In this episode, we start with TNA Sacrifice and the mistakes TNA constantly makes. How the Eric Young angle could have been very special without them rushing and hot shotting it, “Not Crazzy Steve… he’s crazy!”, and more ineptitude.

Then, it’s on to more browbeating as we cover a very poor Raw. Ric Flair and any questions about his sobriety, them having a hard time finding the right place for their midcard, if Cody vs. Goldust could be redone better, and more.

After a break, we wrap up the bad wrestling, with Starrcade 1997. Regularly great opponents disappointing, WCW misleading the booking, and Bret Hart dying a little on the inside.

We name our MVPs and LVPs, and then move on to what we’re talking next week, Extreme Rules 2012!