I’m coming for Lanza’s job. No, not really. I however thought that since I cover CMLL, there are other promotions that don’t get covered and I thought I would try to showcase some of them here. Some of the referees will upset first-time viewers, also not every match is under 2 out of 3 falls rules (I think that’s how all Lucha should be but I am not a booker). I also have to say TheCubsFan and RobViper are lifelines on Lucha. Both of them are tons of help for veteran Lucha fans or newbie Lucha fans. Both of them can explain things much better than I attempt to. So that’s it. Read on and enjoy! Viva Lucha!

AAA Latin American Championship – Villano IV vs. Chessman AAA (March 16, 2014): Villano IV kinda hobbles to the ring and Chessman comes to the ring like a rock star. Chessman gets on the mic but Villano IV is having none of it and he gives Chessman a stiff slap across the face. We get some mat work to start off. I’ve said it in countless other places but Lucha fans are the greatest. Villano IV runs gingerly but still gets a tope suicida. Chessman tricks Villano IV into getting on the floor and Chessman nails the nastiest chair shot to the head I have seen in ages. Another unprotected chair shot to Villano IV and now we have mask ripping. These guys may not move a thousand miles a minute but I enjoy it. There is pure hate in this match — Blood! Chessman is in his glory as he washes in the cheers for the fallen Villano IV. Chessman gets nailed with a chair. These two are trying to give each other brain damage. The punches from Villano IV are glorious. They just start wailing on each other toward the end. Neither can stand up and the medics come out. Chessman doesn’t care and still hits Villano IV with a tope suicida. It gets heated at the end with each man’s seconds. Chessman loves the hate from the fans. You get some great near falls at the end. Chessman misses a huge moonsault. Some fun back and forth but Chessman catches Villano IV with a SUPER SPEAR as the announcers call it and Chessman wins. Blood, hatred, violence and brutality. Yeah all the things I want from Memphis in Lucha. A slower pace from the veterans but I enjoyed all of it. It just kept building and building. Satisfying. ****

Psycho Clown vs. Texano Jr. Hair vs. Mask AAA Triplemania 22 (August 17, 2014): One of my favorite stipulations in Lucha is Hair vs. Mask. Psycho Clown comes out with a guitar that shoots flames, that’s fantastic. They try to one up each other until Psycho Clown gets a tope suicida. Texano strikes back with chair shots and mask ripping. Psycho gets his forehead forked and starts bleeding like crazy. Texano Jr. used every dirty trick in his book: biting, interference, feet on the ropes, using his rope, etc. Tons of run-ins, spots, pure insanity. Psycho Clown had his comebacks and hope spots. The two start fighting in the crowd, El Fantasma even kicks his own son out of the match. There’s some daddy issues waiting to happen. Psycho Clown hits a huge Lung Blower that almost decapitates Texano Jr. (I may be hearing things but the commentary team said Michael Buble?!) The finish comes down to both men on the top rope but Psycho Clown manages the advantage and hits the Canadian Destroyer through a table for the win. Slow in some points but blood, spots and crowd heat make up for it. Psycho celebrates afterwards with the fans. An important match between the two that furthers the feud. A solid bout. ***1/4

IWRG Intercontinental Welterweight Championship – Golden Magic vs. Canis Lupus IWRG (August 13, 2014): Both men shove each other before the match even starts. Some mat work starts us off when the bell rings. Magic gets an exaggerated Muta Special, Canis counters with a Mexican Surfboard but Magic escapes and we get a standoff. Magic in a nice spot is on the top rope and when Canis brings Magic out Magic hits a hurricanrana. Springboard double knees to Canis followed up by an intricate submission give Magic the 1st fall. Canis is really selling the arm here. Magic targets said arm but Canis brings it to the outside to slow things down. Canis hits a nasty Rubik’s Cube to pick up the 2nd fall. Canis is like a shark in the 3rd fall. My favorite trope in Lucha returns — mask ripping! Can I get through one match without this? Please? Magic actually launches Canis outside and follows up with a top rope moonsault. Sweet. Canis nails a plancha from the top rope to the outside on Magic. Near falls toward the end. Canis with a crucifix bomb, 450 from Magic but that still doesn’t put down Canis. Finally, a the top rope hurricanrana and variation on an armbar finish off Canis. This was solid but they never had me fully invested. Felt longer than it needed to. ***

Mexican National Welterweight Championship – Titan vs. Cavernario CMLL (July 29, 2014): I’m padding this with title matches. People know I already like Cavernario but Titan was in one of my favorite matches with Polvora last year and a solid match with Virus in January. Chain wrestling to start but Titan gets the upper hand. Titan gets his momentum going with a hurricanrana and a moonsault. Cavernario gets his reverse plancha and wins the 1st fall. Cavernario continues with the advantage he has in the 2nd fall. Vicious double stomp to the back of Titan’s head. Titan is selling every shot from Cavernario like it was death. Cavernario is persistent in his assault of Titan. (Attack on Titan. HA!) Titan makes a comeback with an array of high flying moves and hits a rope assisted moonsault to win the 2nd fall. Huge apron DDT/suplex from Titan to Cavernario. Huge splash on the floor from Cavernario, reverse ‘rana from Titan and Cavernario is bumping like a madman. They trade submissions down the stretch. Another huge moonsault from Titan to the outside on Cavernario. Titan somehow escapes the Cavernaria and gets his handstand into a victory roll and wins the 3rd fall. Both men were great in this. Titan sold great and flew around the ring like it was nothing. Cavernario had a mission, he won the En Busca de un Idolo tournament and was aiming for a title next. Cavernario just has presence, this guy will go places and Titan is underrated. My Lucha MOTY at this point. ****1/2

World Middleweight Championship – Silver Star vs. Charles Lucero (March 2, 2014): Hey, look another title match. Plus you get one of the best maestros in Lucha, Charles Lucero. Really underrated guy who hardly makes tape. Technical ability, back and forth action and dives from guys who viewers will not know. Plus, I’m pretty sure first-time viewers of their work will say both men are chubby. Just watch and be entertained. Some great mat work and fun submissions from both men. The 2 falls go by quickly and we’re tied 1-1. Tope suicidas from both men. Hey, a Gory Special! Silver Star smacks the concrete on a Tope Con Giro and Lucero makes matters worse with an elbow drop that smashes Star’s larynx. The finish sees Lucero trap Star in an intricate submission and get the 3rd fall. A solid bout, great work from the maestros.  ***3/4

Mexican National Women’s Championship – Estrellita vs. Zeuxis CMLL (July 1, 2014): Might as well try to showcase a women’s match Zeuxis does Package piledrivers, there are some dives, the fans enjoy it and there is sloppiness (Oh yeah and some submissions). This just seemed thrown together and random in a lot of parts but the ladies tried and the fans were behind both women. I really just blanked out during the match — that sounds like I hated it, well, I did.  Estrellita won and really this was a meaningless match.  *

Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Veneno vs. Relámpago, Trauma I, Trauma II in a relevos increíbles match IWRG (July 13, 2014): The Traumas are a tag team that is vastly unappreciated in my opinion. One of the main reasons I try to watch IWRG (along with Black Terry). Another thing I love about Lucha is the little old ladies in the crowd who vehemently hate rudos, it’s amazing. It’s heated before the bell rings as Trauma I and 911 want to get into it (this is not 911 from ECW, kids). There is some confusion between Veneno and his team mates as Veneno and Relampago start. They reach a stalemate and Los Traumas get pissed Relampago is cool with Veneno. Los Oficials beat down on Los Traumas and Trauma II is worked over. Los Oficials own the ring for a while but eventually the fight moves to the outside. Despite the two refs, there is no order whatsoever. Veneno head chops both Oficials and Relampago jumps in only to get stomped out as well. I don’t even remember how the 1st fall ended, sorry!. The 2nd ends with Los Traumas clamping on submissions to Los Oficials and the fans are loving all of this. Plenty of slaps in the 3rd fall, Relampago gets a top rope splash on Veneno to win it for his team. This whole match was weird. Tons of stalling, teammates fighting with each other and it felt overtly long. It should have just been Oficals vs. Traumas. This was a mess. *

CMLL World Super Lightweight Title – Virus vs. Stigma CMLL (July 17, 2014): Any random Lucha assortment can use more Virus. Some nice chain wrestling to start. Virus is just ridiculously good with how he stretches the body. They trade pins attempts but it’s a stalemate. The pace picks up but Virus lands a powerslam and a variation on the Stretch Plum to get the 1st fall. Perfect Plex from Virus in the beginning of the 2nd fall. More submissions from Virus. Stigma traps Virus in a standing arm trapped guillotine choke and gets the 2ndfall. Virus nails Stigma with a stiff clothesline and huge Tope Con Hilo from Stigma. Virus with an avalanche Death Valley Driver/Attitude Adjustment. (Yes, I know a John Cena reference in a Lucha review. Juan Cena, right?) Virus with a fall away slam and pin attempt but Stigma kicks out. Sunset powerbomb from the top rope from Stigma and even the commentary team was getting excited. Virus with a Northern Lights suplex followed by a nasty leg lock. Stigma is still alive! Stigma with an inside cradle but Virus kicks out, Virus then gets on a roll and finally puts away Stigma with a Scorpion Cross Lock. Virus was great in this, he’s a true master and Stigma stuck with him every step. The limb work actually lead to something. The dives were great and both had purpose. ****

Caifan vs. Rey Hechicero Luchamania Monterrey (July 5, 2014): Hechicero is one of the best workers in all of Lucha right now, maybe even one of the best in the world. This match is already on my good side because of those 2 factors. They just trade back and forth submissions for a solid 5 minutes — seamless. Hechicero lifts up Caifan with one arm in an impressive feat of strength. Hechicero with a moonsault and a springboard spinning plancha. It’s time to pull out the heavy offense now. Caifan lands some dropkicks and then a tope suicida. Spinning Cobra Clutch from Hechicero then he sits down on it and follows up with a pump handle inverted powerbomb. Hechicero tries again but Caifan gets a back cracker. Gory Special and reverse Figure Four from Hechicero! This whole match is a game of showing the other wrestler up. It builds from submissions to their big moves. Slaps and a hurricanrana from Caifan. Hechicero with an amazing rolling Mexican Surfboard but Caifan powerbombs Hechicero through a plastic chair. They trade overhead slaps and clotheslines at the end. Comes down to Caifan hitting a powerbomb and then an armbar. This match was paced well, executed well and built great. That being said there were some slow moments but it’s still another solid bout. This had Hechicero’s fingerprints all over it. ***3/4

Rush vs. Negro Casas CMLL Hair vs. Hair (August 1, 2014): Might as well showcase one of the best feuds in Lucha right now. The great charismatic veteran Negro Casas vs. the great charismatic rudo Rush. These 2 hate each other, that’s all you need to know. Rush attacks Casas before the bell even rings and slams him into post and barricade. Rush with a nasty basement dropkick to win the 1st fall, Casas is practically dead. Casas somehow comes back with a vengeance and wails away on Rush with some vicious forearms and headbutts. La Sombra comes down to distract Casas but it backfires and Casas gets the La Magistral to get the 2nd fall. Face wash from Casas in the 3rd fall. Rush just stomps on Casas’ head and hits a huge dropkick. Rush teases a tope suicida but nails Casas with a dropkick off the apron. Rush misses a senton from the top rope and Casas locks him in an armbar. The finish pisses me off. Casas tries for a La Magistral but Rush kicks him right in the groin. If the ref saw it there would be a foul. Hey, there was a ref bump. Rush gets the pin. Terrible. No, not the wrestler. The finish. If I want awful finishes I will watch WWE. It was good up until that point. Rush showing Casas that Casas was past his prime in Rush’s eyes. Casas still trying to prove he can hang with these young rudos. Stiff at points too. I really hate that finish. I thought Hair vs. Hair matches are honorable. At least in Lucha Libre. Then again Rush is part of Ingobernables. Come on man! ***

Final Thoughts:

Go watch Villano IV vs. Chessman, Titan vs. Cavernario, Silver Star vs. Lucero, Virus vs. Stigma and Hechicero vs. Caifan — Five matches worth your time. If I did things right or wrong, you know the Twitter handle: @RobsBrutalWorld