We start off this episode of Smackdown with Michael Cole announcing the attendance here in Houston Texas and a Fatal Fourway Tag Team Match later tonight to determine the #1 contender for the WWE Tag Team Championships and also we will see John Cena make a rare Smackdown appearance to take on Luke Harper.

Kane’s music hits and Corporate Kane makes his way to the ring as Michael Cole narrates what happened this past Monday on Raw when the Shield attacked Corporate Kane.

Kane grabs the microphone and announces the end of the “Yes! Movement”. A video shows the fake police officers handcuffing Daniel Bryan and Triple H beating down Daniel Bryan.  I saw a meme online the other day that showed Daniel Bryan choking Justin Roberts with his own tie from 2010 when Daniel Bryan was fired and then a picture  from this past Monday’s Raw of Triple H attempting to drown Daniel Brown in the bucket of bottled water as Stephanie screamed “Drown him!”.  This meme was both hilarious and ironic. This video clip was odd, because they showed the entire video of what happened, except Cole and JBL narrated what was happening rather than airing Cole and JBL’s original commentary from this past Monday.

Kane on the mic, says that Daniel Bryan had this coming. Kane tells the audience that it’s their fault that this happened. Kane says that no one is bigger than the authority and Daniel Bryan needed to learn this. Kane says the Authority is better than Daniel Bryan. Kane pulls a letter from Triple H out of his pocket. Triple H’s letter says he regrets that Daniel Bryan put Triple H and Stephanie in a position in which they had to use force. Triple H says that Daniel Bryan did not respect authority. Kane throws down the mic and walks out. Fandango then comes out before Kane can even make his way up the ramp.

Fandango w/ Summer Rae vs. Fernando w/ Diego and El Torito: Los Matadores are awesome and El Torito just makes them that much cooler. They are a fun gimmick to watch and I feel they should get a lot more air time. Primo and Epico have done a lot to get into their new characters to differentiate “Los Matadores” from “Primo and Epico”.

The match started “exclusively on the WWE App” and Fernando is getting beat down by Fandango when we come back from commercial. Fernando is able to get in his quick fast paced offense with a spring board elbow. El Torito proceeds to chase Summer Rae around the ring. Fandango is distracted and Fernando rolls Fandango up for the three count. *3/4

Michael Cole then announces that later on the show we will get a recap of The Undertaker’s rare appearance from WWE Main Event this past Tuesday night. Cole announces that up next Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow will be squaring off. Haven’t these guys wrestled enough this year?

A commercial airs announcing that this coming Monday on Raw Arnold Schwarzenegger will be appearing.

Back from commercial we have Sandow in the ring as Ziggler makes his entrance.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow: It appears that Ziggler is trying to break his own record (Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston) for having faced the same opponent the most times ever in the history of pro wrestling.

Sandow starts off with some of his vicious offense. Some knees strikes to Ziggler’s chest and some elbow drops. Ziggler gains the advantage with a Rick Rude hip shake and drop kick. Ziggler climbs the ropes from the apron and Sandow sweeps his leg through the ropes tripping Ziggler and sending Ziggler face first onto the steel steps.

Sandow is continuing his aggressive streak with some stomps and kicks on Ziggler. On the outside of the ring Sandow throws Ziggler shoulder first into the guard rail. Back inside the ring Ziggler regains the advantage with a flying cross body and some punches to Sandow’s face in the corner. Ziggler then hits the Fameasser out of no where for the victory. **

Back from a commercial break we get a classic Wyatt family promo in the dark. Luke Harper starts off saying it is not safe for John Cena tonight. Harper says tonight he is the reaper and he will carry out “his” misson. Bray then shows his face and tells John Cena to “fear me”. Bray’s promos have been getting better and better. The one from this past Monday on Raw was his best ever. It was a crowing promo that will be shown on his DVD when its released years from now.

A clip airs for WWE Slam City. This series is going to be great. It combines pro wrestling and Claymation two of my favorite things in the world.

The Shield’s music hits to start the Fatal Fourway Tag Team Match.

#1 Contender Fatal Fourway Tag Team Match – The Shield (Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins) w/ Roman Reigns vs. The Real Americans (Cesaro and Jack Swagger) w/ Zeb Colter vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. 3MB (Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal) w/ Heath Slater: Why couldn’t they take out Rybaxel or 3MB and add in Los Matadores? And why are McIntyre and Mahal wearing normal wrestling gear now instead of their rock band-3MB attire? Are they no longer a band? This would be okay, I prefer McIntyre when he was a vicious and cerebral heel and I would love to see him bring back the Future Shock DDT. Maybe McIntyre and Wade Barrett should form a tag team and name themselves “Europe”. They can come out to the “Final Countdown” since Daniel Bryan isn’t using it anymore.

The match starts off with Ambrose and Axel. The Shield is mixing things up now. Instead of the usual tag team within their group of Reigns and Rollins we get Ambrose and Rollins as Ambrose is obviously trying to become a double champion to prove he is the superior member of the Shield. With some random tags in we get Ryback vs. Rollins. Ryback is beating down Rollins as Cole talks about Ryback’s twitter. On a weekly basis Cole asks JBL the same questions “Have you ever read his Twitter?”. For some reason the WWE is really pushing for Ryback to become Twitter famous.

The Shield gains the advantage after Ambrose and Rollins simultaneously dive to the outside of the ring on Mahal and Ryback to send us to commercial break.

Back from commercial we hear that we missed the Cesaro swing that aired exclusively on the WWE App. Ryback gets a two count on Ambrose after a big splash. Ryback goes for a powerbomb and Ambrose counters with a sunset flip for a two count. Ryback hits Ambrose with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Swagger tags himself in and The Real Americans double team Ambrose. Cesaro tags in and gets Ambrose in a sleeper hold form the camel clutch position. Cesaro hits Ambrose with a couple of uppercuts and Ambrose hits Cesaro with NIGEL MCGUINNESS LARIAT. Rollins tags in and dominates every single opponent in the match. Stinger splash. Blockbuster. Enzuguiri. Flip over senton to the outside. Rollins is on fire. Kane then comes out and attacks Roman Reigns to cause a disqualification. **1/2

The New Age Outlaws then come out and attack Reigns. Rybaxel and The Real Americans are beating down Ambrose and Rollins in the ring. All three members of the Shield are laid out. Cole points out that it was odd that Corporate Kane never mentioned the Shield when Kane opened the show with his promo. We were expected Kane to address The Shield’s actions from this past Monday.

This fatal fourway tag team match was on its way to being a classic until the post match shenanigans happened. It is good to see that the Shield is sticking together for what appears to be much longer than expected. They could easily go another year without breaking up and still be entertaining. The rumored Corporate Kane and New Age Outlaws vs. The Shield WrestleMania match seems lackluster for the Shield, but it will still be entertaining.

Back from commercial we have the Miz starting a new episode of MIZ TV. The Miz recaps Hulk Hogan’s announcement of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. The Miz announces that he will be entering the battle royal. The Miz then announces his guest who is also entering the battle royal, The Big Show. Apparently the budget for Miz TV is a little light these days, as there is not furniture in the ring. The Big Show then talks about how he is a big fan of Andre the Giant and how he has always been compared to Andre. The Miz then confronts that the Big Show has lost more matches at WrestleMania than anyone else. Big Show then tells The Miz that Show was selling out arenas when Miz was popping pimples in high school. Titus O’Neil, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Big E Langston, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Goldust, and Sheamus all come out individually to their music as The Miz explains to Show how they all are going to eliminate the Big Show. The Miz then stops the superstars from starting an all out fight and tells them they should all take out the biggest threat from the battle royal, The Big Show. This battle royal is loaded with talent. I can’t tell if this is a testament of how deep the WWE’s roster is these days or if it’s just another reason as to why the “part time” superstars shouldn’t be taking up all of the main event slots at WrestleMania. Probably both.

The Big Show eliminates most everyone and stands tall and alone in the ring.

Back from commercial we have a match starting including two of the battle royal participants:

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E Langston: Both men are relentlessly attacking each other as to soften up their opponents of this battle royal. Del Rio hits Big E with the stomp to the chest driving Big E’s back to the mat. ADR kicks Big E in the back of the head and grabs a sleeper hold. ADR gets the cross arm breaker on Big E over the ropes in “Tajiri’s Tarantula” position. Big E then powers ADR down with some clotheslines. ADR counters with a back stabber. ADR calls for the cross arm breaker. Big E counters and goes for a shoulder to ADR’s ribs in the corner. ADR steps out of the way and Big E goes shoulder first into the ring post. ADR then hits Big E with a superkick for the win. ***

ADR is still my favorite guy on Smackdown. The guy so freaking talented.

Santino is getting his make up done in the back as he talking about how much he loves Emma and Emma walks up as they clumsily run into each other again.

Cole teases the announcement of the next Hall of Fame inductee after the commercial break.

A video package airs for Mr. T! The next WWE Hall of Fame inductee in the celebrity wing.

The Bella Twins vs. Summer Rae and Natalya: AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka are on commentary. It appears that the Divas really are improving. Especially the Bella Twins who appear to give a damn about putting a match together, maybe influenced by their significant others. Despite this improvement, I can’t help to compare the Divas roster to the Emma and Paige match we saw on NXT ArRival. No comparison. Sara Del Ray needs to work with the Bellas, Natalya, and AJ Lee to improve their work. Brie Bella gets the win. ¼*

Cole throws it to the WWE Main Event recap of Paul Heyman and the Undertaker.

In the back we see Rybaxel, 3MB, and The Real Americans as Corporate Kane walks in. Kane then tells Rybaxel and The Real Americans they each have a shot at the tag team championship. Kane tells 3MB they are all officially entered into the Andre the Giant battle royal. The Outlaws walk in and talk about their historical moment of laying out the Shield.

Lana comes out and speaks some Bulgarian and then Rusev appears standing on the podium. I just recently watched the 2014 Royal Rumble match for the first time. Rusev looked awesome. Rusev is definitely not another Vladamir Koslov. I have yet to see him in a one on one match, but I enjoyed his moveset that he displayed in the rumble match. Maybe Rusev can join Barrett and McIntyre’s stable as the muscle of “Europe”.

Cole announces that Daniel Bryan does not need surgery, but he has a dislocated shoulder. Cole announces that Daniel Bryan has vowed to be at Monday Night Raw. Triple H’s, Stephanie McMahon’s, and Daniel Bryan’s mic work has been so good these last few weeks, it is only going to get better.

John Cena makes his way to the ring.

John Cena vs. Luke Harper w/ Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan: An awesome video package airs to the tune of Eminem’s “Legacy” to highlight the feud of Bray and Cena. How good has this feud been compared to where people thought it would be when Dave Meltzer first talked about it?

Luke has the early advantage on Cena as we get a “Let’s Go Cena! “Cena Sucks” dueling chant. It is so apparent that Luke Harper has a future in the WWE after the Wyatt family inevitably break ups. Harper could easily take Kane’s spot on the roster and do it better.

Harper goes for a fall away slam, Cena counters going for the STF, Harper kicks Cena away. Cena goes for the side suplex to set up the five moves of doom! Harper breaks loose of the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena then traps Harper in the STF until Harper bites Cena’s hand and slams Cena face first onto the mat. Harper gets Cena with a hurricarana and powerslam for a two count. Harper goes for a discus lariat and misses. Cena hits Harper with the Attitude Adjustment for the three count and rolls out of the ring to avoid a Wyatt family beat down. Cena stands on the ramp and stares down Bray Wyatt who stands in the ring.