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#VOWSMBB – Match of the Week – From @RichKraetsch aka @VoicesWrestling
Doink The Clown vs. Bob East

This match was recommended by the Managing Editor of Voices of Wrestling, one Rich Kraetsch. Doink the Clown debuted as one of the most eccentric and wacky WWE characters in history. Matt Borne debuted as an evil clown who mysteriously was a technical wizard in the ring. Borne immersed himself in the character of Doink the Clown so deeply that he came off as truly psychotic and dangerous. Borne’s changes of personality second by second made a silly gimmick such as a clown seem like a true threat amongst the rest of the WWE roster.

You can hear in the commentary here, Bobby Heenan puts over Doink perfectly. Heenan goes on and on about his in-ring ability whilst still putting over the fact that Doink has a few screws loose. One of my favorite gimmicks in wrestling was Matt Borne’s “Borne Again” gimmick in ECW. Borne had a split personality disorder torn between his past life of portraying a silly clown on WWE TV and his desire to be taken seriously as a wrestler. Borne painted his face half Doink half unpainted and really displayed his lack of stability. In present day, it could be an interesting story for Cody Rhodes to adopt a “Borne Again” like gimmick when he finally transforms from Stardust back to Cody Rhodes. This could be an interesting heel turn/transition into a feud with his brother Goldust. Of course, this should take place a good year from now since the Stardust gimmick still has legs.

Jobber Match of the Week
The Undertaker w/ Brother Love vs. Terry Davis

This is the singles match debut of The Undertaker back when Brother Love was still managing him. Taker is the most iconic gimmick wrestler of all-time, and you can see what separated him from other big men even as early as this match was in his career. A couple episodes of SMBB ago there was a match that saw the debut of Waylon Mercy who was an equally unique big man gimmick, but the difference in the in-ring presence between Taker and Spivey (who portrayed Waylon Mercy and also of note as a former teammate of “Mean Mark” aka Undertaker). The Undertaker shows off his agility and athleticism in this match against Terry Davis with a nice dropkick, flying clothesline, and the move known today as “Old School”.

Interesting note is the end of the match. After Undertaker disposes of his jobber opponent he has to send them home packing with a signature send off. This was in an era that the WWE thought every heel should have something embarrassing they did to their opponents after squashing them. Ted Dibiase would stick $100 bills down their throats, Jake Roberts would unleash Damien on his opponent, and the one I remember from The Undertaker is that he would stick his opponent in a body bag and carry them out of the arena as if to bury them (literally) after burying them (figuratively), but here we see that Undertaker actually started out by crushing up rose petals and then throwing them on his opponent. The body bag was definitely spookier and more menacing. Hm, I better the rose crushing gimmick would suit Adam Rose.

Cruiserweight Match of the Week
La Parka and Psychosis vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. and Juventud Guerrera

First off, can we all agree that Rey Mysterio Jr.’s WCW entrance theme was B.A.? It just gets you so pumped for the match ahead. Mike Tenay’s commentary has always been underrated. Three man commentary booths have historically been horrific, but Tenay is the perfect 3rd man on a three man booth. Get your heel color guy, get your straight man play-by-play guy, and throw in some Mike Tenay for his wrestling history knowledge, most notably his history of Lucha and Japanese wrestling. Unfortunately we don’t get to hear too much of that here, because Zbyszko and Tony Schivone are too busy speculating on Sting and the nWo. Larry even asks Tenay if this match is utilizing the Lucha Libre tag team rules (which is mind boggling than neither man truly knew the rules of this match) and Schivone with his craptastic commentary says “Well, if a man falls out to the floor I suggest he look under the ring and see if Sting in under there and then don’t tell the now!” I get that he was being coached to talk about the nWo as much as possible, but these lines are cringe worthy, non-sensical, and forced.

Anyhow, one of the rewarding things about WCW’s awesome cruiserweight matches is the point in the match to where the cruisers are putting on such a good show that the commentators forget all about the nWo and get excited about the match at hand.

Barry Darsow Match of the Week
Smash vs. Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts is one of the all-time greats when it comes to putting matches together, ring psychology, and holding the entire audience in the palm of his hand. The story that Diamond Dallas Page has documented and titled “The Resurrection of Jake Roberts” is highly anticipated, but also one of the greater and happier stories in an industry normally filled with so many dark, dark histories, which of course is where Roberts’ story started. You will see in this match that took place during Jake Roberts’ hot babyface run. Jake Roberts was a pro at working a match around his finisher, the prolific “DDT”. Roberts created the move and still has the best DDT in history. Oh, and Barry Darsow looks pretty great in this match too!

Main Event Match of the Week
Intercontinental Championship Match
Bret Hart vs. Rocky Maivia

One of the best things about writing this column is the wormhole I end up travelling down on YouTube watching all of these matches. This was a wormhole match for me that popped up on the sidebar of YouTube and I thought to myself “Say what? The Rock and Bret Hart wrestled? No way!” The finish of the match reminded me of watching this match back in the day. I remember being a kid thinking “Wait! Bret Hart got disqualified?! But, he could’ve won the Intercontinental Championship for the third time! He is way better than Rocky Maivia!”

As a lifelong hater of everything to do with Rocky Maivia, The Rock, Flex Kavana, Dwayne Johnson, The Scorpion King, etc… can we all at least agree that he had the absolute worst flying cross body in the history of the business?

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