WWE Main Event
WWE Network
Fayetteville, NC
July 15, 2014

It’s a special night tonight on Main Event on the WWE Network. We’re fresh off the heels of a Free Trial period for the Network, one that has caused controversy like you would not believe! Seriously, you wouldn’t believe it. Because it is ridiculous, the firestorm of words that have been written about it. Tonight, Miz TV is live on the Network. If you failed to subscribe, you’re missing out!

Miz TV w/ An Announcement: International superstar of ring and screen, The Miz, came out to open the show with Miz TV. Miz said he had a special announcement, much like LeBron James. So, of course, he read a letter that mocked LeBron James’ SI letter from the weekend, in which the star announced his decision to go to Cleveland. Here, Miz said he was leaving Cleveland and never looking back. Where is he going? Hollywood, duh. Miz said he is not just some kid from Northeast Ohio. He’s the Miz, he’s now from Hollywood, and he’s a star! Sheamus’ music interrupted, and the US Champion paced to the ring to be the surprise, and uninvited guest, on Miz TV. Sheamus told Miz to go west, past Hollywood, and straight into the Pacific Ocean. Miz called Sheamus jealous of the moneymaker, a term for Miz’s face that only took five seconds to become overused. Sheamus said he’d kick the moneymaker off Miz’s shoulders on Sunday, then tried to do it in the ring but Miz ducked and bailed. Sheamus stood tall in the ring while his music played, with Miz on the ramp looking as if he’d just escaped certain death.

OMG IT’S EMMA vs Cameron: Emma pinned Cameron with an inside cradle. Naomi joined commentary, very disappointed with Cameron’s recent behavior. Naomi said she’s lost sleep over Cameron’s actions, but she is looking to avenge her hurt this Sunday in her battle with Cameron. Tom Phillips hyped up the match being on the Kick Off show to Battleground, and it is indeed available in a million different places outside of WWE Network. As for the match, Cameron was super cocky, and rightfully so, seeing as how she’s thebomb.com. She’d lock in submissions on Emma, and stare at Naomi at ringside. Her cockiness got the best of her, though, as Emma played Cameron’s lack of focus into a pinfall victory. Naomi cheered on Emma’s win, but when Cameron attacked her opponent from behind after the bell, Naomi ran in for the save as we lead into Cameron vs Naomi at Battleground.

Kofi Kingston & Big E vs RybAxel: Kofi Kingston pinned Curtis Axel after Trouble in Paradise. A bunch of former Intercontinental champions in this one. Hey, did you know there’s a battle royal on Sunday to determine the next one? WATCH IT. Or don’t. Your call. Tom Phillips reminded us that Ryback was the one who put Kofi Kingston through three tables to cause elbow surgery that kept Kofi out of action for months. I have very little recollection of this, so good on you, Tom. The finish saw Ryback going for the Shellshock on Kofi, but Big E clotheslined him after Kofi escaped. Kofi then hit the Trouble in Paradise on Curtis Axel to get the pinfall win in this lengthy, solid tag team mid-show clash.

I know Cesaro seems to be everyone’s favorite for the Intercontinental Championship battle royal this Sunday, with some even claiming to know he’s the planned winner, but I just don’t see it. They’ve got him in some kind of mini-feud with Big E and Kofi Kingston. They just took Paul Heyman away from him (maybe for now, maybe forever). Plus, I find many other possible strong contenders. Guys like Bo Dallas, Sheamus to combine the titles, Dolph Ziggler, or even The Miz. I’d probably say The Miz is my favorite right now. Leading into SummerSlam in LA, it makes the most sense to me.

Tom Phillips segued into a replay of the Sting 2K15 ad.

Backstage: Renee Young asked Miz about his thoughts going into the Main Event. Miz again called Sheamus jealous. He went into his Hollywood credits, and told us that he’d put his money on The Miz tonight and at Battleground.

VoicesofWrestling.com - WWE Main Event July 15The Miz vs Sheamus in the MAIN EVENT: Sheamus pinned The Miz with a schoolboy. This match began with, thankfully, only 8 minutes left in the show. Let’s just say that a 10+ minute Sheamus/Miz match is not my idea of a fun time. Miz was protecting his face during the match. Sadly, unlike Raw, Miz did not put up a photo of his face on the Tron for the bout. I thought that was the only redeeming thing in this whole gimmick right now. Tyler Breeze is better off for it, though. During the match, Sheamus was targeting Miz’s face on moves like the Ten Beats. So this match had a story. Woohoo! Miz’s constant protection of his face backfired for the finish, however. Sheamus went for the Brogue kick, Miz ducked and covered his face, thus allowing Sheamus to schoolboy him for the pin.

Sheamus gets his win back, and we head right into the IC Battle Royal at Battleground!

Final Thoughts:

This was a show. Much like last week’s episode, this was the hour long Intercontinental Championship Battleground Battle Royal infomercial with a sprinkle of Funkadactyls mixed in. If you’re on the fence on whether or not to go find this show On Demand and view it, I’d say don’t bother. Go watch a Raw from 2000 on the Network instead. Oh, nevermind, I’m told that you can’t.

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