WWE Main Event
WWE Network
Seattle, WA
August 12, 2014

Episode 98

Tonight’s show will feature $9.99 some of the best wrestling $9.99 you’ll ever find on a Tuesday $9.99 night. Rumors are flying $9.99 that the Usos have issued $9.99 an open challenge to their tag team championships! In fact, for $9.99 on the WWE Network, we’ll see if that is true right away…

The Usos Issue An Open Challenge: Jimmy and Jey Uso entered the ring to clarify the rumors of an open challenge for the tag titles. They said they went to the Authority, and asked for a challenge to the tag titles tonight so that they could continue to prove their the best damn tag team ever. They wanted to show they were better than such tag teams as the Road Warriors, the Hart Foundation, and the New Age Outlaws. At this point, Uso A asked Uso B if he’d been watching the WWE Network lately. Uso B said “Of course!” The crowd then began chanting “Nine Ninety Nine!” Why wouldn’t they? The two that answered the open challenge were none other than Curtis Axel and The Ryback of RybAxel. Each man spoke about how nice it would be to win the tag titles. Nicer than reality, for sure. The two were cut off by Rob Van Dam’s music. RVD came down, bypassing RybAxel, and asked for the match with the Usos. Ryback laughed it off, calling RVD a “singlet stealing, feed me moron.” GOOD ONE! He called him a dummy for challenging for the tag titles by himself. RVD responded by introducing his partner to the ring – SHEAMUS. Sheamus and RVD had a brief shoving match with RybAxel before being interrupted by Corporate Kane. Kane made a triple threat for the tag titles as our Main Event on Main Event.

Video recap: Brock Lesnar challenges John Cena for the World Wrestling Entertainment World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam.

VoicesofWrestling.com - WWE Main Event August 13Seth Rollins defeated Kofi Kingston: @TrueKofi was full on babyface tonight, which seems to further confirm the abandonment of the Xavier Woods bad guy stable he was in for those two weeks. Tom Phillips referenced that WWE Network was now available in more than 170 “countries and territories” now. So if you’re in the formerly entitled Yukon Territory, or Hong Kong, or NWA Central States, you can now subscribe in earnest to the WWE Network. For only $9.99. As for the match, Seth Rollins had control early. Kofi then went all nuts and started hitting Rollins with flying cross bodies and punches and boom drops and whatnot. The onslaught continued as Kofi got a near fall with an SOS. Eventually, Rollins remembered he was in the ring with Kofi Kingston, and flung Kofi into the corner with a Buckle Bomb. Of course, the curb stomp followed, and Seth Rollins got the victory in just under ten minutes. **1/2

Backstage: Renee Young got some time with RVD and Sheamus. Renee called Sheamus an interesting choice as partner. RVD said it’d been a long time since he had championship gold, but it was actually Sheamus who approached him. Sheamus confirmed that he approached RVD to tag up, calling them a yin-yang team. RVD is laid back, and Sheamus loves to fight. Sheamus went to get ready, while RVD awkwardly stayed with Renee, staring at her, as she responded with a polite smile.

Video recap: Brie Bella vs Stephanie McMahon in the semi-main event at SummerSlam.

Promo: Miz TV returns on Smackdown with Roman Reigns as guest.

The Usos defeated RybAxel and Sheamus/RVD: The Usos retained the tag titles in a three-way match when Jimmy Uso pinned Rob Van Dam after a top rope splash. For most of the match, the Usos were kept out of the ring as RybAxel and Sheamus/RVD stuck with the plan of just tagging in their own partners. The Usos would get in occasionally, as they made tags when someone would get sent into their corner. The ending sequence was paced quickly, as most multi-man matches in WWE these days tend to play out.The crowd really got into it, as body after body went tumbling from the ring before eventually leaving RVD and Curtis Axel in alone. RVD went up top to deliver a 5-Star frog splash, but as he went up, he was tagged out by Jimmy Uso. RVD hit the splash on Axel anyway, oblivious to being tagged out. When RVD nailed the move, he sold his hurting ribs, as per usual. Uso took advantage, and hit his own splash on the downed RVD, covering him and pinning him to gain victory. The Usos celebrated in the ring after their victory. RVD and Sheamus showed their respect by shaking hands with the victors as the show went off the air. ***

Final Thoughts:

Sheamus and RVD was a random team, and I know it’s probably too early to blow off a Slater Gator tag shot, but they certainly deserved a shot more than RybAxel and SheDam. RVDeamus? Whatever. It was a nice, easy show that went by quickly. We only had two matches, with the main event lasting about twelve minutes. The two video recap packages of the SummerSlam main events got around fifteen minutes just themselves, so that left little room for more wrestling content. Either way, it was a show that showcased some good wrestling and got over three big matches occurring on the SummerSlam card this Sunday. I’d say tonight’s show was worth $0.71 of the $9.99 folks spent this month for the Network.

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Paul Heyman Vows That Brock Lesnar Will Defeat John Cena:Raw, Aug. 11, 2014