Layla defeats  Summer Rae 

Rich: Oh, well that, hmm… Are we sure that was it? I heard a guy ordering a Super Rope in the 300-level. They devoted all that time to stupid backstage skits and nobody gave two shits about this match. I’m not even sure who’s the heel and who’s the face. Just awful. DUD

Larry:  There is not a single person on planet earth that gives an iota of a fuck about this match…but the pre-match cat fight has references to Layla’s Bewbs and Summer Rae’s legs.  They just wrote my review for me…and now I suddenly care.  Loved all of the suggestive innuendo here too!  This is what a Divas match should be. DUD

Taylor: Francine and Dawn Marie had better cat fights than this. Because that is all this was. An ECW styled cat fight sans Joey Styles shrieking voice. Except of course for the awkward Indian Deathlock Layla busted out in the middle of the match. Awkward, because it was the only wrestling move in this match. ¼*

Bryan Rose: Do any more words need to be said other than it sucked? At least they put it on the right slot in this match. Favorite part was after this match when they played Laycool’s old music for like a full 30 seconds before realizing that’s not her music anymore, stopping it, then playing Fandango’s music. DUD - WWE Money in the Bank 2014BJ: Wait, we’re no longer calling the move “the indian death lock”? I’m sure that’s Vince McMahon in the back going, “Ha ha! I’m sticking it to the NFL! Ha ha! Now watch me drink this jar of urine? What? Shut up. I can do it. Then I’ll make you drink my piss for questioning me. Fuck you.” Wait, what am I talking about? Oh, right. Poor Layla. I mean I know she won, but she’s no longer a character. She’s now just an extension of Fandango, and this match was a bummer because both her and Summer can wrestle. But instead, we got a really crappy PG “catfight”. As Jeff Winger once said in his quest to collect Meow Meow Beans, “Women are objects!” Because clearly that’s what I got from this match.

Blake:  I 100 percent thought this was all done to set up a face saving Summer. If it wasn’t leading to that, or anything else, and the wrestling wasn’t even average, what was the point? Even if you hate it, this had storyline potential…and nothing. No Fandango preference, no interference, no drama. I’m too drunk to not get sleepy through that. DUD-DUD Dud-dud-duud-dud Dud-Dud Dud Dud…Duuuuud-Dud-Dud-Dud

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match – John Cena defeats Kane, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

Rich: This is a match that really didn’t need to be a ladder match, honestly it may have been better suited as a scramble match as I thought the ladder hurt some of the physchology. There weren’t any of your typical Money in the Bank spotty guys, so it ended up just being a knock-down, drag-out brawl that had some ladders around it. The crowd wasn’t into it whatsoever which was interesting. Orton woke the crowd up from their slumber with an amazing RKO but otherwise the crowd simply never got into it. I didn’t really either so I can’t blame them. People routinely complain about the typical “wait on the outside until my spot” portion of ladder matches, this may have been the worst I’ve ever seen. I legit can’t remember a single thing Del Rio did and Cena was a ghost for the first 20 minutes or so. I’m nitpicking just because I usually love these matches but this may have been the worst Money in the Bank I’ve ever seen. The winner, well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Cena is their security blanket and desperate times lead towards people clutching their blankey. The biggest issue with this match is very few people stood out, Bray Wyatt, a guy presumably on the rise seeemd like a total non-factor. Cesaro and Sheamus made their precense felt and Orton felt like apart of it all but the others, not really. This wasn’t my cup of tea, though I’m sure some will love it. **3/4

Larry:  My sportsbook closed Money In The Bank wagers with Kane the favorite to win 1/3.  Please God…no.  This match is truly boring.  Outside of Cesaro, I don’t currently dig any of these guys.  There isn’t anyone that will take super crazy bumps.  There isn’t anyone that will take super crazy flippy-dos either.  I have no idea why Del Rio is in the match.  Poorly constructed roster for it.  Anyway…The crowd truly gave no fucks about this match until Bray Wyatt Sister Abigail’s Orton, which was three quarters of the way in.  The crowd picks up mildly by the end.  Cena AA’s Orton and Kane before he runs up the ladder and wins his 15th World Title.  At least it wasn’t Kane!  This match was average at best, boring at worst.  With all that said…the right guy won.  SPOILER ALERT: Cena-Lesnar at SummerSlam.  Lesnar wins.  Sets up for the Lesnar-Bryan match down the road. **3/4

Taylor: This match really benefited from the unpredictability and the drama of “Who’s going to win?”. If you took the talent of the first ladder match and mixed it with the unpredictability of this match you would have the perfect Money in the Bank match. The shining moment was when Roman Reigns turned into an action movie star and took everyone out. I was really pushing for him at this point. A Cena vs. Lesnar WWE title match does nothing for me. If Lesnar has to fight the champ, then I would have preferred Cesaro to win, but we all know that wasn’t ever going to happen. This match was a good solid money in the bank match. ****

Bryan: This was a great match and I thought it was better in some aspects than the briefcase match. No, there wasn’t a ton of crazy spots like in the previous match. But they worked around that, still used some effective ladder spots, and made the match pretty great. The crowd wasn’t into it for the most part, and yeah most of the start was ok at most, but turned into a really great bout towards the end with all the teases. The Cesaro RKO spot was really cool. John Cena winning is fine. That is their new plan for SummerSlam, for him to headline against Lesnar. Quit crying about it. ****1/4

BJ: Listen, you knew Cena was going to win this match, so I gave it one star for being anti-climatic. I was hoping Ambrose would show up at least and take out Kane, which would have been interesting, but instead we got a lot of the same thing we saw in the other ladder match: People hanging out, waiting for their spot, and then hanging out some more. I enjoyed Cesaro’s bits that he did in the match, but honestly that was kind of it. I’m trying to find something to be positive about, but I honestly don’t have it. LOLCENAWINS. How’s that? I’ve always wanted a reason to write that, and now I got it. *

Blake: The psychology of ladder matches is often thrown out the window for dramatic purposes, but there were two notes worth mentioning, both involving Infinity-Time Champion John Cena: first, Cena intentionally strolled out of the ring with two men fighting atop the ladder; then, Cena repositioned the ladder after the cool Cesaro-Sheamus spot, positioning them both with a better chance to grab the belts. Those things may get ignored by many but when you do notice, they look ridiculous. Of course, those won’t be the complaints from most, after Cena won yet again. We’ll have to see where the booking goes from here to evaluate that decision properly, but this match was decent regardless. Reigns might be the best house-afire guy going right now, and Orton’s RKO on Cesaro was awesome. The ending was also somewhat of a surprise given the extreme behavior by oddsmakers earlier in the day (swinging late to heavily favor Kane). That said, it also managed to feel a bit paint-by-numbers, which is fine because it was entertaining but means it’s not a blow-away match or anything. All said, this was pretty average. ***