WWE Main Event
WWE Network
Milwaukee, WI
September 30, 2014

Episode 105

Didn’t get enough Bo Dallas vs Mark Henry on Raw? Well, you’re in luck! Our scheduled main event is the highly anticipated rematch from last night’s battle. One thing’s for sure, whoever ends up victorious is surely set up for guaranteed imminent success! Or not.

Cesaro defeats Jack Swagger: Cesaro won in creative fashion, giving a thumb to Swagger’s eye and following up with an uppercut for the pin. Before the match, in an inset promo, Zeb Colter said that Cesaro is a prime candidate for deportation based on his recent performance. Ouch. They got time, and it was an enjoyable match. Late in the match, Jack had the Patriot Lock wrenched in on Cesaro, but Cesaro was able to get to the ropes. Swagger was late to break, and tried to pull Cesaro back into the center of the ring despite being told to break the hold. Cesaro, when being dragged back into the ring, had grabbed the ring apron and pulled it with him. Swagger finally broke the hold, and the ref went to get the ring apron out of the ring and back in place. As he did that, Cesaro did the eye poke and uppercut for the victory. ***

This Sunday on Total Divas… Eva Marie and a gun in the house!

Backstage: Natalya interrupted a Kane phone call to ask if Tyson Kidd could get some pity. She wanted a match for him tonight. Tyson then walked in asking why Natalya kept sticking her head in his business. They were arguing until Kane finally shut them up, and he sent Tyson to the ring for a match.

Michael Cole announced that his weekly WWE.com interview will feature John Cena this week.

Tyson Kidd defeats Kofi Kingston: Tyson won via sharpshooter. Michael and Byron discussed the recent Tyson-Natalya history from NXT TV, as well as Total Divas. It sure would be fun to see a DH Smith & Tyson Kidd tag team back these days in WWE. During the match, Tyson would use Natalya as a shield when Kofi tried an aerial move. He also set Kofi up in a Tree of Woe, then walked away with the ref’s attention, all so Nattie could get some cheap shots in on Kofi behind the ref’s back. Or, at least, that’s what Tyson wanted, but Natalya yelled at him saying she would not help him cheat. Otherwise, Natalya was ready and willing to cheer on her husband. Tyson was aggressive as has been seen in his revamped character, and that aggressiveness lead to a win finally on the main roster. After the match, Nattie went into the ring to celebrate with Tyson, but Tyson was only interested in soaking up the glory solo. Nattie walked off as Tyson continued his solo celebration. Hey guys, I think there’s trouble in paradise. **1/2

Backstage: Renee Young asked Mark Henry if he was sure that he wanted to go heel. Not in those words, of course. Henry said he’s had a bad couple of weeks, complete with emotional breakdowns. But… it’s a new day! It’s a new generation! Not really. Same generation. Henry’s new day begins tonight as he pummels Bo Dallas because That’s What He Does.

Brie Mode defeats LayRae: Brie Bella pinned Layla after an X-Factor in a handicap match. Nikki was looking on from a monitor backstage. The match was actually fun, albeit short, so that probably helped. And I got to listen to Brie’s awesome fun cheery catchy EDM theme twice so that’s a win! **

Michael Cole noted that WWE has apologized for Big Show’s disrespect of the Russian flag. Of course, while going through the apology, they showed about four replays of Big Show tearing down the flag, even in slow motion.

This Monday, an exclusive interview with Roman Reigns live on Raw.

Bo Dallas beats Mark Henry via DQ: Before the match, Bo Dallas talked about being sore. Of course, he’s not as sore of a loser as Mark Henry! He suggested that Henry find a hobby to channel his anger, like scrapbooking or BOLIEVING! Mark Henry lost via DQ because he was kicking too much ass. Henry dominated the match, but once he got Bo in the corner and put the boots to him for more than a five count, the referee had to call for the bell. After his loss, Henry grew more angry and delivered two World’s Strongest Slams to Bo. THAT’S WHAT HE DOES! *

Final Thoughts:

This show had two sections, with the good wrestling early and the storylines late. It was an entertaining episode of Main Event, one I’d give a thumb’s up to. With both the Bella match, and Henry’s match, we really got nothing new. We were delivered “new” content that repeated what was done on Raw, basically. I understand Main Event isn’t a top priority, but it’d be nice to get a little bit of a twist on things sometimes instead of just Raw recaps in the guise of new matches.