As I, Taylor C. Mitchell, step onto my WWE soapbox for the third week in a row I am currently watching the special feature for the Paul Heyman Blu-ray that has just recently come out. So, let’s jump into our first topic:

1. “Ladies and Gentleman, My Name is Paul Heyman”

This DVD/Blu-Ray release has been getting rave reviews from every outlet on the internet. It has been sold out of locations in New York and it is the current top selling WWE release. The two-hour documentary that is on the first disc is such a good and well put together documentary, it perfect showcases Heyman’s career from the time he was a 14 year old photographer rubbing elbows with Bill Apter to the time he returned to the WWE to become Brock Lesnar’s advocate breaking the Undertaker’s streak. This documentary is up there with the work WWE did for CM Punk’s DVD/Blu-ray release and Daniel Bryan’s documentary that aired on the WWE Network. It such an easy watch and it is truly inspirational for anyone wanting to get into the wrestling business or just a business venture in general. On recent podcast interviews Paul Heyman talks about how he hates revisiting the past, but one day will release an autobiography. I look forward to this book and will be in line to buy it the day it comes out. PS: Daniel Bryan and Jim Ross will both be releasing autobiographies next year that I will be buying the day they come out.

2.  Alberto Del Rio has been released from the WWE – Wrestlers on thin ice

If you have ever read my Smackdown reviews you know how big of a fan I am of Del Rio. ADR was reportedly released for smacking Cody Barbierri, Social Media Manager for WWE, after Barbierri allegedly made a racist remark about Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio, who has had a history of letting his temper get the best of him, let his temper get the best of him here and it cost him his job. Now, there have been rumors all year that Del Rio wasn’t going to re-sign with the WWE when he contract is up and was upset with not being in the main event spot light anymore. But, I think this is truly an example of how wrestlers are on thin ice these days and with the WWE trying to cut their budget. If this happened to Del Rio last year I bet he would have been suspended for a period of time for this. Nowadays the WWE may have seen this as an opportunity to release a wrestler for a just cause.

3. SummerSlam 2014 Build Up

The WWE had a full card for a PPV booked two weeks before the PPV is to air. That alone is an accomplishment for the WWE. On top of that this PPV looks to be a pretty darn good one. Lesnar vs. Cena looks like it’s going to be a big time WWE match that will deliver. (At the moment of this writing, this match has yet to be given the Brock Lesnar standard No DQ stipulation. Interesting.) Paige vs. AJ Lee should be better than their last PPV match if not just for the simple fact that the heel and babyface roles have been clearly declared at this point. Swagger vs. Rusev in the flag match will be a hot match. It will be interesting to see who goes over in that match. Rollins vs Ambrose will deliver despite the awkward stipulation. Reigns vs Orton gives Reigns an opportunity to stand out as a WWE main eventer, Reigns could also flub up in a potentially bad match which is okay, because at the end of the day this match will be forgotten. And then the feud that has closed Raw the last two weeks, Brie Bella vs. Stephanie. I am okay with this match. The typical WWE spectacle match adds some flavor and variety to a card. I will not be okay with this feud lasting longer and longer, however. There are rumors that Nikki Bella is going to turn heel to continue this feud. I don’t understand the point of that.

4. New NXT stars need to debut fast

The WWE has signed KENTA, Prince Devitt, and Kevin Steen. These three need to debut at or before the next NXT Special “NXT Takeover 2”. This is going to give NXT a much needed new flavor. This is going to give the hardcore fans a reason to re-up their subscription. I would advise the WWE to have KENTA be a Paul Heyman guy. NXT usually films multiple episodes at once, get Heyman to go down to Orlando once in a while to be KENTA’s manager. Heyman is a guy that is going to be able to get KENTA over as a killing machine and if the hardcore fans know they can watch Heyman, KENTA, Steen, and Devitt once a week it is going to make NXT must see TV. Also, the WWE needs to film some highlight packages of KENTA, Devitt, and Steen and showcase them on Raw. Tell fans “You want to see these new awesome superstars? Order the Network for $9.99!”

5. Kazuchika Okada is a prodigy

“But, Taylor! This is a WWE Soapbox! You can’t talk about New Japan!” this is my soapbox and I will talk about whatever I want. I ordered the G1 Climax 24 finals on iPPV this past Sunday morning. It was the first NJPW show I ever watched live and I was not disappointed. I have been moderately followed NJPW through catching matches on YouTube and Daily motion over the last two years with the help of Voices of Wrestling’s excellent coverage. I have seen the majority of Okada’s best matches over those two years and this guy delivers time and time again. He is 26 years old (Just TWO days older than yours truly) and he is already one of the best wrestlers on this planet. Who else at this young of an age has been this good and has delivered this quantity of high profile/highly rated matches than this guy? The next closest guy I can think of is Brock Lesnar’s first WWE run (see I talked about the WWE here!). Lesnar had great matches with Angle, Guerrero, Taker, Big Show etc. I think Okada beats him out, but that is closest I can think of. Please tweet me @LuchaNerd if you can think of another guy!

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