In keeping with the theme of Voices Of Wrestling in September, Rob McCarron and Jeff Hawkins of the VOW podcast Shake Them Ropes took some time to go over the Hall of Fame resumé of CM Punk. CM Punk is a first time candidate for induction into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame run by Dave Meltzer. Punk has been, and continues to be, a polarizing figure in pro wrestling. He’s certainly an interesting candidate for the Hall of Fame, and there are folks around the internet community that are taking different sides on the issue of Punk’s possible induction.

Todd Martin of Sherdog & F4WOnline is pro-Punk…

I’m surprised and disappointed to hear the negativity on Punk’s candidacy. For the total package of talking, charisma and in ring performance that wrestlers are evaluated on in today’s scene, he’s the best guy there is. In my opinion, he absolutely belongs in and it’s not a remotely close call.

Chris Harrington of Bleacher Report & Wrestlenomics Radio went into the analytics HERE.

At this point, I am not convinced that CM Punk will be garnering my vote in the 2014 iteration of the WON HOF ballot.

Let’s not forget that CM Punk has competition, as this is arguably one of the more stacked ballots in some time. Dave Meltzer allows for ten wrestlers to get voted in, so even if some think Punk is a viable candidate, they may not put him in the Top 10 of viable candidates at the moment.

Punk quit WWE this year, and it’s quite clear he won’t be returning anytime soon. A few more years working atop WWE would certainly have helped his case, but did he need it to get in? Is CM Punk’s relatively short WWE run on the top tier enough to get him in? Is Punk historically significant to the point that he didn’t need a lengthy run? Does his time in ROH add the necessary in ring quality to push him over the top? We dive into some of these questions and more as Shake Them Ropes takes a moment to jump into the CM Punk resumé for this Voices of Wrestling Hall of Fame special audio spotlight.