WhatCulture, F4WOnline and Fighting Spirit Magainze contributor David Bixenspan  joins Joe and Rich to discuss the Non-Wrestler region for the 2014 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame! This is a category within a category with some very interesting names ranging from “Mean” Gene Okerlund to Jimmy Hart to the promoter and booker ranks with Jerry Jarrett, Jim Crockett Jr and Sr and even wrestling journalism with PWI’s Bill Apter. We discuss who should go in, who we’d vote for, voter trends, possible amendments to the ballot and much more!

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2014 Non-Wrestler Candidates: 

  1. Bill Apter
  2. Dave Brown
  3. Jim Crockett Jr.
  4. Jim Crockett Sr.
  5. Gary Hart
  6. Jimmy Hart
  7. Howard Finkel
  8. Jerry Jarrett
  9. Larry Matysik
  10. Gorilla Monsoon
  11. Gene Okerluind
  12. Don Owen
  13. George Scott
  14. Jesse Ventura
  15. Stanley Weston

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