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The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop (9/20/14): Bob Sapp joins Karl, Rocky, and Doc for part 1 of a 2 part interview. This episode covers Bob’s early days, with tales of vomiting at the Power Plant, fighting William Perry, and Bob’s, uh, adult products in Japan. Sapp is one of the most charismatic humans alive so this is good fun, and Doc chips in with a great story of trying to run the ropes during Tough Enough. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio (9/21/14): Court and Konnan run down Court’s trip to San Diego, and then rapper Wale joins to talk about his music and his wrestling fandom. Wale has a good knowledge about not only WWE but also TNA and the indies, but really the show isn’t all that different from interviewing your random fan on the internet. THUMBS DOWN

Piper’s Pit (9/22/14): The “Gangrel” is back for part 2. Gangrel has a lot of good stories about his time in the Brood, working the Rock, and his relationship with Luna Vachon. Unfortunately, the 4-man booth is back, and Piper in particular has a bad episode, tossing out names at Gangrel that have little to nothing to do with him. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Who’s Next With Goldberg (9/23/14): Bill talks to CT Fletcher, self proclaimed World’s Strongest Man who does a lot of Youtube videos or something. CT actually has a great radio voice, but he’s apparently trying to break the podcast record for profanity. Bill does his usual rant about the state of the world and terrible parents today, which makes me long for Jim Ross talking about time limits. For some reason this goes for almost 100 minutes. THUMBS DOWN

Steve Austin Show (9/23/14): Steve and his wife talk about life in Georgia, with lengthy tales about Kristen falling into a lake and Steve’s brother-in-law eating his rotisserie chicken. Steve answers some listener questions and talks Night of Champions, but it’s not enough to save the show. THUMBS DOWN

Talk is Jericho (9/24/14): Kevin Smith joins Chris to talk Canada, hockey, and Degrassi. Say what you want about Smith as a filmmaker, but he’s an excellent raconteur and while they barely get into his career this is a fun show. Jericho also talks about his last run in WWE and plays another Fozzy song. I have to give Jericho credit; his monologues have improved 1000% since he’s dumped the terrible comedy skits. THUMBS UP

The Ross Report (9/24/14): Dave Meltzer joins JR to break down Night of Champions. Dave is always very enjoyable outside the F4W audio bubble, and this is no exception as he and JR have a great conversation about the current state of affairs in the WWE. Even when JR has to hit his usual points, Dave discusses it in a way to make it far more palatable. THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

Bauer & Pollock (9/24/14): There’s plenty of news to discuss, but the show gets bogged down in too much talk about Court’s new iPhone, Michael Hayes’ twitter, and unicorn milk. THUMBS DOWN

Art of Wrestling (9/25/14): “Diamond” Dallas Page joins Colt (who reveals he’s been doing DDP Yoga and lost some weight). Yoga is discussed, of course, but Colt makes sure most of the conversation is about DDP’s wrestling career and the unusual path he took to the top. However, a lot of it you’ve heard before on DDP’s myriad of other podcast appearances. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Steve Austin – Unleashed 9/25/14): Steve’s still going solo, and spends the bulk of the show going over his filmography and accompanying stories, which makes for decent radio. And then for his match (actually a promo) of the week, Steve directs people to Youtube, since the promo in question isn’t on the WWE Network. Oops. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Jim Cornette Experience (9/25/14): Kenny Bolin is listed as the guest, but he doesn’t join the show for almost 50 minutes, leaving Jim and Alice time to rant about the usual suspects. When he does join, he brings on Jim’s illegitimate son he referenced a month ago. The skit has a few chuckles, but doesn’t pay off in any significant way. THUMBS DOWN

Talk is Jericho (9/26/14): Part two with Kevin Smith, with more enjoyable tales of making movies, comic books, and hockey. I actually liked this one better than part one. Of note: Jericho is not only playing Fozzy songs, he’s actually reading excerpts from his new book. Whatever sells, I guess. THUMBS UP