Hello and welcome to my weekly column where I take a few WWE topics and run them down on as I stand upon my soapbox. WWE has now had two weeks of Monday Night Raw episodes that have been universally panned with the general consensus that they were “boring”. It appears that we are headed into the same downward spiral that we were in last fall post-Summerslam. I’ve got some ideas for WWE to snap out of it, they might be wacky, but I would love to hear your opinion on them in the comments below or you can find me on Twitter @LuchaNerd.

Turn Bray Wyatt face:

I was listening to a recent edition of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast with Mick Foley as the guest.  Mick talked about one of the cornerstones of his career was the sit-down promos that he did with Jim Ross in 1997. These promos (videos below) were amazing pieces of pro wrestling history. The once demented and mysterious “Mankind” character was broken down in these promos and showed more vulnerability sitting down with Jim Ross than he had his entire WWE career up to this point. Mankind was a heel going into these promos and, actually finished off the promo as a heel, but it eventually turned him babyface. It was like the fans of WWE were seeing and agreeing with why Mankind did the things he did up to this point. Now, most of this was due to Mick Foley’s incredible skills in the promo department, but I’ve got a guy who could benefit from this exact formula — Bray Wyatt.

The Wyatt family debuted as a backwoods Jim Jones type cult. The vignettes were these unique and creepy and convincing, everyone in the WWE Universe was excited to see these guys debut. For the first eight months of the Wyatt family’s run they were receiving some great feedback up until Bray Wyatt’s feud with John Cena. Leading up to his feud with John Cena, Bray Wyatt cut a promo about Cena’s “legacy” in WWE. For those of you that may remember, this was the infamous promo where Bray referred to Cena’s “plastic girlfriend”, which was edgy while still being PG, but unfortunately it seemed as if Bray received some backlash for.

The Wyatt Family has lost steam to this point; they debuted with purpose and lately have been cutting promos that are aimless and confusing. It’s time for a change with the Wyatt Family. The Wyatt Family as this backwoods cult appeared to have a Straight Edge Society flavor to it with brainwashing wrestlers and having them join their cult, but we have yet to see this happen. The WWE needs to change this immediately. 

Luke Harper needs to turn on Bray Wyatt and take over as the patriarch of the Wyatt family. Luke Harper should lead Erick Rowan and brainwash a couple of other wrestlers to grow strength in number with the Wyatt Family. Heck, he could take Adam Rose who has been headed south quickly for a long time now. Take Adam Rose and brainwash him to shed this party player non-sense, and become vicious. 

Then Bray could show some vulnerability in a sit down styled interview with Michael Cole where he opens up about his troubled childhood and gain some sympathy from the fans by showing a side he has never showed before. 

The WWE needs more top babyfaces and this is a way to give a guy fresh breath in his run in the WWE.

The Tag Team Division:

The way the WWE lays out their PPV match cards has always been a hot topic of discussion. Normally, we see the WWE put the Divas match as a “come down” match right before the big main event. Some believe this is a good idea to not wear out the crowd, some believe this is a bad idea and the WWE should just keep the momentum of a good show going. 

Why not make this the permanent slot for the tag team championship? Make the WWE Tag Team Championship match the permanent “semi-main event” right before the main event. Tag team wrestling is different enough not to take the heat out of a major one on one match and it would elevate the importance of the tag team division. Of course, with this the WWE needs to keep working on their tag team division by adding more teams and rid the division of the non-sense even Steven booking. 

The dominant run of Brock Lesnar: 

One thing WWE did right on this past Monday Night Raw was the exact thing they need to keep running all the way to WrestleMania if that is how long Brock Lesnar is going to hold onto the WWE title. It was a little too subtle, and needs to be a bigger deal, but Triple H told the superstars this is their chance to prove they are worthy of the main event at Night of Champions.

The WWE needs to make this the major story on every episode of Monday Night Raw, Main Event, Superstars, and Smackdown. Especially since Brock Lesnar won’t be present on any of these shows, with the exception of the occasional Raw episode. Have Triple H come out to the middle of the ring at the start of Monday Night Raw with the entire WWE roster on the stage. Have Triple H tell every WWE Superstar that this is their opportunity to prove they are worthy of the WWE title. It’s a clean slate. And then every wrestler promo and every match from here on out the wrestlers, the commentators, the managers, etc. everyone is talking about try to prove to Triple H that they deserve that WWE Title shot. This gives the WWE an opportunity to have some underdogs come out of the wood work for a rare main event appearance at a PPV to be fed to Brock Lesnar. This gives the WWE a much needed jolt in a “competitive” feel on their shows. It makes every show feel exciting and makes the WWE fans ask the question “what’s going to happen next?”

That’s it for the WWE Soapbox this week, follow me on Twitter @LuchaNerd and tell me what you think about these topics!