In this episode, Mike and Rex, after deciding to shelve the “Great HHH debate” for another week, go into TNA LockDown, horrible booking, turns that make no sense, and this leads to discussion of Jarrett’s promotion and if it will be any different, or how it could be. Then, we talk about Occupy Raw, how much we love the Shield and the Rhodes Brothers, the roster feeling a little thin leading into WrestleMania, and Alexander Rusev: Will he ever debut?

After a break, it’s WrestleWar ’91. A great Luger match you wouldn’t expect, racism, lots of talk about the Argentine pro wrestling scene, including Titanes del Ring and 100% Lucha. Mike gets upset about the lack of Badstreet, USA, Rex gets annoyed at Mike’s Southern style wrestling love, and we both talk about how king sized Brian Pillman was in War Games.

We name our MVPs and LVPs, and then reveal which show we’re reviewing next week, WWF SummerSlam 1995!

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