We didn’t have much to talk about so, of course, we went two and a half hours. We preview WWE Hell in a Cell PPV and discuss the less-than-stellar current WWE booking. Topics also include Randy Orton’s horrendous title history and why he isn’t a draw, what we’d do with Rusev, a Roman Reigns heel turn and much more. Then, we take your questions including a discussion of Pro Wrestling NOAH, Ring of Honor, Big Show’s punch, Floyd Mayweather and so much more.

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Timestamps (thanks @JoeGagne!):

0:00:00 – 0:03:16: Intro
0:03:16 – 0:37:30: Random match reviews
0:37:30 – 1:37:30: Battleground, er, Hell in a Cell preview
1:37:30 – 1:51:57: What era of wrestling would you most want to watch?
1:51:57 – 1:53:57: Will Orton’s face turn be more successful this time?
1:53:57 – 1:56:43: Where does AJ Styles go from here?
1:56:43 – 2:02:15: Randy Orton: Hall of Famer?
2:02:15 – 2:04:59: Would people complain so much if Raw was 1 hour?
2:04:59 – 2:09:30: Should Rusev make Cena tap at Wrestlemania?
2:09:30 – 2:16:45: Does Rusev get knocked out by Big Show/Big Show’s punch
2:16:45 – 2:21:30: Dumbest thing you’ve done to see a wrestling show?
2:21:30 – 2:31:57: Rich at AAW/Michael Elgin
2:31:57 – 2:38:42: Joe watches CZW
2:38:42 – 2:39:00: Outro

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