TNA Sacrifice is tonight! Contain your excitement. There’s actually groups of people out there looking forward to this show tonight. Approximately 8,000. Who’s going to go to the psych ward? LET’S FIND OUT RIGHT NOW!

2 on 3 for the TNA Tag Team Championship: The Bromans and DJZ vs. The Wolves: The Wolves say that they have had to endure DQ after DQ because of the Bromans, so they have a note from MVP and tells Christy to read it. She says that this is a no DQ match. Wolves immediately get the advantage and send them to the outside. They launch DJZ over to the Borman s on the outside then hit a double suicide dive. Robbie E tries some offense, but immediately gets pummeled like a geek. DJZ suddenly comes from behind and hits Edwards in the back with a laptop. Heels work on Edwards from here. Robbie E uses some tape to choke Edwards.

Edwards powers back with a sitout powerbomb, but when he goes to make the tag one of the Bromans drags Richards off the apron and to the floor. Edwards fights back with a double hurricanrana (yes, that exists) and Richards is tagged back in. It seems like people are into this match, but it’s not mic’d that well. Richards hits a double dropkick and goes after DJZ but he pushes him back and goes for the laptop,but hits Robbie E instead. Robbie is isolated and they hit two double foot stomps off the top rope for the pinfall and the championships. **3/4

JB is in the back and up next is the COMMITTED MATCH. Samuel Shaw is in the background looking creepy. He says people have been calling him creepy bastard and that everyone wants him to get in the van but it’s not happening. He talks about his mother, and that he’s dedicating that match to her.

They show video of the Sam Shaw storyline. Did they ever explain why Sam Shaw has an apartment at the beginning but by last week he was living at his mom’s house? That’s the least of these storyline issues but it’s noticeable.

LOSER GOES TO THE PSYCH WARD: Samuel Shaw vs. Ken Anderson: Shaw keeps avoiding Anderson but eventually holds Christy in front of him, who yes, is there. She smiles as Anderson gives Shaw a big back body drop. Shaw throws him into the steel steps. Anderson dodges a suicide dive from the apron and Shaw falls to the floor. Shaw has his choke locked him on the outside. Christy is cheering Anderson on the outside. I think we all know what that means, then again it’s TNA so like the hell I know. Shaw then comes up to her all creepily. Shaw says something that causes Christy to slap him, then she flees as Anderson his back up on his feet and attacks.

More brawling on the outside. I have no idea if this is a straight up match or a no DQ match or what. Anderson goes for a mic check on the ramp but Shaw counters, only for Anderson to counter with a rolling senton on the ramp. Oh, ok, looks like whoever gets put into the van first wins…maybe? Steel chair shots to the back to Shaw. They brawl to the back where Anderson grabs a mic and gives a mock interview saying Shaw is going to the funny farm.

Anderson takes a rolling thing and pushes it into some props. He takes Shaw and goes to put him in the van, but Shaw stops him and takes him out. Christy appears and knees Shaw in the balls. This allows Anderson to hit the mic check face first into the van and throws him into the van to end the match.

Happy ending to a terrible feud and an underwhelming at best brawl. *

EC3 and Rockstar Spud interview. They pretty much just say Angle and Willow won’t win tonight.

Rockstar Spud and EC3 vs. Kurt Angle and Willow: Angle’s wearing a big brace on his knee now. He and EC3 start off, but Spud is immediately tagged in. Lots of stalling. Spud is threatened by Angle leading to a tag back in. After lots more stalling. EC3 eventually goes in but Angle immediately brings EC3 down and goes for the Angle Lock but EC3 rolls into the outside. He and Spud argue as Willow goes to the top rope with his umbrella and takes down the heels with it. This incites a “Mary Poppins” chant. Angle misses a charge and collides into the steps, but Willow takes advantage and lays out both the heels.

Willow goes for the twist of fate on Supd but EC3 takes him down, allowing Spud and himself to gain control of the match. EC3 puts Willow in a sleeper but Willow fights back, only for Spud to counter on the outside allowing EC3 to tackle one of Willow’s knees. Angle sneaks back in and hits some Germans and puts EC3 in the Angle Lock but Spud interferes, only to get put in the Angle Lock only for EC3 to clip Angle’s knee. Who is the legal man here? Is this a tornado match?

Spud tries to interfere but accidentally charges into EC3. Willow hits the whisper in the wind and Spud is left with Angle and Willow. Angle hits the olympic slam Willow hits with the senton and gets it.

Confusing match, lots of stalling, no good. *1/4

Earlier today Eric Young talks about being world champion. Everyone doubted him, but he’s a dreamer and he’s doing what he loves. Today he’s not leaving here without his title.

Knux and the mystery female who might be his sister or girlfriend or someone are driving on the road. They’re going to TNA with Crazy Steve and some other guy, we soon find out. “NO WAY” the mystery girl identified as Rebel says. “Crazy Steve is CRAZY!”. Knux said something and it was on to the next segment. This is dumb.

Sanada video package. He has a lot to prove by wrestling in America. Too bad it’s in TNA where nothing matters. This was a good video package, though.

Tigre Uno vs. Sanada for the X Title: Sanada looks like a giant compared to Tigre Uno. This is a best of 3 series with a win each for both. Hot exchange early. Sanada does an octopus roll and pins him for two. Uno does some lucha and hooks both of Sanada’s arms, cradling him for two. Tigre works on Sanada’s knee and leg. Wacky lucha submission by Uno. Sanada powers out tries a reverse suplex but Uno counters and launches off the top rope, only for Sanada to counter with a dropkick.

Sanada attempts a dragon suplex but Uno counters and sends Sanada to the apron hits a dropkick followed by a twisting crossbody to the outside. Uno with a bad looking spli legged moonsault. Sanada rallies back with a tomahawk chop. The luminaries in the arena chant “LET’S GO GOKU”. Sanada grabs Uno who somehow does an amazing counter into a german suplex into the post. Tigre goes to the top but Sanada counters with a hurricanrana off the top and follows with a tiger suplex for a two count.

Sanada goes for another tiger suplex but Tigre counters with a rollup then hits a interesting looking DDT. He goes for the sabretooth splash but Sanada counters and hits the moonsault for the three count.

Sloppy on some parts by Tigre Uno, but a fast paced and fun match. ***

JB is with Cowboy James Storm. He asks if he’s ready for his match. He says he’s made Gunner and his daddy a star. And just as he can make a star, he can break one because sooner or later God’ll cut you down.

I Quit Match: Gunner vs. James Storm: Back and forth early. Storm clotheslines Gunner over the top rope and throws a guardrail into Gunner’s knee. He sets up the steel steps and tries to bash Gunner’s face into it but he blocks it and Storm eats steel instead. Gunner goes under the ring and grabs a trash can but Storm kicks the rope which stops Gunner and he drapes him across the ropes and lands with a jawbreaker. Storm works him over from here. Ref asks several times if he’ll give up but Gunner says no.

Gunner starts to make a comeback including hitting a knee lift. They both get trash can lids and start pelting each other with shots to the head. Well, at least it’s not a chair. Gunner flies off with a headbutt. Maybe they’ve forgotten about all that concussion awareness in pro wrestling thing lately. Gunner misses a charge into the steel post. Storm drapes Gunner and DDTs him into the steps. He is asked but again says no. Storm takes him back to the ring and grabs a beer bottle. Beer glass shot to the head by Storm onto Gunner. The fans chant ONE MORE BEER. Not a fan of this crowd tonight. Gunner’s busted open. Storm puts on a boston crab but still, Gunner won’t quit.

Storm takes out the referee and grabs his belt. He starts whipping Gunner. Gunner says piss off. Storm counters that retort with a superkick. Storm takes a piece of glass and tries to attack Gunner but Gunner cuts him off only for Storm to counter with a low blow. Turnbuckle shots wake up Gunner and mounts a comeback. The crowd is so quiet for this match, it’s sad. Gunner hits the Hangar 18 and grabs two chairs and sets them up. He hits Storm with something, then takes the guardrail and brings it into the ring and sets it on the two chair. He goes for a superplex and executes it. Gunner takes a shard of glass and gets and starts driving it into James Storm. He says something inaudible as he’s cut open and the ref calls for the match.

A good. bloody brawl with some unique spots that would have been awesome if the crowd cared. ***1/2

JB is with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. She doesn’t know why she’s being painted as the bad girl. She is like Mother Teresa but way hotter. They made Madison but she refused their reunion. This division needs a makeover and they’re the two to do it.

Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love for the Knockouts Championship: Back and forth. Madison gets the upper hand and launches Angelina to the outside where she does a crossbody on both Beautiful People. Back in the ring, Rayne hits the Rayne drop but Angelina counters with the botox injection. That’s a name of an actual move. Angelina goes for a crossbody but misses. Rayne hits a spear but Velvet distracts the ref. Velvet sprays something in her eyes and Angelina rolls her up for the three count.

Short with a stupid finish. *1/2

Bully Ray promo. He promises to put Bobby Roode through a table.

Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray in a Tables Match: The crowd woke up and were kind of into Bully Ray throughout this match. Ray in control early but when a table was introduced Roode jumped him. Ray gets back in control and the crowd chants to stack them up so he takes a table and places it next to the other one. Roode gains back control and puts it back to the ring. He positions a table but Bully Ray grabs him, only for Roode to counter and hit a dropkick.

Roode positions the table again They tease suplex spots until Bully hits one away from the table. Roode runs to Bully but almost gets caught with a uranage. Slap to the chest battle that leaves Roode laying. Bully with powerbomb attempts but Rood keeps dodging it. Ref bump leads to a table finish, BUT there’s no ref. Bully gets another table but Roode hits a spinebuster. Bully eventually counters and they wind up on the outside where the two tables are. He puts Roode on there and goes to jump but someone grabs his leg or something, I have no idea. Ray falls off to the floor through the two tables with Roode dodgins so Roode wins.

A nothing match with a horrible, flat finish that was so unneeded. -*

Phantom Ref Bump:

Turns out it was Dixie Carter. Yes. People chanted “Dixie Sucks” but otherwise no one gave a shit about the finish or the reveal. Her music played, of course, since she’s the winner of this match, not whatshisname. This emphasizes everything that is wrong with TNA- the awful finishes, Dixie Carter, the creative, no one caring, everything.

JB is with Magnus who is talking about phony and paper champions. Is he talking about his reign? He says he’ll take back what’s his. He is not a paper champion, he won’t be joke after tonight. You sure as hell are with this creative team.

Eric Young video. This was kind of nice.

Eric Young vs. Magnus for the TNA World Championship: Someone has a “If Magnus wins we riot” poster. More like they’ll just shrug and go home. No one cared about either guy coming out. Sad. Eric Young is in control early. Eric goes to fly, but Magus walks away, only to hit it once he comes back. Magnus low blows him and puts him back into the ring. He locks in a sleeper. Crowd is barely making any kind of noise, chanting for EY. Drop toe hold followed by a camel clutch. Double clothesline spot. They make it back up to their feet and it’s back and forth punches.

Eric mounts a comeback and tries a piledriver but Magnus dodges. Young misses a moonsault and Magnus counters with a uranage. Magnus hits an elbow drop for a nearfall. Wheelbarrow neckbreaker by EY followed with an elbow off the top for a nearfall. Magnus counters and puts Eric in a cloverleaf. Eric counters with one of his own, but Magnus grabs the ropes. Eric goes to the top but Magnus cuts him off and brings him down for a nearfall.

Magnus goes to the outside and grabs a weapon. The referee throws it out as Eric grabs him and hits a piledriver for a nearfall. He tries another one, but Magnus covers, only for Eric to eventually land another one. He goes to the top rope and hits the elbow to cover for 3. I think this is the first clean finish in a TNA main event in I don’t know how long. Maybe ever?

This was a solid bout that was marred by a crowd who, again, barely cared. **3/4

Final Thoughts:

The crowd killed this show. They were quiet and barely reacted to anything, which makes me wonder why they went to the show in the first place. Some of these matches didn’t help, though. The psych ward match wasn’t much, the tables match finish was new levels of awful and there was a sense of a lot of stuff is just not mattering with nothing really going on for this promotion at this point. The opener, X title match, I Quit match and the main event were solid to good, but would have been miles better with a hot crowd. Unfortunately that didn’t happen here tonight.

For some reason, I sense that Spike will renew their deal with TNA. All the red flags in creative, ticket sales, management, ratings, budget cuts and everything else would tell you otherwise, but the fact that TNA is going to last longer than WCW did makes me realize that they’re a zombie company that cannot be cut off it’s life source, the TV rights fees. Somehow, for some reason, Spike will renew them. As long as they have that, they can do whatever they want and go nowhere, much like this show tonight. No one has to watch, but it can still exist. That should be a title for a book on TNA if you ask me.