Welcome to our belated Superstars coverage, a few days late due to site issues and some other real life commitments.

On this edition, we get the return of Superstars MVP Titus O’Neil, and the debut of new color commentator Renee Young.

Let’s talk about Renee Young. She’s sure gotten a ton of praise since joining the company for essentially just standing there with a mic and being no different than any of the other pretty women in the seemingly endless parade of pretty women who do RAW backstage “interviews”. I’ve always been baffled as to why people think she’s so good in that role. Mean Gene Okerlund she ‘aint, and i’m not even sure she’s Josh Matthews or Jonathan Coachman. She’s being hyped as the first woman to do color commentary in the WWE, and I guess that’s cool, even if i’m not sure if it’s entirely true (didn’t Lita do color?). But the bottom line is this. If she isn’t drastically better than she was on NXT (where she wasn’t very good), she’ll just be another terrible WWE commentator. Here’s hoping she breaks that mold, and finds a way to be good at a job that is very hard to be good at with Vince (over) producing people in his image. And here’s also hoping people stop heaping praise on her for no discernible reason other than “she’s pretty!”.

1.  Big E Not Langston vs Titus O’Neil – These two dudes had a series of really cool matches on this very show about a month ago, so I was very excited for this. I talk a lot about how great Titus has been in 2014, but how about Big E? I wondered both here and on the VOW podcast where his career might be headed after dropping the IC title, but he’s been much better since losing it, especially his stuff against Titus & Rusev. In fact, I thought the Rusev match was the best match on the Money in the Bank show. Anyway, as far as HOSS BATTLES go, this match was nothing special and well below the level of the previous Big E/Titus bouts (and a million levels below the Big E/Rusev matches). I still liked it, and it’s good to have Titus back on Superstars after a brief hiatus. Now let’s work on getting this guy a push, ok? **

Next we get the AJ Lee Diva’s title victory over Paige, and an exclusive backstage interview. AJ came off like a babyface in the match, which isn’t surprising since Paige has been booked like poop and really hasn’t gotten over, but she was in full delusional crazy heel mode in the interview. I’d like to see a long match between AJ & Paige, because I think it could be really good, but that isn’t going to happen on RAW or a PPV, so our only hope is if they decide to do it at Full Sail, which is the clear hot spot for good Diva’s matches these days.

2. R-Truth (w/Xavier Woods) vs Alberto Del Rio – No disrespect to the mid carders who work hard on this show every week, but a Superstars appearance is not a good look for the career of Alberto Del Rio. Some people really like Del Rio, but i’m not one of them. I think he’s a bore. Truth did a funky penis thrust taunt that made me immediately want to dust off my copy of Fire Pro Wrestling to see if it’s included in the game so I can do it over & over like a 12 year old. We go to commercial, and when we come back ADR has Truth in the requisite commercial break reverse chin lock. A couple of months ago, they took a commercial break during a battle royal on RAW, and I thought it would have been funny if when they came back there were seven simultaneous reverse chin locks going on. No? Nothing? Whatever, I thought it was funny. Hey, Vince McMahon likes fart jokes, Anthony Cumia dabbles in racism & misogyny for laughs, and dry humor is my jam. Speaking of dry, ADR won this dry match with a cross arm breaker. Even if it was good, I just can’t get into ADR. **

RAW stuff. Words can not express how tired I am of heel authority figures, no matter how good Steph is at being the PTA mom that everybody hates. RAW’s entire presentation is stale and has not changed for a decade plus. Same stage, same heel authority figure shit, same backstage vignettes, same awful commentary, same pacing, same cadence, and even the same guy on top. About the only thing that has changed with RAW is we now get an extra hour of the same old shit. RAW (and Smackdown) desperately needs a fresh coat of paint, but according to the epic Alex Greenfield scorched Earth rant on Kevin Dunn last week, that is probably not going to happen until Dunn is gone. And Dunn isn’t going anywhere if Vince is breathing.

Come for the Superstars review, stay for the off topic rants. See you next week.