The podcast week in review, brought to you by Dollar Shave.

They Said It…

“My very first professional wrestling match was in a parking lot outside of Cleveland, Ohio, at the Stars of Lebannon Hall where my entrance music came from a guy’s car radio. And my opponent was “Crazy” Kid Buick, who I believe works at a grocery store now. I was victorious.” – Ethan Carter III on his early days.

“Did you have any monsters that you had to fight?”

“I don’t think we could afford monsters. They had me punch a horse though.”—Chris Jericho and John Morrisson on being the Asylum Films version of Hercules.

The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop (10/4/14/14): Cheerleader Melissa returns for a belated part 2. This episode works a lot better than her first appearance as they get more into her character and back story. Plus, it’s hard not to love a podcast when a random Rick Martel appreciation society meeting breaks out. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio (10/5/14): Chris DeJoseph, ex-WWE writer and head of creative for Lucha Underground, talks to Alex Greenfield and MSL about the show. You don’t really learn anything substantial about the show (outside of a discussion on why they’re having women wrestle men), and the discussion after DeJoseph leaves isn’t any better. THUMBS DOWN

Piper’s Pit (10/6/14): Piper talks to Ethan Carter III about his wrestling career and TNA. Carter is self-deprecating and always a lot of fun as a guest, but Piper is at his most rambling and the whole interview walks a weird kayfabe/non-kayfabe line. This may have been fixed, but when I listened on Monday and Piper took his mid-show break, it consisted of two-and-a-half minutes of dead air. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Who’s Next With Goldberg (10/7/14): Bill talks to Mike Skinner (not The Streets, but a Nascar driver or something). They goof around and talk cars and I just don’t know. There’s a lengthy discussion of peeing during a race. Even if you like Nascar I can’t imagine anyone not zoning out during this. THUMBS DOWN

Steve Austin Show (10/7/14): Still no guests, as Steve drives around LA, chats with his wife, and answers some listener questions. If you want to hear about Steve getting a parking ticket here you go. I hope and pray we start getting some good guests on soon. THUMBS DOWN

Talk is Jericho (10/8/14): John Morrison joins the show to discuss playing Hercules, low budget films, Tough Enough, parkour, the Miz, and more. Morrison comes off a thousand times more likable and charismatic than he ever did in the WWE, which makes for a fun listen. THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

The Ross Report (10/8/14): Ed Ferrera joins JR to discuss how he got into wrestling, writing the Attitude Era, WCW, and his current teaching role. It’s all fine but the material has been covered on other podcasts. The two hash out the whole Oklahoma deal, which is nice, but I wish they would have discussed their differing views on wrestling and how Ross felt about those Attitude era shows. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Bauer & Pollock (10/8/14): The duo are back and having a solid discussion about the Jim Ross and Chael Sonnen as MMA commentators, the Lucha Underground trailer, and TNA, which kicks off an epic rant from Pollock about the meaning of ratings. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling (10/9/14): “The Franchise” Shane Douglas joins Colt to talk about his early days in wrestling. No talk of Dean Douglas or even ECW, focusing more on breaking in and the UWF. Shane is a divisive personality, but he comes off well here, especially through his obvious affection for his trainer Dominic Denucci. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed (10/9/14): Steve talks to his wife about Zumba and Ted Fowler about the goings on at the Broken Skull Ranch, hunting, and other topics. When I was asking for guests again this wasn’t what I had in mind. You do learn “Selena” in Steve’s favorite Jennifer Lopez movie. THUMBS DOWN

Jim Cornette Experience (10/9/14): No guest this week, allowing Jim and Alice to rant about politics and religion, so yeah. Thankfully there’s some good wrestling content, including an epic rant on Lucha Underground, intergender wrestling, and some insight into the mind of Vince McMahon, so the show isn’t a total waste. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho (10/10/14): Jericho talks to Chris Harkwick of the Nerdist, Talking Dead, and @midnight. The talk about the rise of podcasts is really interesting, especially how comedians have benefitted from there. Hardwick is everywhere these days, but if you aren’t sick of him, this is a solid listen. THUMBS UP