Today’s Shake Them Ropes has everything: A Survivor Series card, a PWG card, an ROH card, WWE Business talk with Bleacher Report’s Chris Harrington, Finn Bálor pronunciation lessons, and even Sasha Banks’ and Bálor’s entrance themes make an appearance. Everything! Special thanks to Harrington for coming on to talk WWE biz, Q3 earnings, WWE Network and more. Follow Chris on Twitter @mookieghana and us at!

00:00-02:12: Intro | Contact Info
02:12-08:15: The Women of NXT
08:15-12:30: What’s In A Name?
12:30-18:00: WWE Raw
18:00-29:00: WWE Survivor Series Direction
29:00-29:45: Best Theme in NXT
29:45-68:00: Chris Harrington on WWE Biz
68:00-69:00: @mookieghana | Bleacher Report
69:00-70:20: Finn Bálor Pronunciation
70:00-75:00: WWE Network Marketing Idiocy
75:00-81:15: PWG December 12 Rundown
81:15-88:00: ROH SOTF Rundown

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