In this loaded edition of Shake Them Ropes, Rob & Jeff discuss CM Punk’s resumé for the WON Hall of Fame, preview NXT Takeover II, recap a better edition of WWE Raw, and debate on whether Batista is a bigger star than The Rock at the moment. We thank you for listening, and if you like the show, please rate and review us on iTunes!

Show Notes:

00:00-03:10: Intro & Contact Info
03:10-10:55: Who is the bigger star right now?
10:55-15:50: Sean O’Haire death
15:50-19:10: Monday Night War
19:10-49:13: WWE Raw TV
49:13-72:00: NXT Takover Preview & Enzo Rant
72:00-96:50: Is CM Punk a WON Hall of Famer?

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