WWE Intercontinental Title Match / WWE Linear Title Match

Big E. Langston vs. Bad News Barrett

Rich: It’s time to end the Big E. Langston reign and go for the semi-annual Secondary Title Reboot! We’ll all talk about how WWE is finally going to treat the IC like a legitimate title and try to get guys over with the belt as opposed to in spite of it. Of course, in three months we’ll all forget who has the title and wonder why Barrett hasn’t been on TV in weeks. Man, I’m coming across real smarky aren’t I? I expect this to be an okay match, Barrett has been impressive as of late and has shown me a bit more fire than he did at any point previously. Big E is what he is, he’s big, he’s clumsy, who knows. Barrett is your new champ.

Prediction: Bad News Barrett

Joe: Big E’s IC run has been uneventful and boring. Bad News Barrett is one of the hottest acts in the company. It would make zero sense for Big E to retain.

Prediction: Bad News Barrett

Bryan: Anyone who has this title gets suddenly very irrelevant. Big E seemed like he was going somewhere, got the IC title then started to lose matches. Barrett might be the same thing. Really, this could go either way because the title doesn’t matter, but I think they’re trying to give the title credibility (again) by giving it to Barrett. I don’t see this succeeding. The match itself I think will be fine as both are pretty solid.

Prediction: Bad News Barrett

Cullen: The WWE has a shiny new toy! Bad News Barrett gets to wear the ever so prestigious IC title after Sunday. Maybe they’re serious about adding some credibility to the belt now that they only have one main title, but whether they are or they aren’t Big E sure has nothing going for him. He gets a few seconds of TV time on RAW and the crowds don’t seem to especially care. Barrett is the hot thing and crowds actually care. He should take this in what I think could be a very good match. Barrett’s really good when given the chance. Big E can click with some guys.

Prediction: Bad News Barrett

Jason: I really hope Bad News Barrett loses by countout.  This title needs major rehab, but I don’t think WWE knows how to do that anymore.  Barrett winning would seemingly be the death blow to Big E as a character. Which is why I hesitate picking him. But I will anyways, because the Linear Title is going to be so much less cool when Bad News loses it.

Prediction: Bad News Barrett

Consequence: The newly re-invented “Bad News” Barrett has been on a roll as of late and is getting over with the crowd. I think Big E. Langston is one of the best to come along in awhile and hasn’t tapped into his full potential. I’m going with Big E for the win in the Intercontinental Match.

Prediction: Big E. Langston

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match – Extreme Rules Match

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Rich: Does Daniel Bryan’s first big match since winning the title really have to be Kane? Bleh, I guess it does. Bryan will make this watchable but I really can’t get into the story or the match. None of that is Bryan’s fault — I’m beyond bored of the Kane character and even more so because we’re doing the tired, he’s a monster again schtick. It’s been done to death, the whole “he’s a different person with his mask” thing is so stupid given years of that not being true. I don’t know. I’m not in love with the way Bryan has been built either but what can you do, this is WWE. Some of Bryan’s worst matches on PPV have been with and against Kane so I’m not overly excited. I expect the match to at least border on above average with Daniel Bryan definitely retaining.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Joe: I was sick of Kane a decade ago. I’ve also had enough of Daniel Bryan as the ultimate underdog defying impossible odds guy. I think crowds may eventually start to turn on Bryan unless they alter the way he is presented a bit. The “nice guy, nice husband, underdog” thing is great for the chase, but not for a long term main event gimmick. Eventually he’ll have to be presented as a tough, worthy champion if this thing is going to grow and have serious legs. Grudgingly giving Bryan the ball while attempting to seemingly emasculating him at every turn strikes me as very similar to grudgingly giving Rey Misterio the ball while burying him at every turn. Vince said years ago that he sees Bryan as a hard working underdog who has no business winning but always finds a way. I don’t think that mindset has changed. And if it doesn’t, it will be very hard for Bryan to get past this level to potentially become a huge star. The problem is, the next big feud on the horizon is Brock Lesnar, which means several more months of the unworthy vegan goat boy getting his brains bashed in on RAW to set up an “unwinnable” title match. Yawn.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Bryan: I think this will be a fine match, mostly because Daniel Bryan is in it. I’m not a fan Kane’s constant gimmick changes and I don’t care much for this one. I don’t care if he’s a monster, I don’t care if he’s the Director of Operations, point is he should not be headlining shows in 2014. It’s kind of astonishing just how many times they’ve pushed the guy. Nothing against him, he’s fine and all, but the gimmicks are goofy and again, it should not be the main event of any program in 2014.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Cullen: Can’t see anything other than a clean Daniel Bryan win here. Clean as in he makes Kane taps or, more likely, puts him down for three with the win. I can see interference and weapons, of course, but Bryan is winning this one. Kane is a one month stalling pattern opponent, not a legitimate threat.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Jason: The stipulation ensures Daniel Bryan wins…unless they somehow book a non-finish.  ALTHOUGH: Doesn’t WWE Worls Heavyweight Champion Kane have a nice ring to it?  You could have a very heartwarming tale of Kane shattering Bob Backlund’s record for longest gap between title reigns (near 16 years to Backlund’s 11.)  Aww…I almost hope that will happen now.  Best guess: Look at Diesel vs. Bret Hart at Survivor Series 1995 as a guide for this match.  Bryan will get a pin through a moment of mercy and then Kane will kill him again to continue the feud.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Consequence: In Daniel Bryan’s first title defense, I think he will have an uphill battle against a “Masked” Kane who’s a lot tougher than “Corporate” Kane but Daniel Bryan and the “Yes” movement are on “FIRE” (No Kane pun intended) so I’m picking Bryan to win this one.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

What will be the Main Event of the show?

Rich: Cena vs. Wyatt, to me, that’s been the focal point of the TV leading up there and the entire world depends on this match, it can’t go an hour into the show.

Joe: Bryan/Kane.

Bryan: The WWE title match. Evolution will win their match, so Daniel Bryan will beat Kane so the fans can leave happy.

Cullen: Daniel Bryan vs. Kane. It hasn’t had the biggest build as far as air time goes, but there are extenuating circumstances for that. The WWE looks like they really want to make their championship mean something again. Putting the title match on last gives credibility and ends the show with a win for the good guys.

Jason: Cena vs. Wyatt – Why? Sending the (non-Sheep) kids home happy.  I think with Evolution winning and Bryan getting murdered (again) post match, this will be their way to keep the whole night from being a bummer.

Consequence: It’s a Toss up between The Shield vs. Evolution and the Wyatt vs Cena “Steel Cage” match for me.

What will be the best/worst match of the show?

Rich: Easily the triple threat match (Cesaro/Swagger/RVD). If it gets royally jipped on time, the six-man is the next most logical choice but I think the triple threat is the easy answer here.

Joe: I think the Triple Threat will be good whether it gets time or not, because even as a short sprint, the story & participants will make it work and it should be intense. The Rusev squash & the Divas match will be short and nothing special. If i’m picking a “real” match, i’ll go with Cena/Wyatt.

Bryan: The six man I feel will probably be the best match as I don’t know the last time the Shield had a bad match. Worst will probably be the Rusev squash because who cares.

Cullen: I’ll take Wyatt vs. Cena for best. I love what the Shield have done in six-mans but Evolution seems so lackluster and have zero heat right about now. They looked painfully sluggish at the end of the last RAW too. Cena shows time and time again that he’s an elite level big match performer. A cage gimmick, even the WWE’s stupid infatuation with escape-the-cage rules, will bolster that. For worst, I’ll say the women’s match. It will be about as long as the Rusev squash only without the caveat that it’s intentionally a squash. I can see the threeway become a darkhorse for worst match if Swagger is off and everyone’s timing goes to hell.

Jason: Shield vs. Evolution – I don’t think The Shield can have a bad match.  As for worst match, please refer to my prediction of the bull vs. the leprechaun.

Consequence: Best Match is The Shield vs. Evolution. Worst Match is El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

What will be the longest/shortest match on the show?

Rich: Longest is going to be Cena/Wyatt. Shortest is the Rusev squash which may not last a whole minute.

Joe: For longest, i’ll go with the Cena/Wyatt thing, which will be loaded with theatrics and vintage WWE storytelling. Shortest, the handicapped match.

Bryan: Same. The six man I think will be given tons of time since it’s been the featured program in the weeks following Wrestlemania. Rusev will win a short, uninteresting match.

Cullen: Six man for longest, albeit not by much over the cage match. Shortest should be the handicap squash.

Jason: Long: Tough choice.  I’ll go with Shield vs. Evolution. I think they’ll go 25.  Bryan-Kane will go 20 and Cena-Wyatt about 16.  — Short: Rusev over Truth & Woods in 2 minutes.

Consequence: Daniel Bryan vs. Kane will probably the Longest Match and Woods + Truth vs. Rusev I think will be the shortest.

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