In this installment, Doctor Nov is joined by Brian to discuss the 08/07 and 08/14 episodes of Impact.  They bemoan technical misfortunes, rejoice over the coming end to those dark technical days, and have minor syncing issues related to USB, Firewire and the lack of a second XLR cable (apologies, we didn’t tape in a cave, I swear!).

They discuss new gimmicks for Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi, the Summerslam card, the pretty tasteless Sanada storyline, ECIII vs. Lashley in a streak versus streak angle, mutual culpability, Vietnam, Noam Chomsky, William F. Buckley, Bully Ray putting Dixie through a table, Rhino’s facial expressions, moving Impact to Wednesday, what it would take to care about Bram vs. Magnus, and Doctor Nov goes on a price point-centric rant.

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