Brad Maddox is back, Justin Roberts is gone, Rusev is hitting dropkicks, and more hot topics from the week are discussed on Shake Them Ropes. Rob & Jeff return to find out exactly what is anything, and what is nothing, and find many excuses to delay talking about Raw until we absolutely have to. Also, was Chris Benoit a bigger star in WCW than WWE? The answer… may surprise you. (No, it won’t)

Show Notes
00:00-04:40: Johnny Dangerously
04:40-08:10: Justin Roberts Released
08:10-13:05: Brad Maddox Returns + Promo
13:05-19:55: WWE Network Ads
19:55-29:10: MNW and Cruiserweights
29:10-31:40: Smackdown 15
31:40-33:00: Stephanie McMahon Best Non-Wrestler
33:00-35:30: Randy Orton Vines
35:30-62:00: Monday Night Raw

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