This much-anticipated episode of NXT features a couple matches made last week including a six-ladies tag match between the reunited BFFs (Charlotte, Summer Rae and Sasha Banks) taking on Bayley, Emma and the WWE Divas Champion Paige. We also have the final NXT Championship match for Tyson Kidd, who is looking to avenge his loss to Adrian Neville at NXT Takeover.

We kick off the episode with a recap of Tyson Kidd’s loss to Adrian Neville at NXT: Takeover. The key here is the pre-match interview he did with Michael Cole where they continue to press the “you’ll be nothing by Natalya’s husband” button. It’s a good strategy and they’ve really built the Tyson Kidd character into something interesting that can go a few directions.

Last week, Kidd apologized for acting like a fool after his loss so he wants a rematch with Neville and he’ll get it — tonight!

Bayley comes down first, she’s usually fairly over but today was not a great reaction. I wouldn’t look too much into it. This match was built last week when Summer Rae ran-in during the Charlotte/Bayley match, participated in a big beatdown of Bailey before Paige and Emma came in for the save. This should be pretty good.

Bayley, Paige & Emma vs. Charlotte, Summer Rae & Sasha Banks (The BFFs): The BFFs argue on the way down the ramp as they try to figure out who should walk down the middle, eventually Charlotte wins much to the chagrin of Summer Rae. Emma and Charlotte kicks us off, the two trade offense for a bit before Charlotte puts Emma in her corner. Sasha and Charlotte work a classic back-and-forth tag team spot. Summer Rae has a look of digust as the announcers mention she’s being left out, not unlike her treatment of Eva Marie on Total Divas. Emma is back in the corner and they finally let Summer in on the action.

Charlotte gets back in and locks the Figure Four Headlock on Emma. Sasha and Charlotte keep Emma in the corner as the camera cuts to Summer Rae who is currently taking photos with fans on the outside, Sasha screams at her and Summer slowly gets back to ringside. I’m not kidding but Emma is still in the corner, it’s not bad, it’s just lasting forever. The three take turns pounding on Emma, we even get consecutive leg chokes from Sasha and Summer Rae, trying to see who can do it better. Emma finally gets out of the way of a Sasha clothesline and Emma locks on Dil-Emma. Emma finally gets to the corner and THANK GOD, hot tag. Bayley starts working on Charlotte, Sasha breaks up a pinfall but Paige comes in the for the save. Both ladies are tossed to the outside and we’re left with Bayley and Charlotte.

Charlotte rolls up Bayley but she kicks out at two, Charlotte then notices Summer laying in the ring and she tells her to get out of my ring and yells “What are you doing?” I’m not sure what that was all about but Bayley sneaks up behind Charlotte and rolls her up for the 1-2-3. This was long and not great, it was disappointing to see Paige not involved whatsoever. It was mostly just the BFFs arguing and beating up Emma. *3/4

The BFFs argue ringside, then after commercial we see a promo backstage with the argument continuing. It wraps up with Alexa Bliss challenging Sasha to a match.

Backstage we a masked wrestler signing a contract with JBL backstage, he says he truly…believes, he’ll make an impact. Can’t wait to see this debut! (Yes, I’m aware of who it is)

Colin Cassady vs. Sylvester Lefort: Big Cass is… big. Seriously, Sylvester who isn’t a tiny guy (5’11) comes up to his elbows. Cass throws Lefort across the ring but Sylvester gets on offense putting Cass on his knees and starts punching at Cass. Lefort goes off the ropes but he’s met by a huge Cass elbow and some knee lifts. Cass hits a big boot out of the corner and Lefort is not looking good here. East River Crossing and it’s all over. Good little squash, but hard to rate, there was about 30 seconds of back and forth, the rest was Cass destruction. **

Backstage, Tyson Kidd is getting ready for his match and Natalya says she’s happy to go ringside and support Tyson. Kidd says he’s not focused on her, he’s worrying about winning.

Woah we’re getting Mr. NXT already against Sami Zayn, quite the big spot for this newcomer!

Aiden English is backstage signing to himself and he’s confronted by a Caveman with a mustache. I’m not kidding, the caveman sticks his hand out, then goes off screen, lifts a giant part of the stage and walks off camera. I haven’t the slightest clue what to say about this.

Sami Zayn vs. Mr. NXT: Mr. NXT comes out white mask, white trunks, red cape and the NXT theme as his music. Alex Riley says he’s a gold medal winner in wrestling and maybe high jump, he’s also a world-renowned luchador. He’s certainly got a great smile. Zayn isn’t buying it, something here is not on the up and up. The fans start dual chanting “You can’t fool us” and “Yes, you can!”  Sami hits an arm drag and gives him a big thumbs up, that’s very nice of him. Mr. NXT starts working over Zayn which a shoulder block and a very slow pace, not unlike Bo Dallas. Hmm. He starts screaming “I’m not Bo Dallas” which Alex Riley responds with “He’s speaking Spanish!”

Short clothesline by Mr. NXT, headlock  and an attempted Bo-Dog. Zayn gets on Mr. NXT’s shoulders and pulls the mask off and GASP! It’s Bo Dallas! Bo starts covering up his body, like he was just stripped naked. Zayn throws the mask back at Bo, hits a Helluva Kick and covers him for the three. This wasn’t good at all. **1/2

Alex Riley ruled here. The crowd starts chanting “Bo-LEAVE!” Zayn gets to the top of the ramp, tells the crowd to wait for a second and returns with armed guards (see: newbie trainees). Bo tries to plead with the guards. These segments are silly but they really get over the “Loser Leaves” gimmick, he can’t just come back without protecting himself or running away from guards. I like it. Bo runs out of the ring as they start chasing him across the ring. He eventually gets corner and starts screaming, holding onto the ropes as the guards try to pull him away.

Bo grabs a mic and says “They are kidnapping me! He touched my bum!” The fans are eerely quiet here, I guess they are completely over the Bo Dallas thing but I’m loving this. Eventually, the guards get Bo Dallas outside and into a golf cart but he gets away again! He’s now running through the ticket line as a group of women run in horror. He tells the guards he’s going to call the “real police” (take that college rent-a-cops!)

Back from commercial they are STILL trying to get Bo Dallas in the golf cart, they have him finally locked up as they start pulling away. Phew, that’s over. I liked it but it probably went about 10 minutes too long. Anyway, it’s main event time!

WWE NXT Championship – Adrian Neville (c) vs. Tyson Kidd: The crowd immediately starts chanting “Nattie’s Husband” which gets under Kidd’s skin early. “Yoshi Tatsu” chant. Little do these people know, they may have reminded WWE he was on the roster. Kidd starts out with a takeover and starts controlling Neville quickly with an arm bar. Neville spins out of it, grabs Kidd’s leg but he’s reversed by Kidd who puts Neville in another arm-bar. Neville reverses with an arm-bar of his own, but Kidd swings it back and locks another on Neville.

Neville rolls out, tries to lock in a headlock but Kidd once again grabs his arm. Neville breaks out of it and hits a cross-body to Kidd, Neville tosses Kidd out and hits a huge plancha to Kidd. Neville slides him back in and once again locks an arm-bar on.

Back from commercial, Kidd whips Neville to the ropes and hits a huge shoulder block. Kidd locks on a headlock and continues to try and ground Neville. Adrian finally breaks free but is met by a huge dropkick from Kidd, Tyson goes for the pin but only gets a two. Back-body drop by Kidd, new cham—NO! Back to the headlock from Kidd. I’m not the biggest rest hold fan, they have their place but we’re getting pretty ridiculous here. Neville works out of it, elbows to the gut, to the corner, Neville hits a missle dropkick followed by a bridging suplex that only gets two.

Enziguri by Neville, standing Shooting Star Press but Kidd once again kicks out at two. We’re starting to gain some momentum here. Neville is hanging on the second rope as Kidd goes to the top and hits a flipping leg drop, this was pretty cool. Kidd pins Neville for the 1…2….3-nope, Neville gets his leg on the rope. Kidd is arguing with the ref as Natalya tells Kidd to forget it, he had his foot on the ropes and get back after him. Kidd picks Neville up and puts him in the Tree of Woe and starts driving knees to his gut and follows up with running dropkick. Dropkicks and rest holds for all! Kidd still arguing with the ref about the previous near fall. Kidd locks in a Sharpshooter int he middle of the ring, we may have a new champ here… Neville is struggling and looks like he’s going to tap but gets to the ropes at the last second.

Kidd is growing more and more frustrated, Neville jumps up and rolls Kidd up with a small package. Neville sets up for the Red Arrow but Kidd pops up and kicks the ropes forcing Neville to the ground. Kidd hits a Blockbuster on Neville but once again gets a two count. Kidd with a springboard elbow drop and AGAIN Neville kicks out at two. Kidd’s head is going to explode. Tyson to the otuside and he grabs a chair. Nattie grabs it out of his hand, Neville surprises him with a superkick, Red Arrow and he retains the championship! This started slow and never really hit a next gear (seems to be a trend with Neville these days). With that said, I enjoyed this one a lot. ***1/2

Final Thoughts: 

On paper this looked like a great show but it never really got there. Every match was missing something and while the Mr. NXT segment was a lot of fun, it ultimately felt like a waste of Sami Zayn. The main event was good but not great, this may have been Neville’s best “big” match but it still paled in comparison to a lot of the top-tier stuff we’ve seen as of late. Perhaps he’s a victim of expectations at this point, who knows. Kidd worked his character well in the main event and the continued dynamic between Natalya and him is intriguing.