Hello, and welcome to another exciting and action packed episode of SMBB! I am your host, @LuchaNerd – Taylor Mitchell, and the first match of the evening was recommended by @JoeMLanza, who as many of you know as one of the co-hosts of the flagship Voices of Wrestling podcast. If you want to recommend a match for SMBB then jump on Twitter and use the hashtag #VOWSMBB with your recommendation and you will see it on the show!

#VOWSMBB – Recommended Match of the Week
The Islanders (Haku, Tama, and Sivi Afi) vs. Outback Jack, Brady Boone, and Steve Blackman

If you have listened to the most recent Voices of Wrestling podcast you could tell this match was a very vivid memory for one, Joe Lanza, as he was able to remember each participant on the jobber team. Self-admittedly I have not watched many “Islanders” matches as the Samoan tag team I grew up on was the Headshrinkers, and boy did I love their vicious move set.

I did extensive research to try and find out if Sivi Afi teamed with the Islanders in more than just this one match and on this website:

It claims that there were the following Islanders matches including Afi on the team:

  • vs. Terry Gibbs, George Leach, and Joe Mirto – 1986
    vs. Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake, and Dino Bravo – 1986

Now, of course these matches took place before Bobby Heenan officially added Sivi Afi to the Islanders in 1989, and since I can find zero video evidence of these matches I can only assume Afi was thrown onto the team in order to have a six man tag match. So, it appears that Joe Lanza is right in saying Bobby “The Brain” Heenan put together a six man Islanders team for one match only. Wikipedia tells me that Tama left the WWE shortly after this match while Afi and Haku tried to keep the Islanders name relevant for a short period of time until Afi was let go and Haku would go on to become “King Haku” and team with Andre the Giant amongst other things.

Barry Darsow Match of the Week
Repo-Man vs. Randy Savage

For the first time ever on SMBB you get to see an entire angle unfold leading to the blow off match! And what better superstar to highlight in the feud than SMBB favorite, Barry Darsow aka The Repo Man! The story here is that Macho Man was apparently broke because his WWE in-ring career was winding down and Vince McMahon underpays his commentators so Savage was struggling to afford the upkeep of his gimmick and had to get a loan to pay for his matching cowboy hat. Well, The Repo Man did his job and when Savage was unable to make payments on this hat Repo Man repossessed it. Savage takes his financial frustrations out on Repo Man and takes his hat back. What a heel. (Civil liberties may have been taken during this story telling from yours truly, or maybe I was just filling in the blanks. Either way, Repo Man is the hero in this tale.)

Jobber Match of the Week
Legion of Doom vs. Duane Gill and Tony Ulysses

I remember when the Legion of Doom joined the WWE I was amazed as a kid. This was the first I had ever seen of the Road Warriors. The Doomsday Device was so devastating that I literally thought they were killing their opponents. My parents had one of those sweet VCR’s that had a slow motion button and I remember rewinding and putting the Doomsday Device in slow motion to see if they broke the jobbers neck or not.

In this match you will see Duane Gill of Survivor Series 1998 and Gillberg fame. At the end of the match in the replay I swear Duane Gill looks like Billionaire Ted. I have been researching and researching trying to find out if I’m onto something, but I can’t find out who portrayed Billionaire Ted. If you do know then send me a tweet! @LuchaNerd

Main Event of the Week
10 Man Tag Team Match
D-X (Triple H and X-Pac) and The Radicalz (Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, and Chris Benoit) w/ Stephanie McMahon, Tori, and Eddie Guerrero vs. Cactus Jack, The Rock, and Too Cool (Rikishi, Grand Master Sexay, and Scotty 2 Hotty)

First things, first. Listen to Stephanie McMahon on commentary during this match and we will all learn who gave Renee Young her lessons on doing commentary. It’s uncanny. It was the greatest revelation I made as a wrestling fan this week. Unless the Duane Gill as Billionaire Ted thing comes true, then it would be the second greatest revelation I’ve made this week. Secondly, this is the most recent match ever to appear on SMBB, but I saw it on the sidebar of YouTube and thought it might be a fun match. The crowd is ape-crazy hot during this match as was per usual during the Attitude Era. The Attitude Era is being critically panned in retrospect by the consensus of wrestling fans, but no one can deny the crowds were hot and it made things fun to watch.

This match takes place during the heel D-X Corporation run when Triple H was feuding with Mick Foley. This match is a few weeks before the infamous Hell in a Cell Match at No Way Out, WWE title for Cactus Jack’s career.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Saturday Morning Breakfast Brawls! Look for next week’s episode, look for my review of Smackdown to pop up later today, and look for me to join the Voices of Wrestling round table crew to review WWE Night of Champions! And don’t forget to send me a match recommendation for SMBB by using #VOWSMBB!