WWE NXT – Episode 233
July 31, 2014
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Renee Young and Byron Saxton

The story of last week’s show was unfortunately the dead Full Sail University crowd.  The prevailing thought was this crowd was struggling to stay awake after sitting through four NXT episode tapings. WWE took note and NXT will only be recorded in three-episode chunks which is a great change. Let’s not waste time, let’s get to the review!

Tyler Breeze vs. Angelo Dawkins: Breeze has his wrist taped slightly but not the same soft cast he had before. Oh wait, Beauty Show and it’s over. That was QUICK. Nice day of work for Dawkins I guess. NR

Breeze tosses Dawkins to the outside post-match. Breeze grabs the mic and starts off saying by “That was annoying.” I enjoyed that greatly. We then get a recap video of Breeze screwing Adrian Neville out of his match last week against Rusev. Breeze also announces he’s submitted his music video for OSCAR nominations in the Best Documentary category. Fingers crossed for Tyler!

Breeze says we’re going to watch his music video again but he’s cut off by Adrian Neville who challenges him to a match. Breeze scoffs so Neville claims he gets SnapChats from Breeze’s mom which infuriates Breeze. They brawl for a bit but Neville tosses him out of the ring. Still no word on their upcoming match but you’d have to imagine it’ll be the main event at the next big NXT special.

JoJo Offerman (!) in the back interviewing Natalya who says she loves Adam Rose’s gimmick but she’s interrupted by Tyson Kidd who issues a challenge to Adam Rose tonight: “…If he has the Rose Buds to face me.”

Back from commercial, Tom Phillips announces a brand-new NXT Tag Team Champion tournament starting next week.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch: Becky has completely new music and new mannerisms not unlike a standard Lita entrance. Thank god they got rid of the jigging and stereotypical Irish music. Kudos to WWE for not relying on tired old tropes. The two start with a quick lock up and trade some offense. Lynch bridges out of a headlock attempt by Charlotte. Becky hits a nice springboard back-kick to Charlotte in the corner, really solid back and forth action thus far. Dragon Screw from Charlotte as she begins working on the knee of Becky. Charlotte continues driving into the leg of Lynchand goes for a quick pin but only gets two. Goes for another cover and only gets two. Charlotte attempts to step down onto the leg of Lynch but Lynch turns the tables with a nice series of reversals. Charlotte is too much though as she hits the Bow Down to the Queen and puts away Lynch. This was a really good sprint and bodes well for the future of Lynch now that she’s rid herself of the Irish stereotypes. **1/2

“JOJO WHAT’S UP?” “How’s it going Mojo?!” Kill me. Mojo says he needs a new tag partner and says it doesn’t matter who it is, it can even be JoJo (I’d be into this). Bull Dempsey walks into frame and apparently we have a new tag team in NXT. One that I imagine was only created to give me high-blood pressure. I’ve made my feelings about both Bull and Mojo well known but I think I’m okay with them being a team. The way I look at it, we can get it out of the way in one match so why not. It’s also a fairly fun “mis-matched” team so it could lend itself to entertaining interactions. Hey, I’m trying to look on the bright side here.

The Ascension vs. Steve Cutler & Mac Miles: Me thinks this isn’t going to go well for Mac and the former United States Marine Steve Cutler. Ascension with some early double teams including a huge double shoulder block to Cutler. I don’t love these guys in-ring work but I love classic squash matches and these guys get over in front of the NXT crowd. They never lose, they never look weak, it’s how dominant tag teams should be booked. Oh yeah, Cutler gets destroyed by a Fall of Man and The Ascension wins. Mac Miles couldn’t even get a tag! *1/2

Mojo Rawley & Bull Dempsey vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder: They got to a section with four dudes wearing Mojo Rawley shirts and jumping like mad men. I’ll say this: I saw them walk into this section during the last match, NOT saying they are plants but, well, nevermind I am. NXT debut of The Mechanics, Dawson was a regular months ago but this is his first match back from injury while Wilder makes his in-ring debut. Some back and forth to start us off, as the two teams work rest holds. Dawson and Wilder work some quick tags but Mojo spears Dawson into the corner and makes a tag to Dempsey. Bull immediately knocks Wilder off the apron, hits The Throwback to Dawson and the new team gets a quick victory. 1/2*

Adam Rose vs. Tyson Kidd: Quick back and forth to start off, Rose goes to the outside and gives his lolly to Natalya who not only takes it but puts it in her mouth. Kidd is not amused. Finally back in the ring, Rose starts working some nice offense on Kidd with a solid snap suplex but only gets a one. Rose with another series of ground attacks including a jumping knee but he only gets a two. Back to the outside, Rose launches Rose face first to the apron, baseball slide to Kidd and of course since one guy is outside and another is in the ring, we’re going to commercial!

Back from commercial Kidd reverses an irish whip and launches Rose to the outside. Kidd continues the assault and launches Rose into the ring post and rolls him back in for a two count. Kidd has been surprisingly grounded all match focusing on ground work and some impactful strong-style moves, it’s a nice change and better suits him as the psycho heel. We get our first (this may be an NXT record) side headlock of the night from Kidd but Rose reverses it into a back suplex. Rose with a series of clotheslines, Spinebuster from Rose but Tyson kicks out at two! This is already the best match I’ve ever seen from Rose who’s really getting the crowd behind him. Party Foul attempt by Rose but Kidd reverses it into a Sharpshooter attempt. Rose is able to avoid it and get to the outside. With Rose on the floor, Kidd hits a huge heel kick to the face of Rose and rolls him back into the ring. Out of absolutely nowhere, Rose rolls up Kidd and gets the victory! This was a really awesome main event even though the ending came out of nowhere. Easily the best match of Rose’s career and Kidd continues to thrive in the heel role. ***

Final Thoughts: 

One of the better NXT episodes in recent memory, some entertaining but worthwhile squash matches to start us off and a great main event between Adam Rose and Tyson Kidd, I’d even rank it better than the Neville/Kidd matches. We also got an awesome women’s match between the newly non-stereotyped Becky Lynch and the always impressive Charlotte. Give this one a watch.