This week on Shake Them Ropes…

Paul Heyman’s new DVD gets reviewed, WWE Raw recap, NJPW G1 thoughts, and the release of Alberto Del Rio make up this week’s edition of Shake Them Ropes. Rob & Jeff discuss all that, plus news on our upcoming episodes. We’re taking calls right now on our Skype line to get your predictions for WWE SummerSlam. If you have something you’d like to get on record, call us at 260.494.3811 or ‘LetsSayThings’ on Skype and leave a voice message that we will play on our SummerSlam roundtable special this Thursday!

Show Notes:

  • 00:00-01:25: Intro
  • 01:25-10:00: Alberto Del Rio Release & Story
  • 10:00-11:00: Jones/Cormier News
  • 11:00-19:05: Paul Heyman DVD Review
  • 19:05-23:20: Brief NJPW G1 Thoughts
  • 23:20-67:40: WWE & Raw
  • 67:40-69:33: Contact Info


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