Tom Phillips & Byron Saxton let us know that there is a lot going on in WWE right now, including Titus O’Neil claiming that nobody wants to face him. Speaking of Titus, he’s on his way to the ring as they discuss this…

1. Kofi Kingston vs Titus O’Neil – They were pushing this as a “best of three” series, referencing back to these two splitting two previous matches over the last five weeks. I like stuff like that, it rewards the viewer for watching every week, and gives these C-show bouts some meaning. Titus used a bearhug, and I liked the way Kofi sold it, flailing around like a rag doll. Kofi escaped, but Titus hit a huge lariat to the back of the head to retain control. Titus is really starting to evolve into a big hoss. Despite years of being on the mid card treadmill, the fans still respond to Kofi. Makes you wonder if they may have missed something when they cut his big push short several years ago. Kofi makes his comeback, which included a nice high cross body off the top. He went for Trouble in Paradise, but Titus caught him and delivered a nasty back breaker. Titus whipped him into the corner, charged, but ran into a boot. Kofi then hit the Tr0uble in Paradise out of the corner to pick up the win. They mention that Kofi wins the best-of-three, 2-1. Good match. **3/4

Lawler interviewed Kofi on the podium. Lawler asks about Rusev, and Kofi is annoyed. “I just picked up a win over a guy like Titus O’Neil, and you wanna talk about old stuff?!”. Kofi goes on to say that he’s in the mood for some good southern style cooking. Apparently he’s hungry.

The weekly Cena/Wyatt recap is next, including the final few minutes of the Wyatt Family vs Cena & Usos match from RAW.

The weekly Bryan/Kane recap is next, including Bryan announcing his neck injury on RAW, and his latest weekly stretcher job. What a horrendous, counter productive title reign this has been so far. Stripping him of the title and letting him disappear for a while might not be the worst thing for him at this point, because it’ll give them a chance to present him in a stronger manner. Unfortunately, I believe the presentation you see of Bryan now is the presentation you will always see, because I believe that is simply how the company views his character.

2. Sin Cara vs Drew McIntyre – McIntyre used to be one of the stars of this show during the period when Superstars was the cult favorite must watch show of 2011, and took part in what may have been the best match in Superstars history, against Chris Masters. Sin Cara was sporting green animal print this week, and was accompanied by 3MB arch rivals, Los Matadores & El Torito. With eight people involved, there was a lot happening here. At one point, everybody ended up under the ring, and Torito emerged with Hornswoggle’s pants. These are the things you type when you review Superstars. Sin Cara won the match, which was really just a backdrop for the Matadores/3MB shenanigans. *3/4

The weekly Shield/Evolution recap is next, including the final few minutes of the Reigns/Batista match from RAW.

I wonder what percentage of the Superstars audience does not watch RAW. I’m assuming Superstars airs at a decent hour in international markets, so for all I know there is a decent chunk of viewers who can’t watch RAW live who catch up on things via Superstars. Also, maybe there are some people who do not have cable, who keep up with WWE via The Network only (with that said, the RAW post show & This Week in WWE sort of cover the RAW recap ground though, right?). But overall, I would have to assume that there are very few people who watch Superstars who also do not watch RAW, which makes the three weekly RAW segments seem redundant.

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