After subbing for Rich with the NXT review this week, and actually receiving feedback from readers, I now know what it’s like to write a review people actually read! The downside, is that the NXT fans were not pleased with my cranky take on the current NXT scene. Click the link and check it out for yourself.

Speaking of NXT, the best thing going on NXT, and in my opinion the best thing going in WWE period, Tyson Kidd, was set to make a rare Superstars appearance this week, which both had me hyped, and also curious if his NXT heel gimmick would be carried over to the main roster.

Also, as usual, we get the great Titus O’Neil.

Let’s do this.

1. Adam Rose vs Titus O’Neil – This was pushed as a rematch from three weeks ago on Smackdown. Any sort of continuity going back further than one week, especially on the deep undercard, is always welcomed when watching WWE. The piped in heat was very egregious during this match, to the point it was distracting. Titus dominated the early going, including an awesome looking hanging backbreaker. Rose took control, and channeled both Erick Stevens & X-Pac in one fell swoop, with his CHOO! CHOO! Bronco Buster. Do you think they have ROH tapes at the Performance Center? I bet they do. Regal & Naylor supplied them. Titus regained control, but as he charged the corner, Rose lifted the boots. Rose then scored the flash pin and partied with Special K. This wasn’t much of a match, but that’s not really the idea with Rose’s act. *

Time for some RAW stuff. I’m writing this review at 2am, so suffice to say, this is getting skipped.

Next is Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose from RAW. Check out Bryan Rose’s review for the breakdown of that.

2. Tyson Kidd vs Michael McGillicutty – Kidd came down to the ring hand in hand with Natalya, to a pretty strong babyface reaction. I wonder how many of the 8,000 or so fans in the arena subscribe to the Network, and of the ones who do, I wonder how many watch NXT on a weekly basis. I bet the number is tiny. Axel was trying to wrestle this man, but Kidd was one step ahead with reversals and such, so Axel decided to fight dirty. This was a better strategy, until he tried to toss Kidd over the top rope. Kidd skinned the cat, and flung the surprised Axel over the top instead. Man on the outside? COMMERCIAL! Axel takes control after the break. The announcers to this point have made no mention of Kidd’s heel antics or shaky relationship with Natalya on NXT. In fact, they are putting him over strong as a face. Axel uses a reverse chin lock to ground Kidd. In the age of MMA, things like reverse chin locks, bear hugs, and nerve holds need to go away. Use something that people perceive as realistic & dangerous when you go to a rest hold. Anyway, from there this thing develops into a nice little house show style match, with Axel cutting off hope spots. Kidd tried his WWECW springboard elbow drop finish, but Axel got the knees up and hit an Ace cutter for the win. Creative finish. Natalya consoled Kidd after the loss, and again there was no mention of the NXT happenings between these two or any sign of heel mannerisms from Kidd. So apparently stuff that happens on NXT doesn’t count, or takes place in an alternate universe. Good match. **3/4

More RAW stuff.

In summary, Tyson Kidd continues his run of fun stuff, even if they ignored his awesome NXT program. I strongly suggest watching the last month or so of NXT to anybody reading this who hasn’t been watching. Titus O’Neil continues to be wasted, but hey, at least they’ve kept him on TV.

One more plug. I started up a new review series this week, clumsily titled “Lanza Reviews Ten Random Matches”, where I take a look at ten (sort of) randomly chosen bouts from all over the world. If you dig my review style, I think you’ll like it, so check it out.