WWE NXT – Episode 236
August 21, 2014
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Renee Young and Byron Saxton

NXT Tag Team Tournament Semifinals – Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. The Vaudevillains: The crowd eats up Big Cass and Enzo and for god reason, their pre-match promos are great and allow for fan interaction, the real key in getting over. The Vaudevillains rule too, I don’t care what you say. They aren’t great, but they are a lot of fun on the NXT medium, so let’s just enjoy it. Cass and English start us off and Cassady sets the stage with a huge shoulder block sending English to the mat. English takes Simon but eats a big boot, Gotch gets a body slam and an elbow drop for his troubles. Enzo tags in but gets caught coming off the ropes by Gotch, That’s a Wrap and in a mild upset, The Vaudevillains move on! This was way too short for a semifinal and these guys can have a solid match with some more time. Either way, it was a fun little sprint and my guys are moving onto the finals. *1/2

Post match the Legionaries run down and attack Enzo & Big Cass. They grab a pair of clippers and shave a portion of Enzo’s beard off.

Triple H in the house with an announcement about the next NXT special, NXT Takeover II. These rule and are the modern equivalent of Clash of the Champions, Takeover II (taking place September 11) should be no exception. Triple H also announces a brand-new NXT general manager.

Tyler Breeze vs. Tyson Kidd: Crowd is electric for this match even with two heels. They seem to be picking sides with most of the heat going to Kidd and rightfully so, he’s been an incredible heel. Some early back and forth then Tyler Breeze grabs his cell phone, tells Kidd he “doesn’t need this” and then goes to back. Hmm… count out victory for Kidd. This was strange. Kidd then turns face (I guess?) by putting on Breeze’s jacket and starts doing his top turnbuckle poses. This was odd booking for a super heel like Kidd but there you go.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch: I’m irrationally (no, fuck that, it’s rationally) excited for this match. Becky comes out to her non-Irish stereotype music and head bangs on her way down. This is a cool energy and the crowd is way into her. Charlotte is looking great tonight and I’d be an even bigger fan if she didn’t look exactly like her father (we’ll call it Brooke Hogan-syndrome). Quick roll-up by Becky into a leg lock. Charlotte reverses it into a nice headlock then puts on a leg lock of her own. Figure-four headlock from Charlotte (VINTAGE CHARLOTTE), Becky rolls it into a pinfall and gets two. Nice counter there, this is the first out of the Figure-four headlock I can recall. Becky chants, Rovert cries tears of pure joy. Lynch with a huge flurry of offense capped off by a running leg drop. Suplex counter by Charlotte, Charlotte with the Bow Down to the Queen and it’s all over. This was a lot of fun. **1/2

Enzo challenges Sylvester Lefort to a Hair vs. Hair match at NXT Takeover II.

Mojo Rawley vs. Steve Cutler: This is the debut of the new “serious” Mojo Rawley after his attack at the hand’s of Bull Dempsey last week. He was still hype, but not MOJO HYPED. He wasn’t even smiling! Cutler looks like the prototypical 1990s wrestler, a Donovan Morgan-type but with no real discernible skills. Hyperdrive and it’s over. This lasted about 30 seconds. 1/2*

Someone decided to give Mojo a live mic and even though he has an MBA he talks like 2003-Thuganomics John Cena or he’s doing a Eugene impression, I can’t tell. Anyway, he challenges Bull Dempsey to a future match, which probably won’t be good at all.

Adam Rose & Sami Zayn vs. Kalisto & Sin Cara: This Kalisto & Sin Cara team definitely has legs, they have matching Mexican flag colored tights and they have a nice balance. I’d love to see them on the main roster soon as the WWE tag division needs all the help it can get. Zayn is a legend to this NXT audience but I wish he’d lose the dancing before Vince sees it and he becomes a “Dancing fool, Maggle!” or until you become, Adam Rose. This should be a lot of fun as I like something about everyone in this match. Rose and Kalisto start us off with a little back and forth, Rose grabs a wristlock but Kalisto reverses it as Rose tags Zayn and Kalisto brings Sin Cara in. Zayn getting Ole! chants while in the ring with Sin Cara is so many buys. Sin Cara with a beautiful springboard arm drag and Zayn escapes to the outside. Back from commercial, the action slows down a bit as Zayn tries to ground the high-flyers, Kalisto catches Zayn with an incredible head scissors after doing an incredible handstand to avoid Zayn. If you’ve seen Samuray Del Sol you’ve seen this spot but the NXT audience popped huge. Sin Cara back in, hits a nice arm drag on Zayn and gets two. Rose gets what would be considered a hot tag but the crowd is unsure who exactly to cheer for here. They are giving Zayn and Kalisto some nice pops, then Rose and Sin Cara seem to be treated as heels. Rose, in particular, is working heel as he grounds Kalisto with a flurry of ground strikes. Springboard back elbow from Sin Cara but it’s broken up by Zayn. Sin Cara with a huge suicide dive to the outside but Rose hits a HUGE clothesline on Kalisto. Kalisto hops right back up, hits a superkick and hits the Salina Del Sol, top rope senton from Sin Cara and it’s over! Kalisto/Sin Cara move onto the tournament finals and will face The Vaudevillains. This match was a lot of fun, it never hit that next gear but was a solid tag match regardless. **3/4

Overall Thoughts:

This was certainly the worst show in recent weeks, we had a run of two really solid shows but this one was definitely filler and the crowd was not as into it as they were in said previous weeks. I won’t say skip it all the way as I think the ladies match and the main event were solid but don’t go into this episode with many expectations.