WWE NXT – Episode 227
June 19, 2014

Welcome back to the Voices of Wrestling NXT review, to the best of my knowledge nothing is announced for this week’s show but the past few episodes have been super entertaining and I have no reason to believe tonight’s show won’t be. We start off with an awesome recap video about last week’s main event between Adrian Neville and Tyson Kidd.

Next, JBL and Natalya are backstage at Raw with Natalya suggesting JBL put Sami Zayn and Kidd together in a tag team. This will help Kidd get his confidence back and get him on the winning track. JBL mumbles something then looks off to the side and wonders when he can go away. Please find someone else to be the NXT “GM” if you need one at all (hint: you don’t).

Sasha Banks (w/ Summer Rae and Charlotte) vs. Alexa Bliss: I lied, I knew this match would be on this week’s show. I initially didn’t like the Fairy gimmick (it’s a fairy, as someone pointed out to me on very angrily on Twitter) but it’s starting to grow on me. The music is pretty horrendous but I guess it fits. We’re reminded of the issues between the BFFs as they shove each other on the way to the ring. Sasha and Charlotte are in particular fed up with Summer Rae who is now a big movie and television star.

VoicesofWrestling.com - WWE NXT June 19Good exchange to start us off, Bliss goes for a spinning arm drag but doesn’t hit it exactly, she follows with a mediocre dropkick, an odd monkey flip then a botch that I’m not even sure what it was supposed to be. Bliss is really green (true Wrestling Observer Rookie of the Year contender) and it showed here. Spinning backbreaker by Banks who starts slowing down and controlling the match. Good looking surfboard by Banks and she rocks Bliss back and forth. Banks is working Bliss over as Summer and Charlotte fight for who stands closer to the ring (seriously). Banks tries to tell them to stop but Bliss comes from behind with a roll-up for the 1-2-3. The BFFs shove each other on the outside as we go to the back. *1/4

Natalya and Tyson Kidd are arguing backstage. I enjoyed this initially but now they are just an annoying bickering couple that you are out to dinner with. You poke at your food for a few minutes hoping it will stop but they keep pushing each other’s buttons. You try to say something cute to break it up and it does temporarily, you have a drink or two, talk about sports or something to get them off the trail. Something sets them off again and it’s back to the beginning. Not speaking from personal experience or anything.

Vignette with an old school reel effect with Simon Gotch (who debuted last week as the caveman) and Aiden English. The guys at Olde Wrestling can’t be happy about this. It’s a cool gimmick though I’m not sure it will translate to the main stage.

Oh no. No, no, no, NOOOOO! It’s time to get hyped and you know what that means… Mojo Rawley.

Mojo Rawley vs. Garrett Dylan: Tom Phillips describes Garrett Dylan as a “durable wrestler”, I don’t know what that means. I couldn’t find much on Dylan, he wrestled one match in 2009 for VPW in California and has been a WWE/FCW/NXT guy ever since. He’s 6’1 around 250lbs and wears brown trunks and has an uncanny Curtis Axel-esque look to him. (It was pointed out to me via comments and Twitter that Dylan’s real name is Jody Kristofferson and he’s the son of famed country legend and actor Kris Kristofferson. This begs the question: a) why does that matter because we know a big reason why he was signed was because of that and b) if it’s a big deal that he’s his son, why don’t you utilize that in some way other than being a generic guy named Garrett Dylan. This is the stuff that keeps me up at night)

Anyway, I guess I have to actually watch this Mojo match. Dylan has a piggy on the back of his trunks, that’s pretty sweet. I think he needs to come out with a pig next week, Vince will love it and someone else can be backdropped into pig feces with an open wound again. He starts clubbing at the back of Mojo, backbreaker and a choke in the ropes. Please tell me he’s going to beat Mojo (he won’t). Abdominal stretch by Dylan who still looks super green and is really just doing the basics. Mojo reverses it with an armdrag. Dylan goes for a clothesline but Mojo blocks him and starts punching at Dylan. Phillips mentions Mojo was a former NFL football star and that seems a bit dubious:


Let’s no go crazy throwing around “star”, Tom. Anyway, Stinger Splash by Mojo and another… Flying Butt Smash (does this thing have a name), Hyper drive and it’s over. There wasn’t much here. *1/2

Kidd and Sami Zayn are in the back, Zayn is trying to level with Kidd saying they need to redeem themselves. Kidd agrees and says it’s a restart. I think I’ll enjoy this tag team.

Tyler Breeze has entered the building, why does this fuck show up so late?

Old school video effect is back and it’s Aiden English and Simon Gotch — The Vaudevillains. I’m so into this. The video effect (low frames per second, scratches on the film) this is incredible. The crowd chants “Yes!” I agree smarky NXT crowd, I agree.

The Vaudevillains vs. Angelo Dawkins/Travis Tyler: Simon Gotch is the former Ryan Drago from Metro Pro and is definitely into this vaudevillian strongman character with the full curly mustache. Huzzah! The Vaudevillains  get on the offense early controlling Travis Tyler in the corner. Gotch grabs Travis’ arm and starts doing some Hindu Squats, nice old school lifting here. It’s key for him to not wrestler like just another indie guy and this is a good start. He’s working a slow, low-impact style and that fits the character perfectly. Flying senton from Aiden English and it’s over just like that. Nice day at work for Angelo Dawkins, who never got in the match. I’m into this tag team, I hope it keeps going. I don’t think it’ll ever translate on the major stage but I hope I’m wrong.  **

Oh, hi Devin Taylor! She’s interviewing Big Cass Colin Cassady, she comes up to his elbow and I’m pretty upset because that means less Devin. Cassady starts signing “That’s Amore” which I’m guessing means he’s teaming with Enzo Amore soon, I think. (I looked at spoilers, it’s true).

Woah, back-to-back Devin Taylor segments but this time she’s interview Rob Van Dam! Huh? RVD is checking out the talent and puts over Adrian Neville huge. Mr. Monday Night is going to be Mr. Thursday Night, his words, not mine.

Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze: First singles match for Kalisto who according to sources will be flying solo or teaming with Sin Cara going forward. El Local did not look good at NXT Takeover and the office has recognized this. No tears from me, no matter who Kalisto is with, I’m sure he’s going to get over. I’m telling you that mask is going to be a merchandise gold. Side headlock by Breeze, he’s shot off the ropes by Kalisto. Headlock takeover and Breeze continues to keep Kalisto grounded. The crowd is silent except for one little kid who chanted, “This is awesome!” That was awesome, smark in training. Kalisto gets up, shoots Breeze off the ropes but it caught in another headlock by Breeze. He’s been watching his Randy Orton tapes. Kalisto finally breaks free and throws Breeze to the outside with a headscissors, fake plancha by Kalisto, Breeze dives out of the way and Kalisto gets the crowd to chant “LUCHA!” as we go to commercial.

Literally one second later, we’re back from commercial (why do they do this?) Anyway, we come back with Breeze back on the offense. You guessed it: headlock. Kalisto gets on the offense briefly but is locked in, yes, another headlock, well technically, a front facelock. Kalisto finally breaks free and hits a springboard cross body and both men are down. Kalisto is selling his fatigue so he can’t capitalize. They both get up at 9.9 and start trading punches. Small package by Kalisto, NOPE, quick spin kick by Kalisto but he only gets the two. Beauty Shot out of nowhere by Breeze and it’s over. Wow, that wasn’t nearly as good as I had hoped. It wasn’t bad but I was hoping for more of a showcase out of Kalisto. It’s cool though, Breeze is the man getting pushed now, Kalisto will get his time. I complained about the headlocks but they made sense here, Breeze wanted to keep Kalisto grounded and he did just that. Doesn’t mean I liked it though. **3/4

RVD vs. Adrian Neville next week presumably for the NXT Title

Tyson Kidd/Sami Zayn vs. The Ascension: Mini-rant here about Zayn’s music because I still hear criticisms about it. If you don’t see how this music fits his character, fits him and ultimately fits what got him over in Ring of Honor and across the world, you’re clueless. Not everybody needs a random nu-metal rock anthem, the silly ska fits Zayn. You’re not supposed to take him as a serious badass, he’s a fun loving, super underdog. He’s the character Daniel Bryan is playing, though Bryan SHOULD be the serious badass and Zayn should fill Bryan’s role when he gets to the main roster. Okay, I’m done.

Viktor and Zayn start us off, quick tags between The Ascension. Konnor with clubbing kicks in the corner which Zayn sells like he’s being shot. The Ascension continues to control Zayn in the corner. Zayn reaches for Kidd but he’s caught off by Viktor. Kidd eventually drops off the apron and asks Zayn why he didn’t tag him in, “why don’t you just do the whole match by yourself?!” Zayn finally gets to the corner but Kidd is standing on the apron, Zayn is asking him what he’s doing but Konnor cuts him off. Fall of Man by The Ascension and it’s over. Super short match here but it got the story over. Hard to properly rank. *1/4

Final Thoughts:

NXT has had a run of at least somewhat entertaining shows, until this week. Storylines progressed and we had an awesome debut from the Vaudevillains but there was nothing else here, the matches were short and not good. If you have an hour to waste and want to watch a few different stories start, then by all means watch this show. If you’re looking for more than a few minutes of wrestling, look elsewhere. The only prolonged wrestling match in this entire hour was 95% restholds from Breeze. The main event got over a story but ultimately felt like a waste of two talented workers in Zayn and Kidd.