10/8 Update: OVW Director of Television Michael Baldwin contacted us with some corrections to the original story: 

“Trailer Park Trash was not in the Davis Arena that night. No one was told not to bother CM Punk, there was no meeting held. Punk was here to talk old times with Danny Davis as the two are friends, and spent most of the time in Danny’s office. We wanted to clear things up with the article which was posted on October 6. Thank you.”

A close source who wishes to remain anonymous was backstage at the Ohio Valley Wrestling “Saturday Night Special” show this past Saturday night, and spotted CM Punk.

We can only assume that Punk was there to support his good friend Cliff Compton, who ended up winning the OVW Heavyweight Championship for the third time that evening when he defeated former champion Melvin Maximus and Marcus Anthony in a Triple Threat Match.

According to my source, Punk was backstage and only spoke to Rip Rogers, Trailer Park Trash, & Compton. Everyone else backstage was told to not bother him. Punk left the arena with Compton, unseen by the public.

This was a homecoming of sorts for Punk who wrestled for OVW from September 2005 to the Summer of 2006, when OVW served as the developmental territory for WWE.

Does this mean CM Punk is going to sign with OVW? No. Does this mean CM Punk is going to make his return to wrestling? While that is more likely, it is still doubtful. The only reason that this is even a story is because this is the first reported time that CM Punk has attended, watched, or showed any sort of interest in pro wrestling since walking out on the WWE in January of 2014.

CM Punk has become an urban legend, akin to being the Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster of the pro wrestling industry. Every time Punk is spotted in public, whether it is running down the streets of Chicago with wife AJ Lee, or at a Blackhawks/Cubs game, or even at his own wedding, it makes headlines. This past May, a good friend of Punk’s, Natalie Slater, wrote a column for Red Eye Chicago talking about fans camping out in the alleyways near Punk’s house to bombard him as he took his trash out. Slater talked about how Punk can’t go anywhere without being bothered or left in peace, and how frustrating that is for her friend.

As a major fan of CM Punk’s I am essentially going against Punk’s assumed wishes by writing this story, but it’s important to state my position on the whole situation. For any “fan” of CM Punk’s that thinks he owes you a proper goodbye, one last match, or another run in the business, you are absolutely wrong to think that. CM Punk sacrificed his health, time with his family, and his youth to provide entertainment for you. Sure, you paid money to see him perform, and sure he made a lot of money off of the merchandise you bought, but that is the exact end of the consumer/performer relationship. CM Punk delivered every time you paid a ticket to see him, and every time you wore one of his shirts. CM Punk doesn’t owe us anything. Do I want to see CM Punk in a wrestling ring again? You bet I do. If Punk never wrestles again, and never addresses what happened this past January in that office with Triple H and Vince McMahon, am I going to be upset? No. I can’t be. This is his life, and the only part of it we take part in is watching him perform. If he doesn’t want to perform anymore then that is his prerogative and we should accept that.

Punk attended a wrestling event this past weekend. That is the entire story. The fact that I felt this was important enough to write a piece about it, shows the magnitude of the enigma that is CM Punk. Regardless of what happens from here with CM Punk, thanks for the memories.
-Taylor C. Mitchell (@LuchaNerd on Twitter)

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