Saturday Morning Breakfast Brawls Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of SMBB with yours truly, Taylor C. Mitchell (@LuchaNerd on Twitter)! This is where you get to take a load off, grab a bowl of Rice Krispy Treat cereal (You read that right, Rice Krispy Treat cereal. It’s like Rice Krispies only with the marshmallowy goodness of a Rice Krispy Treat!) and watch some good ol’ classic wrestling like you could back in the day.

Hakushi vs 123 Kid

Our first match was Hakushi vs. 123 Kid. The match of the two gateways for my own personal pro wrestling exploration. As a kid I was a HUUUGE 123 Kid. I remember jumping out of my seat when Sean Waltman “The Lightning Kid” defeated Razor Ramon in 1993 in the biggest upset I had ever witnessed. Week after week I would watch wrestlers destroy these jobbers and I thought it was another match. Then a moonsault out of nowhere and the ultimate underdog story was created. I was the world’s biggest 123 Kid from then on. I was totally upset when Waltman became Syxx in WCW, and elated when he returned to the WWE as X-Pac. Of course, his run as X-pac was less than stellar. Moving on, once I heard about Sean Waltman reprising his 123 Kid gimmick in Chikara I was sold on Chikara. Chikara was an indie promotion I always wanted to check out, but never had that extra motivation to. Once the reports came out that the 123 Kid put on matches as good as his ’93 – ’95 WWE run and he wrestled one of my favorites, El Generico, I was set and Smart Mark Video had my money for all three nights of King of Trios.

Hakushi was then my gateway in to Michinoku Pro. A promotion with Lucha Libre and Puroresu mixed in with cool comic book flavored gimmicks and spiced with some comedy here and there? SOLD! To those of you that are unfamiliar with MPro, this may sound a little bit like Chikara, Well; MPro was a major influence on Mike Quackenbush when he created Chikara. Its good stuff, check it out on YouTube. If anyone knows of any English websites with extensive reports on Michinoku Pro then let me know, because I have been searching for one for years.

Long story short, Hakushi and 123 Kid rule, and so does this match.

The Barry Darsow Match of the Week
Max Moon vs Repo Man

For those of you that don’t know the story behind Max Moon, it was a gimmick originally made for Konnan, yes, that Konnan. (Bowdy, Bowdy. K-Dawg and all of that nonsense, but don’t forget he was the “Hulk Hogan” of AAA). However, Konnan had a bad attitude and they gave him the boot. Vince McMahon spent money on the Max Moon costume and laser shooters, so he found the next closest guy that could fit in the Max Moon costume, Paul Diamond who traded his Kato mask for a mask that came complete with braids. The worst part of it all was that they wanted Paul Diamond to work his matches like Konnan. This lent to some embarrassing attempts from Paul Diamond to work like a lucahdor, which was idiotic because Paul Diamond was a decent worker all to his own.

Repo Man was such a good gimmick. Darsow put a lone ranger mask on and worked a Frank Gorshin as The Riddler esque persona that repossessed things from wrestlers that didn’t pay their bills. What a heel. Just like the IRS, you don’t pay your taxes and then you boo the man.

The Jobber Match of the Week
The Quebecers vs Mike Davis and Jerry Seavey

What? Mike Davis? The former IU coach that took the Hoosiers to the National Championship after totally upsetting Duke in the Sweet 16 (which I had predicted via my bracket that year, true story) with a team he inherited from the steel chair throwing Bob Knight?! No…. Different Mike Davis.

I always dug the Quebecers. They always had some really cool tag team moves, which you will see showcased here. This is why I am an advocate for jobbers matches. It lends wrestlers opportunities to show off all of their offensive moves. You don’t get that today. A wrestler like David Otunga could have benefited from squashing some jobbers. What’s Otunga’s finisher? Who knows! But, you would if he was squashing jobbers every week, and he probably would have improved in the ring to boot!

Anyhow, the quality of this match isn’t the best, but the audio is what you want to pay attention to anyways. Vince McMahon totally no sells Jerry Lawler’s lame jokes. Ohhhh… some things never change.

The Cruiserweight Match of the Week
Dean Malenko vs Ultimo Dragon

This week you get to watch “Ultimo Dragon” as opposed to “Ultimate Dragon” from last week’s episode of SMBB! Just kidding, it’s the same dude, just without the idiotic WCW typo/sad attempt at rebranding a wrestler because “stupid Americans wouldn’t understand what ‘Ultimo’ means”.

Anyhow, these are two of the greatest technical wrestlers of all-time and you get to watch some of Chris Jericho’s classic shtick from his forgotten WCW days.

Oh! And speaking of Michnoku Pro, Ultimo Dragon wrestled there too! Yea! Hakushi, Ultimo Dragon, The Great Sasuke, Taka Michinoku, Dick Togo, and Gran Hamada! Sigh….MPro was great.

The Saturday Morning Breakfast Brawls Main Event of the Week
Bret Hart vs Papa Shango

Bret Hart was always did some of his best work when he was working with a bigger wrestler. Whether it be Diesel, Sid, Papa Shango, Yokozuna, etc., he would sell his butt off to make them look like a million bucks and no one could chop down a big man like Bret Hart. The offense Hart would use against big men was so believable; you could totally get behind him as the underdog. I bet Bret Hart could’ve given The Great Khali the best match of his career and I would bet the house on it.

Also, what a great freaking gimmick was Papa Shango? I was terrified of this guy as a kid. He awesome. His entrance, his vignettes, his move set. The whole thing. Easily Charles Wright’s best gimmick.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of Saturday Morning’s Breakfast Brawls! If you have a match that you think fits the style of SMBB and you want to see make it to the next episode of SMBB then tweet us with the hashtag #VOWSMBB: