WWE Main Event
WWE Network
Philadelphia, PA
October 7, 2014

Episode 106

Dolph Ziggler vs Bo Dallas for the Intercontinental Championship: No intro this week as we get right to business! The business of Bo, that is. By proving himself a worthy challenger to the Intercontinental Championship due to his win streak over Mark Henry, Bo Dallas got Dolph Ziggler for the title to kick off this episode of Main Event. Bo didn’t get to this point by eating garbage, although his still jiggling gut may tell a different story. Bo heeled on the Philly fans by telling a story of how he took the last cheesesteak in catering and threw it out because it was a “heart attack on a bun.” He’s right. Cheesesteaks are gross. Cesaro sat in on commentary to add a level of important to this match. It was wacky. Cesaro sat in putting over Bo as a serious challenger, which is great. If this were real, you have to imagine that Cesaro knew Dolph would beat Bo. So put over Bo as this big time deal, so Dolph looks great, and when Cesaro beats Dolph he will look even better. Go Cesaro commentary! I was transfixed by the commentary, to be honest. The match was the background. Cesaro spoke more than most guest commentators do, and he was excellent. He hit every note, he put over both guys, he put importance on the title, he was quick witted, and made the Dolph vs Cesaro match in the future more of a big deal. Oh, as for the match, Dolph won in about 8 minutes with the Zig Zag. Can’t believe Bo Dallas lost! According to Cesaro, he was the biggest threat to the title in history! **1/2

Brie Bella vs Nikki Bella & Summer Rae & Cameron & Layla El: I love Brie Bella’s new music so much, but if I were forced to listen to it all the way through I think I’d go crazy. This music is great and awful to both extremes in that regard. Best part of this match was Cameron hitting her split leg drop onto Brie in the right position, allowing the ref to count a pinfall. Sadly, that meant Cameron not looking foolish as she attempted a pin with her opponent on her stomach. Nikki Bella won after the Rack Attack, ending an average woman’s match. Nikki was intense here, and did quite great on the evening with her heel work. I’m glad they at least had Brie lose here in the 4 on 1 setting, as I was afraid they would do the heels can’t work together type gimmick leading to a Brie win via slip on a banana peel. **

We were treated to a lengthy recap of The Rock’s awful, business killing, return from Raw. Surprised WWE is still around this week after that trash. I expect we’ll never see Rusev again as he goes back to Belgium to hide in shame.

Jack Swagger vs Tyson Kidd: Before the match, Zeb Colter spoke about this feud not being about US vs Canada. It was a “manhood thing,” he claimed. He said Tyson kept his manhood in Natalie’s purse. No typo there, he called Nattie “Natalie.” Kayfabe is dead! Now, with kayfabe having been killed off in this opening promo, it was time to watch Jake vs Teddy ply their craft in the squared circle. What a bout it was, too. No, seriously, I’m asking, because I blinked and it was over. It was rather quick, with Tyson countering a Jack Swagger charge into a rollup press. Nattie was so proud of her husband, getting the win in a somewhat clean fashion. Good for the Kidds! *1/2

Since the main events on Main Event are usually the first match on the show, what exactly do we call the last match on the show? The opener? Nah.

Jey Uso vs Stardust: The entrances for this main event #2 lasted about four minutes. At first, I thought we’d get a lengthy main event until so much time passed with entrances and in-set presentation skills. I feel like I’ve watched The Usos vs The Dusts more than any one person should be legally forced to. Most in the crowd probably thought the same, as they were relatively silent compared to stuff earlier in the show. Yes, the crowd was more hyped for THE BELLAS than this match. As was I, honestly. Have I mentioned how Brie’s music is awesome? Jey Uso got the win with a big splash to Stardust, who was laying stomach down. This was billed as a confidence builder for the Usos as they work towards regaining the cosmic key. If the Dusts lose the cosmic key, though, I fear the world may end. **

Final Thoughts:

There was nothing above average on this episode, which is disheartening. I liked Main Event because it would bring out some of the unsung heroes of the mid-card and give them a chance to shine. It’s certainly bringing us the mid-card each week, but there isn’t much shining going on. Everything is just there, which is bleeding through from Raw. Not the best two day stretch in WWE history, for sure.