WWE NXT Takeover: Fatal 4 Way
Thursday, September 11, 2014
Full Sail University

NXT Clash of the Champions III: Takeover II: Fatal 4 Way, no introduction needed, let’s get to our five-person review!

NXT Tag Team Championship
Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara) def. The Ascension ©

Rich Kraetsch: Hey, this was pretty fun. The Ascension controlled most of the early part of the match while working over Sin Cara, it was boring but well worth it once Kalisto got the hot tag and the two went nuts. Kalisto is going to be a star, I stand by that. Sin Cara looked sloppy here and seems to have lost a step or two but Kalisto looked great. New tag champs, big upset — great opener. **3/4

Joe Lanza: Kalisto & Sin Hunico are now dubbed “Lucha Dragons”. They also have matching gear, a new theme song, and a fresh tron video. Combine that with the rumored imminent call up of The Ascension, and this sure smelled like a title change. Remember when Kalisto was f’n ripped when he worked for Gabe? He’s s-a-w-f-t-e-r looking these days. Draw your own conclusions. This was all about the Kalisto hot tag, a role his offensive style is perfectly suited for. This was your typical average RAW tag otherwise, but ended up being a great showcase for Kalisto. **1/2

VoicesofWrestling.com - WWE NXT Takeover: Fatal 4 WayLarry: I didn’t dig the build.  I wasn’t invested, either.  All that said, this was pretty average WWE tag team fare.  I felt it could have been better, but not only is The Ascension slow and prodding, but Sin Hunico is suddenly walking through mud and is looking pretty clunky.  Most of the match just didn’t work for me…but the Kalisto hot tag sucked me in for the final stretch but the big ending was flat.  More Kalisto, though, please. **1/2

Taylor Mitchell: Of these four NXT Superstars Kalisto is the only one who truly shined. The guy is definitely on the path to becoming WWE’s new “Rey Mysterio”. There are a number of superstars Kalisto could take on in NXT or WWE that would be exciting “dream matches”. The Lucha Dragons (awesome tag team name) defeat The Ascension while Konnor and Viktor start their path to WWE. The Uso’s vs Lucha Dragons is a match I want to see. **1/2

Bryan Rose: Thought this was a pretty damn good match. The Ascension are alright, and Sin Cara is good, but I thought Kallisto shined here. His comeback was great and overall he just looked completely fluid in everything he was doing. Both teams I think have a big future. ***1/4


Baron Corbin def. CJ Parker

Rich Kraetsch: This was a squash match that occurred at NXT Takeover: Fatal 4 Way. Glad they’re building a new guy in Corbin but this was literally three moves, hey, I can’t complain I like squashes. Hope this isn’t the only debut tonight. N/R

Joe Lanza: Everybody was hyped for Steen or Devitt in the mystery opponent spot. Welp. With the mass call ups coming, they have to get new people over. Good start for Corbin. NR

Larry: CJ Parker gets squashed?  Its raining stars in Full Sail. NR

Taylor Mitchell: It seems like there has to be a squash match at each of these NXT specials and this was the token one for Takeover II. I am not familiar with Baron Corbin and this did nothing to tell me about him. I will have to keep an eye on Corbin as the weeks to come. N/R

Bryan Rose: Well, it was short. Went too short to see how Baron Corbin really did, but he’s gotten high praise thus far, as well as getting over with the crowd, so we’ll see how this goes. N/R


Hair vs. Hair
Enzo Amore def. Sylvester Lefort

Rich Kraetsch: Look, you knew this match wasn’t going to be any good, but if you have a soul, you don’t care. I mean, this was particularly bad for the level these guys are but whatever, this is the low end of the NXT spectrum. I enjoyed it either way because both guys are great characters and promos. ½*

Joe Lanza: Look, I wasn’t expecting Misawa/Kobashi, but this was bad, almost like it was ripped right off of a bad 1985 WWF house show, giving me visions of Corporal Kirschner vs Nikolai Volkoff flag matches. Then Lefort skipped out on the stip. DUD

Larry: ****1/2 star pre-match promo by Enzo Amore.  You.Can’t.Teach.That.  I guess this match sucked, but I couldn’t tell because I was markin out so hard from the promo. DUD

Taylor Mitchell: Hair vs. Hair matches are usually reserved for a comedic storyline or the blow off of a feud. This match leaned more towards the side of the former. I am new to the Enzo Amore bandwagon. He’s a great/unique character. He does need to improve in the ring, however. This match was pretty terrible and this NXT special has been largely disappointing from an in-ring standpoint compared to the past two specials. Lefort didn’t lose his hair which leans to this feud continuing. No true payoff to the stipulation for this match which is pretty lame. ½*

Bryan Rose: This was not good. It wasn’t terrible. Really, it was just there. Amore/Cassidy were over here, and I liked Enzo’s promo before the match, but the match itself did not deliver. There wasn’t even a payoff after the match as Lefort fled before he was able to get his hair cut. Most of this segment left a lot to be desired. *


Bull Dempsey def. Mojo Rawley

Rich Kraetsch: I didn’t time this match but there’s no way it went over two minutes and that’s exactly what it should’ve been.This was a good squash and exactly how I’ve wanted Bull to work. He’s been the real man’s man but then put people in a bunch of restholds. This was the first time he really felt like a powerhouse. I enjoyed this, shockingly. **

Joe Lanza: These guys were so cute trying to do a HOSS FIGHT. *1/2

Larry: Just got back from the bathroom.  Did I miss anything? NR

Taylor Mitchell: Why did this match happen? What purpose did it serve? And Harley Race warned Chris Benoit not to use the flying headbutt. Benoit’s tragedy warned Daniel Bryan not to use the flying headbutt. Bryan’s neck surgery warns Bull Dempsey not the use the flying headbutt, but like all of his predecessors he won’t listen. Ban the flying headbutt and bring back the piledriver. Ps. KENTA is now known as Hideo Itami and he took out the Ascension single handedly like a total B.A. ¾*

Bryan Rose: Remember when people were high on Mojo Rawley earlier this year? I’d be shocked if he doesn’t get cut by the end of 2014. N/R


NXT Women’s Championship
Charlotte © def. Bayley

Rich Kraetsch: There were a few sloppy moves here and there but for the most part this was really good. Bayley showed a ton of fire and really stood out here, which is saying a lot in a match with Charlotte. There was a notable botch at the end where Charlotte overshot a moonsault and that took some steam out of the match. Either way, I enjoyed this a lot and Charlotte retaining means she stays on NXT which is great. ***

Joe Lanza: This undercard went exactly as expected, with short, wacky matches, and KENT-err, Hideo Itami beating up a dastardly heel. The business end of the card needed to deliver, starting with this bout, which had two excellent NXT women’s title matches on previous specials to live up to. It was good, but it wasn’t even close to the level of Paige vs Emma or Nattie vs Charlotte. Good story, both girls worked real hard, and it got a little sloppy at the end, but the best thing on the show to this point. **3/4

Larry:  All kinds of BIG MATCH FEELS here.  A classic underdog build, great pre-match promo package, big ring entrance for the challenger, and DRAKE YOUNGER ref’ing this thing.  I’m ready.  The crowd was really into this match and were all-in on Bayley.  They start out aggressive and they kept the tempo high all of the way through.  They even worked pretty stiff.  Loved the story they told.  Awesome camera work, too, btw.  That final shot before Charlotte hit the Bow Down to the Queen was great.  I enjoyed the match quite a bit, but it didn’t kick into that next gear that Paige/Emma or Charlotte/Nattie got to.  Still, this is the Match of the Night, for me.  ***1/4

Taylor Mitchell: This match was the third best NXT Divas matches of the NXT Specials, but its still better than every Divas match that has appeared on WWE TV ever. Charlotte has been so good in the last few months, I was sad to see her botch the moonsault at the end of the match, but at least that wasn’t the finish. After Sasha Banks attacked Bayley in the post-match segment Charlotte came to her aid. Face turn? Perhaps. Charlotte has the talent to be a heel or a face. Charlotte is destined to be a star in the WWE divas division. Sara Del Ray deserves all kinds of praise for the work she has done in Orlando. Don’t be surprised to see an NXT Divas match main event one of these NXT Specials. ***

Bryan Rose: I liked this match a lot. Bayley was good, but I thought Charlotte stood out. She is still green at spots, especially with the weird moonsault at the end, but in the little time she’s been on the roster she’s practically ready for the main roster at this point, which would make sense why she would drop the title tonight. I guess she’ll stay here a while longer, and that’s good as they seem to be building a program between her and Sasha Banks, which should be interesting given their prior relationship. They were given time to have a good match and it delivered. ***1/4



Fatal 4-Way
NXT Championship
Adrian Neville © vs. Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Tyson Kidd

Rich Kraetsch: Enjoy this guy a lot. It took awhile to get there while Kidd and Neville had most of the control but once Sami and Breeze got their chance to shine it jumped into another gear. Sami was the clear star in this match and really stood out among the rest of the guys, Neville included. The finishing sequence was a great bit of storytelling and perfect for a guy like Zayn who is so much better at being the bridesmaid than the bride. Not a MOTY contender in 2014, but a great match and the cap off this night needed. ****

Joe Lanza: Tyson Kidd grinding in long side headlocks on Sami Zayn while Neville & Breeze play dead on the floor forever. The meat of this match in a nutshell. The first half wasn’t very compelling, and looked like it was going to be a wet fart way to end what was a very good long term storyline. It picked up down the stretch, because you knew you were going to get some great stuff with the people involved, but this basically had all of the unavoidable flaws of four ways. And yes, they tossed in the requisite tower of doom spot for good measure. Cool wrinkle with Neville playing dirty at the end. We knew this would be a two match show, and neither delivered to their full potential. Overall the worst of the three NXT specials. ***1/4

Larry: This was totally a Rich Kraetsch Special for 3/4 of the match.  Starts off Royal Rumble-y where guys just kind of lay on each other.  It breaks down into a random series of mini-one-on-one matches with intermittent melees and pinfall breakups.  There were a few nice stretches, but they were linked together with headlock spots.  These Adrian Neville title matches seem to do a lot of stuff, but they never take you on a journey and for the first 3/4 of it, it was just that.  Then…things kicked into gear and the Zayn-Neville story really shined through.  Neville had some character development here, which was a nice twist.  They are definitely leading up to a one-on-one Neville-Zayn match for the title.  Maybe they can hold that match off until Clash of the NXT Champions IV.  Good match when you add up the sum of all parts, but damn it took a while to get there.  After reflecting…this wasn’t a great show, and while the big matches didn’t deliver to a high level, I enjoyed them. ***1/4

VoicesofWrestling.com - NXT Takeover: Fatal 4 WayTaylor Mitchell: There is not a wrestler on this planet that sells drama better than Sami Zayn. Not a damn one. Sami Zayn was what made this match what it was. The first half was the boring mini-one on one matches, but once it picked up IT PICKED UP. Lots of fast paced action, lots of high spots, lots of near falls, lots of Zayn doing his thing. Neville showed a side of himself we have yet to see when he pulled the ref out of the ring as Zayn had Kidd down for the win. Neville superkicks Zayn, rolls into the ring, hits the Red Arrow on Kidd for the win. Really exciting stuff there down the stretch. This was the worst NXT special of the three when it comes to in-ring action, but it was still very good and I would recommend anyone go watch this Special. I can’t wait for the next NXT Clash of the Takeover III with Hideo Itami(I’m typing it repeatedly to get used to it), Kevin Steen, and Prince Devitt. ****1/4

Bryan Rose: I thought this would be a great match with the stip maybe holding it back. But man, this turned out to be a pretty damn amazing bout by the end with a bunch of cool near falls from everyone. Neville pulling the ref out of the ring just as you thought Zayn was FINALLY going to win the title was amazing. Zayn was incredible here and sells dramatic flare like nobody’s business. Neville is great. Kidd and Breeze more than held their own. Probably the best fatal fourway I’ve seen, and while not a match of the year candidate I think it was one of the best in North America this year. On the other hand, I am wondering if this signals a Neville heel turn. I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not. Amazing match regardless. ****1/2