WWE Main Event
WWE Network
Laredo, TX
August 5, 2014
Episode 97

Welcome to WWE Main Event on Voices of Wrestling! On tonight’s show, we’ll see babyfaces in heel roles, heels in babyface roles, flags being waved all over the place, and the return of AJ Punk. But first, we start with Alberto Del Rio serving as interim GM of Main Event!

Alberto Del Rio changes tonight’s card: Eden kicked off tonight’s episode by introducing Alberto Del Rio, along with the flag of Mexico, to the ring for our opening match. Keep in mind, she specifically introduced him for a match. Del Rio decided that, before his match, he would speak to the people in Spanish. The crowd cheered him on, although I don’t know what he said. As they were in Laredo, which is on the US-Mexico border, the people quite enjoyed Del Rio’s spanish language promo. When he finished, The Real American’s music hit, bringing out Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, along with the American flag. Swagger wore his new shirt, which still features the handprint, but not colored in red, white, and blue. Zeb spoke about Del Rio speaking a foreign language, saying he may as well be in Mexico. The crowd was booing Zeb, which startled him, so he said “I didn’t mean to make anyone mad, I’m just stating facts.” Del Rio, with the crowd behind him, challenged Swagger to a match tonight. Zeb accepted, and we now had a main event. We did not, however, have an opening match. Who was Del Rio’s opponent going to be!? Since when did Del Rio gain booking power!? What portion of the $9.99 per month for the WWE Network was I screwed out of by not getting a possible Alberto Del Rio vs Diego match tonight!?

VoicesofWrestling.com - WWE Main Event August 5Slater Gator vs Goldust & Stardust: Heath Slater pinned Goldust. WINNING STREAK FOR SLATER! Not much of a match, but certainly an ending I didn’t expect. All those videos hyping up the ‘Dusts search for the cosmic key (tag titles), and they just lose in their second match back, on Main Event no less. The tag division is hot? I guess. The finish was a little wonky, if only for the fact that Stardust looked really stupid. Stardust, the non-legal man, rushed into the ring to hit Titus as Goldust and Heath were legal. The referee stayed with Cody to send him back to his own corner, allowing Titus to knock out Goldust and allow Heath to get the pinfall. I give this match 1/2 of a Luis Suárez bite, out of a possible 3 bites.

We got a video package hyping up the SummerSlam main event between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon.

AJ Lee vs Summer Rae: AJ submitted Summer to the Black Widow. A huge CM Punk chant as the match began. AJ Lee was playing up a neck injury during the match, as the announcers put over Paige’s attack last week on Smackdown. Summer had offense pretty much the whole way through, but AJ locked in Black Widow in the end to get the win in another quick match. I give this 1 Suárez bite.

After the match, Tom Phillips asked AJ, in the ring, about her match at SummerSlam. AJ compared her story with Paige to a fairytale, but she was cut off by Paige. Paige said she was thrilled to see AJ back on her feet again. She respects AJ, and loves her. AJ rebutted that this isn’t Paige’s House, but rather AJ’s Kingdom. The title match is on for SummerSlam!

The Brock Lesnar-John Cena sit downs from Raw were highlighted again. Brock smash.

Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio: Jack Swagger tapped Del Rio with the Patriot Lock in about ten minutes. This was actually a rather exciting match, especially the final sequences. There were a lot of nearfalls, with Del Rio locking in the arm breaker and Swagger teasing the ankle lock. In the end, Swagger gets the win because he’s the one on the PPV. The crowd was split during the match, but I’d say Del Rio was the slightly favored fellow. After the bout, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger celebrated with the US flag in the ring to close out the show. I give this 1 and 3/4 bites from fūtbol star Luis Suárez.

Final Thoughts:

This was the weakest Main Event episode since I started writing the recaps for VoW. Now, of course, that only covers the last six or so shows. The main event was good, while everything else was just there. I love Paige in her heel role, which is the role I’ve been calling for ever since she debuted. It’s night and day between her face and heel work. The whole reason for Stardust’s gimmick in the first place was killed dead tonight, so I don’t see a reason to continue the experiment. Logic never stopped WWE before, I’m sure it won’t now.

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