WWE Main Event
WWE Network
October 28, 2014
Houston, TX

Episode 109

I had a dream last night that Anna Akana died due to cancer, and that, for whatever reason, my dad was really upset about it. Anyone know what that could possibly mean?

With JBL headed for “vacation” after the show, JBL joined Byron Saxton and Michael Cole on commentary for this episode. During the commentary introductions, The Miz & Damien Mizdow made their entrance for Miz TV.

Miz TV: Miz cut a promo about being robbed on Raw, as the Usos pulled the body double gimmick themselves to give The Miz a loss. Miz referenced the WWE Rulebook, Section 105-A, that states an illegal man cannot win a match. He then shot on Rudy Charles, threatening his referee job for allowing the Usos to cheat. He then invited those darn Usos out to the ring, and the four casually sat in chairs discussing their differences of opinions. Miz tried really hard to be a wonderful troll, and he was, but that couldn’t save this heatless segment. The Usos mimicked Miz & Mizdow, which wasn’t funny. JBL and Cole called it confusing, I call it boring. Props to Miz, but 0 to everyone else involved. Miz challenged the Usos to a tag match tonight, and the Usos agreed. Rudy Charles was banned from reffing Miz matches, so Charles Robinson made his way to the ring to officiate, putting his career on the line in the process with the A-Lister being on a ref killing rampage.

The Miz & Mizdow vs The Usos: Usos won via pinfall. What a fucking horrible tag team partner Damien Mizdow is. He is more concerned with copying Miz’ movements than participating in the match. If I’m Miz, I get my employee in line. The crowd was way more into Mizdow than Miz, which they played up during the match. Miz showed anger that Mizdow was getting recognition, so he would tag Mizdow in then quickly tag him out to regain the spotlight. So, the finish saw the Usos going for the Twin Magic switch-a-roo again, but Charles Robinson saw it and stopped it. Miz & Mizdow, being idiots, went up to Charles to point out what Charles had already seen and dealt with, leading Charles to turn and back them away. The Usos took advantage and tried successfully to do the switch again, and the fresh Uso rolled up Miz for the pinfall victory. This match went forever, or at least felt like it. The first 23 minutes of this Main Event episode was dedicated to Miz, Mizdow, and the Usos. Pass. **1/2

The next ten minutes was dedicated to recaps from the week in WWE. Boy, this Main Event is barely trying.

Paige vs Natalya: Paige won via pinfall with a schoolboy. JBL referred to Natalya as Tyson’s meal ticket, and wondered what would happen if Tyson lost that meal ticket. Tyson responded by putting over his cats for playing their part in his recovery from injury to get back to WWE. The whole commentary was based on putting down Tyson, basically. Tyson did his best to make it somewhat worthwhile, including giving us a Stu Hart impression. At one point, as Paige was getting into the ring, the camera closed in on her face. She looked right at it, whipped her head back, and when she got boos, yelled “tough crowd.” Paige is great. Not too much later in the match, Paige licked Nattie’s face. The announcers took a break from bickering with Tyson to acknowledge it, a rare instance where the announcers concentrated on the match in ring. Nattie kicked out of the Rampaige, which lead Paige to respond with a sharpshooter attempt to insult Natalya. That didn’t work, Nattie countered it, but Paige reversed the move herself with a kick to Nattie’s head. Paige then rolled up Nattie as Tyson looked on with massive disappointment. The match was really well worked, with the two women going back and forth with both power moves and mat work. It was well done, but the commentary killed it. ***

A mysterious promo, featuring only the eyes of Luke Harper, played as the commentary team wondered what on Earth that could be about.

Bo Dallas vs Sheamus: Sheamus won via pinfall. Bo cut a promo on his way to the ring, saying he wishes humans perfected human cloning so that he could help both Team Authority and Team Cena at Survivor Series. He finished by offering his services to either team. Unfortunately, with Bo out due to injury after this match, he won’t be a part of Survivor Series at all. The match itself was quick, going about five minutes. Bo tried unsuccessfully to land the Bodog, but Sheamus instead nailed a Brogue Kick for the pinfall victory. He then raised his US Title up high, one of the last times he would ever do so. At least, during this reign. *3/4

WWE Main Event
WWE Network
November 4, 2014
Albany, NY

Episode 110

Byron Saxton was headed to Europe for the tour, so JBL accompanied Michael Cole on commentary tonight. It was nice to hear these two again without Jerry Lawler, as the two men together are far less hectic than the three man booth at times. Although, this just meant that JBL had more time for wild rants and silly references. I still preferred the two alone, though.

Stardust vs Jey Uso: Uso won via pinfall after schoolboying Stardust immediately following a superkick. Each man came to the ring alone, without their tag partners. Uso went flying right away, but the match was relatively slowly paced as Cody had the advantage for the most part. Cody was getting cocky late, when Jey surprised him with a superkick. Cody was wobbly, so Uso rolled him up for the victory. **

Backstage: Natalya walked up to Tyson Kidd, while he was warming up. She gave him a pep talk, telling him how much he meant to her and that she loves him. Of course, Tyson didn’t hear any of it because he was wearing his headphones.

Curtis Axel vs Justin Gabriel: Curtis Axel won with a running knee. Yep. Not the Daniel Bryan type, however. It looked like your basic running knee transition spot, but tonight… it kills dudes! I couldn’t believe this match was actually happening. Cole was telling us that Axel claims he is back and better than ever. Hey, who are we to doubt the victor tonight. Basic match, and Gabriel may have injured his shoulder after being pushed from the top rope to the floor by Axel. **

With Sami Zayn wrestling tonight, Michael Cole pitched to a video package on Zayn. It was a great introductory package to get fans a little info on the #1 contender to the NXT Championship.

Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd: Tyson Kidd won with a rollup, grabbing the tights for leverage. The finish came after several pinfall attempts and reversals from each man. The best match, with the best crowd response all night, on this show. Lasting two segments, Sami Zayn really impressed. Much of the crowd was unaware who he was, but these two put on a match that built as the crowd got more and more involved throughout. JBL put over Zayn, saying he couldn’t wait until Zayn joined the main roster. That won’t be happening in the near future, however. A fun match, not really worthy of going out of your way to see, unless you’re like me and always love seeing the developmental guys pop up on the main roster. Even though it’s just Main Event, it’s a main roster show, so good for Sami! ***1/2

The Xavier Woods “A New Day” promo aired again. Wonder if Woods will be given the Legacy “It’s a new daaaay” music. Doubt it. The vignette does sure end in a funny way. The women practically tear Xavier Woods away from the mic as he reaches for it. Is it a rib? How dare Woods want to talk, right?

Michael Cole gave us an update on the health on Randy Orton, telling us he is not cleared to compete and will not be a part of the Survivor Series main event.

John Cena returns to WWE on Raw this Monday, according to a nice shiny graphic.

Well, Sin Cara is about to die a death.

Bray Wyatt vs Sin Cara: Bray won via pinfall after Sister Abigail. No mention that Sin Cara is an NXT Tag Team Champion, but that’s okay, because he was about to lose and this match was a showcase for Bray anyway. It wasn’t a squash, but a basic Bray Wyatt match ending in the basic Bray Wyatt way. Bray did his full entrance, his regular match, his wacky hand walk, and all. As Bray had Sin Cara in a chinlock, Bray yelled, “Don’t you give up on me, Sin Cara.” Love small stuff like that. Bray is back, and his destiny is Dean Ambrose in a few weeks. **

Final Thoughts:

Episode 110 was the better of the two, for sure. It had more energy, more importance built into it, and a fun Sami Zayn/Tyson Kidd match. This was the first Main Event episode of the November free trial, so no surprise they gave it a bit more juice. Hopefully that repeats next week, as the free trial continues and we head towards NXT Takeover: Evolution.