no one. *1/2

Angel de Oro, Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Hombre sin Nombre, Morphosis & Olimpico: The tecnicos are a pretty legit trio I won’t lie and then you have the rudos whose only name I’m familiar with is Hombre sin Nombre. Oro and Nombre start off and I just noticed that we have a strange lighting, somewhat similar to old Sin Cara matches. Oro hits Michael Cole’s favorite move, the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before we get a tag in to Olimpico and Maya Jr. and Maya Jr. shows up Olimpico at every turn. Delta owns Morphosis with a hurricanrana, headscissors and a moonsault, then Nombre gets hit with an Oro cross body and we are off to the races. Maya Jr. manages to take out both Olimpico and Nombre with 2 straight pin falls and the tecnicos win the 1st fall. Oro hits a quebrada on Olimpico and we get some taunts from both men in the 2nd fall. Guerrero Maya Jr. is so smooth man, I’m already fantasy booking him vs. Flamita in the back of my mind. The rudos manage to get the 2nd fall with a double team crucifix which Nombre turns Delta inside out on, I guess kinda like the Backseat Boyz T Gimmick if a third man was to run through the opponent (Does that even make sense?). The rudos continue rampaging on the tecnicos in the 3rd fall (Now I want to go to an arcade and play Rampage World Tour). Triple tope suicida from the tecnicos and then Oro hits a moonsault while Olimpico gets a Tope Con Hilo. The finish sees Delta get Morphosis trapped in the ropes and Delta hits a top rope double stomp to pick up the 3rd fall and the win for his team. Some good double teams, fun dives and Guerrero Maya Jr. continues to be underrated. This didn’t blow me away by any means but I enjoyed this for what it was and all 6 men worked to make this entertaining. Afterwards, Mictlan and his group of evil minions dragged off the rudos into what can only be described as hell (That was quite interesting). ***

Marco Corleone, Maximo & Brazo De Plata (Super Porky) vs. Ephesto, Kraneo & Mephisto: Great a match with both Corleone and Porky, 2 guys who are very low on my tolerability index (I have high doubts that they will have a classic here). I will say Porky is sporting a serious mustache and it’s No Shave November people so grow your facial hair or don’t (Personally I’m fine either way). The tecnicos have trouble deciding on who to put up against Kraneo and when Corleone pops his posterior, all hell breaks loose. The rudos take control and we even have Mije get gorilla press slammed onto Super Porky (The horror, oh the horror). The rudos win the 1st fall after Maximo gets crushed by a Mije and Kraneo leg drop then Corleone’s face is disfigured by the backside of Kraneo. The tecnicos get the 2nd fall quickly as Porky crushes the guts of Kraneo and Maximo pins Mephisto after a Corleone knee lift. Porky hulks up in the 3rd fall taking chest slaps from Mephisto and returning the favor with hip tosses and his huge thigh to the face of Mephisto. Afterwards Kraneo is almost taken advantage of by a very forceful Maximo, I’m already imagining if Maximo and Yosuke Santa Maria were to be a team (Now that would be something). We get flying cross bodies from both Corleone and Porky and then the tecnicos finish off Mephisto with Maximo’s very literal Kiss of Death and a stiff right fist from Corleone. This match to me had no heat and I was bored to tears within the first few minutes. Then again perhaps I’m insane because the fans in Arena Mexico enjoyed all of this and were even cheering for most of the guys in the match. Screw it, I guess I’m being cantankerous but I came in with low expectations and they were met. *

Mexican National Trios Title Match: La Peste Negra (Felino, Mr. Nibela & Negro Casas) vs. Los Ingobernables (La Mascara, La Sombra & Rush): Negro Casas looks fantastic with his face paint, makes him look even more vicious and Los Ingobernables are some suave looking bastards. You know what you are getting with this one, the young brash rudos wanting to stomp Casas’ guts out as well as his compatriots. La Mascara and Casas start it off and Mascara targets Casas’ arm and then Sombra does his best Minoru Suzuki armbar trapping Casas in the ropes. There is brawling outside with Rush and Mr. Nibela while on the inside Casas gets triple teamed and worked over by Los Ingobernables. Casas is finished off by a double team suplex and Mr. Nibela is knocked senseless with a Rush basement dropkick that gives the rudos the 1st fall. The tecnicos are in dire straits at the beginning of the 2nd fall (Dire Straits was a fantastic band in the 80’s, just a matter of opinion). Mr. Nibela gets a nice little water trick and the tecnicos are back in control and now it’s pandemonium with the fans and wrestlers. Rush is finished off with a double team suplex and a Mr. Nibela splash from the top rope to give the tecnicos the 2nd fall. Plenty of taunts between both teams and everyone goes one on one for a while culminating in Casas and Rush trying to kill each other. Tempers start to flare at the end and Rush nails Casas right in his grape fruits for the DQ which gives the tecnicos the 3rd fall and the win. Perhaps I came into this with expectations higher than the previous match but I was still disappointed. The Rush and Casas stuff was great as usual but everyone here did their bits and pieces and I really don’t remember most of what happened. **

Atlantis vs. Ultimo Guerrero: As Atlantis is introduced Mictlan attacks him from behind, here I go thinking Mictlan was honorable (Turns out Mictlan is actually Ultimo Guerrero). Then we have a trope I cannot stand in Lucha, mask ripping and it irritates me to no end. Guerrero taps Atlantis to the Guerrero Special 2 to win the 1st fall and its business as usual. Atlantis wins a quick 2nd fall with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and the Atlántida. Atlantis gets some nice offense with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a roll that throws Guerrero to the outside which Atlantis follows up with a tope suicida. Of course we get some near falls down the end of the match and some big bombs from both men. We see a plancha suicida from Atlantis and an avalanche gourd buster from Guerrero. The facials from both men are fantastic in this and both men are milking the drama for all it’s worth. Guerrero finishes Atlantis off with the Guerrero Special to get the 3rd fall and the win. It was not fast paced or full of emotion and history like their 81st Anniversario match but it was solid all around and for 2 guys who are slowing down to a degree, they had the best match of the night. ***1/2

Final Thoughts:

CMLL went all in for the concept of Dia Los Muertos but unfortunately everything except for the main event delivered. I have to applaud them for tradition and showcasing what Dia Los Muertos is about to us uninformed individuals, I liked everything about the presentation (Yes even the Sin Cara lighting). Go see Atlantis vs. Ultimo Guerrero and nothing else on the undercard, trust me you will thank me. I really think I messed up the most on typing up Mictlan but so be it. As per usual if I did anything right or wrong the Twitter handle is @RobsBrutalWorld