August 14, 2014

The Vaudevillains vs. Mojo Rawley & Bull Dempsey: I’m led to believe Mojo and Bull is some cruel joke on me. Anyway, this was actually better than it had any right to be. The Vaudevillains get a lot of crap but I really like them as a team and they have great chemistry. Bull was working Gotch over in the corner when Mojo reaches over to slap Bull in the back, Mojo then immediately fell via the Rolling Senton/Top Rope Senton combo and the Vaudevillains picked up the win, moving on in the NXT Number One Contenders tag tourney. Bull was none pleased and after exchanging some word he hit a short clothesline on Mojo and proceeded to beat the piss out of him for the next minute or so. “Thank you Bull” chants from the Full Sail crowd, I agree as Bull is the lesser of two evils. Bull started walking to the back but turned around, ran back into the ring and hit a Bulldozer. “Stop…stop..he’s already dead!” **

(It’s) Bayley vs. Sasha Banks: Bayley will undoubtably have a better match this week. If you haven’t seen Eva vs. Bayley from last week, do yourself a favor and check it out. Anyway, Sasha has been impressive lately so I’m looking forward to this match-up. “Bayley’s Gonna Hug You” chant — still awesome. Some early back and forth before Sasha snaps and starts pounding away at Bayley. Tables turn and Bayley starts working fiercy against Sasha. A series of pinfalls by both with some very nice transitions, great work by the ladies here. Bayley gives Sasha a hug but runs her into the corner twice, that’s a nice little move. Sasha is trying to escape but Bayley continues to drag her back into the ring. Back from commercial, Sasha is working her submission game on Bayley who finally breaks free and hits a nice series of moves including a really intense clothesline out of the corner. This match rules. Sasha gets the momentum back and starts working the back and spine of Bayley. Bayley with a quick rollup but only gets two, when Sasha gets up shes met by a HUGE slap from Bayley. Backslapper into a crossface from Sasha but Bayley rolls through for three! Woah, this was an awesome. Watch this right now. ***1/2

This was also cool because if you remember their first match, Sasha won with the Backstabber/Crossface combo but this time Bayley was able to reverse it and get the pinfall. Really cool callback, just a great match from top to bottom.

Charlotte meets Bayley on the stage and offers her hand. Charlotte raises Bayley’s hand in victory, the two shake hands and me thinks we have an NXT Takeover II match.

Sin Cara & Kalisto vs. Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy: Buddy Murphy is an Australian-based worker with a good look, who’s still super young. Wesley Blake, I don’t know thing about him but this is his first time teaming with Buddy. Kalisto and Sin Cara are a great team, Sin Cara has adopted the “LUCHA LUCHA LUCHA” chant and I think this is a team that could definitely have legs. I’ve said from the beginning Kalisto was going to be a huge hit on the main roster and those masks will be flying off merch tables. Kalisto and Buddy work quickly to start off. Sin Cara and Kalisto exchange some tags and work some solid double team moves including an assisted senton. Buddy slows them down with huge Lawler-esque punch. Sin Cara off the top with a crossbody to Wesley and Buddy. Eventually Kalisto hits a Standing Shiranui on Murphy and it’s all over. This was short, but still a lot of fun — Sin Cara and Kalisto looked great. **

NXT Championship – Adrian Neville vs. Tyler Breeze: This match is three months in the making as Breeze has been asking for a title match every week. This was long overdue yet still seemed a bit rushed, I don’t think this is the last opportunity for Breeze. Anyway, this should be pretty solid. The two exchanged heat for a few minutes to start, Breeze eventually took control as Tyson Kidd makes his way to the announce table. Breeze with some clubs to the back and continues going for quick covers. Breeze eventually locks Neville into one of his patented headlocks. I actually like it here because it grounds the high-flyer Neville, so I’ll allow it. Neville back to his feet but Breeze tosses him to the outside. Neville tries to gain some control but, well, it’s another headlock. Neville finally breaks free and hits Breeze with a clothesline and a dropkick. Neville follows it with a nice standing dropkick. Neville hits a huge superkick then goes for the 450 but Breeze cuts him off.

Top-rope sunset powerbomb by Neville but Breeze kicks out at 2. Neville back to the top, but Breeze smartly rolls out of the way. Middle-rope DDT from Breeze, it looks like it’s over but Neville kicks out at 2.9999. Neville took an insane dump on this, landing on the top of his head and flipping through. Neville with a suicide dive to the outside as both men are down. Kidd starts walking to the barricade and Neville hits him with a superkick. Neville gets Breeze back into the ring, climbs to the top and goes for the 450 but Kidd takes out Neville and we get the DQ. Kidd tosses Breeze to the outside and starts beating down on Neville. Sucks that we didn’t get the ending here but that’s good, I’m excited for what looks like a three-way dance at NXT Takeover II between Kidd, Neville and Breeze. Sami Zayn in for the save… could we get a four-way for the title, I’m into that! **1/4

Final Thoughts:

Another great episode of NXT, really a must-watch. Good matches top to bottom and an excellent one from Sasha and Bayley, that you absolutely should go out of your way to see as well as some more story development as we head into NXT Takeover II. This show is starting to hit its stride again, just in time for a new influx of talent.