TNA Lockdown was tonight! Yes, there was a TNA pay per view in case you didn’t know. I had to remind myself several times that they were doing a show tonight. So yes, this is a hot show that has a hot number of matches and of course, since this is TNA, there is a battle for control over the company. I think the storyline is something like if MVP wins, he gets majority control and Dixie has nothing to do with the wrestling part of TNA, and if Dixie wins vice versa I assume. It’s all really riveting television, I promise. Let’s get to it!

Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. The Great Muta, Sanada, and Yasu: Sanada and Sabin start things off. Sanada gets an abominable stretch and follows with a octopus roll for a nearfall. Tag to Yasu and Kazarian. Yasu works Kazarian over a bit before tagging in Muta who takes Kazarian down and locks in the STF followed by a dropkick, then does his mist spot. Tag back to Yasu who gets blindsided by Daniels and Kazarian takes advantage The heels at this point start working Yasu over Muta and Sanada try to interfere but it’s to no avail. Yasu ducks a leg drop off the top by Kazarian and tags in Sanada who flies off with a flurry of offense. Daniels clips him from behind and he and Kazarian hit the high low but only a two.

Muta is tagged in and starts hitting dragon screws everywhere. He locks in a leglock on Daniels but Sabin and Kazarian break it up. Muta mists Daniels as he tags in Sanada. Muta hits the shining wizard and Sanada follows with a moonsault for the pinfall. Pretty good opener, everyone looked good. ***1/4

Rockstar Spud comes to the ring wearing a fantastic blue checkered suit. He brings out Dixie Carter, who is ready to TALK on this pay-per-view. Dixie says she’s earned the title of queen and runs down Lebron James. Runs down the Miami Hurricanes and the audience. She says she has an insurance policy that she got from New York to interfere in the match later tonight. Also says that Jeff Hardy won’t be here because she’s made sure to hire extra security in case he tries to interfere later tonight.

JB is with Velvet Sky who is answering questions on twitter. I have some, but I’m too nice. He then goes to Eric Young who says everything changes after the Lethal Lockdown match tonight.

Sam Shaw/Ken Anderson promo. Just give the worst feud award to this already.

Samuel Shaw vs. Ken Anderson: Samuel threatened to commit suicide if Christy Hemme didn’t come to the ring by jumping off the cage. Yes. Anderson comes out. Says that it’s too low to jump and he needs at least four or five stories to do it. Calls him a creepy bastard. As he comes to the ring and the match starts.

Christy comes to the ring, because if you are being stalked by a creepy guy the best thing to do is to come near him. She roots for Mr. Anderson Anderson goes for a mic check but Shaw blocks it but Anderson takes him down with a gutwrench suplex. Shaw takes him down and starts climbing but Anderson grabs him but Shaw counters with some punches and throws Anderson’s face into the steel mesh as he falls to the floor.

TNA fans, enamored with this feud, starts chanting for alumnus CM Punk. Anderson gets back to the top and unleashes a back suplex that send them both flying back down to the mat. Shaw gets up first and throws Anderson into the cage. He notices Christy and waves. He tells the ref to ope the cage.Anderson knees Shaw into the door that sends Hebner out and into the floor. Anderson hits the mic check but instead of, like, going to win the match he hits an sto on Shaw into the turnbuckle.

Anderson starts to climb the cage. but like a thriller supervillain Shaw grabs Christy and drags her in via the camera opening inside the cage. Anderson gets back in and saves Christy, but gets low blowed as he helps her escape. He locks in the standing sleeper hold but it’s to no avail as he escapes and wins. Never really got anywhere and this feud is stupid. *1/2

Dixie’s team is backstage. Aries says he is clearly the insurance policy. Roode says he doesn’t know, he just wants to win and get MVP out of here. They argue about how much they’ll be able to own TNA. Yes, they are really arguing about wanting to own part of TNA. LOLOL.

EC3 comes out. He always had a dream of being the best. Talks about Kurt Angle and says he’s one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. But he is, too. He says that he is wrestling. Says that it’s pretty funny that Kurt Angle scheduled his surgery before Lockdown. He calls himself the face of wrestling. Issues his open challenge.

Of all people, Bobby Lashley answers the challenge. Carter says he’s not on the roster and to get out. Lashley responds by hitting him with a running powerslam and a spear that sends him packing as Lashley poses and the announcers wonder if he’s back in TNA.

Kenny King package. He’s coming back for another push that maybe will work this time?

Velvet Sky is still backstage answering questions.

Magnus promo. Says he has to do everything himself. Talks about his title match tonight and how it’s under Joe’s rules. He’s fighting a lone crusade, and he’ll fight it. Something doesn’t sit well with him, though- they’re talking about what Joe is going to do with him, but he gets Joe and and will prove tonight that he is an animal.

Manik vs. Tigre Uno: They lock up as they do some back and forth Manik foes for a German but misses. Some quick backed back and forth. Tigre takes Manik down with a dropkick. Manik with a hurricanrana. Manik accidently launches Tiger into the cage where he climbs,but Tigre takes him down and follows up with a moonsault. Tigre climbs again, but Manik counters with a dropkick to the fcage that sends Manik colliding into the steel cage door. Manik clutches to the middle rope as Tigre tries for a dive but Manik dodges as Tigre throws himself into the cage.

Manik works him over and locks in a surfboard that he turns into a pin attempt for a nearfall. Tigre counters with a double springboard off the top and counters with some lucha into a DDT. Both men climb the cage and Tigre goes for a sunset flip but Manik fights it off and hits a missile dropkick, then follows with a sitout powerbomb. After some cool reversals, Tigre hits a cradle suplex then hits a springboard 450 splash for the pinfall.

Tigre looked pretty good here, and it was solid enough. Probably could have been better without the cage. **1/2

Gunner vs. James Storm video package. There was a point where I thought James Storm could have been the top babyface in TNA. But you know how that works out.

Last Man Standing: Gunner vs. James Storm: They start brawling on the stage. Storm throws Gunner into the ring and as Gunner retaliates throws the door into Gunner as he’s knocked down. Storm orders the ref to lock the cage as he climbs in and starts working over Gunner with chairs and weapons he threw in the ring earlier. Storm chokes gunner with the tag rope on the turnbuckle. Lotta choking goin on here. Gunner gets up but low blows Gunner. Storm keeps throwing Gunner into the turnbuckle but no sells it as Gunner fires back with a flurry of offense. Storm cuts him off and hits the ropes but gets caught with a steel steps shot by Gunner.

Storm fights back and goes for a Last Call but Gunner blocks it. Storm throws him into the turnbuckle where Gunner’s head collides with a steel chair. Gunner gets hit with the steel chair some more. Gunner fights back with a spear and hits a F5 as the ref starts counting. Storm gets up at 7 as Gunner blocks the chair Storm tried to grab and hits a uranage. Gunner goes for a big splash but as he jumps off Storm throws the chair into Gunner’s face. Storm with another steel chair shot.

Storm sets up two chairs and tries to powerbomb Gunner into them, but Gunner fights back…only for Storm to uppercut him. Storm and Gunner go back and forth on the top rope, firing with shots into the cage as Gunner eyes the chairs nearby. Gunner suplexes Storm into the chairs to a huge pop. Gunner gets to his feet first at the 10 count as he wins the match. Very good match that told a good story. ***1/2

The Wolves are backstage and hype themselves up. MVP calms them down, saying they need to stick to the plan and be in control.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne promo package.

Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Gail Kim: Kim immediately tries to climb but Rayne takes her down. Kim fakes out and tries to climb the cage but Madison reaches the cage first and knocks Kim down. Kim throws Rayne into the cage and works her over, but Rayne is still in it as she grabs Kim down once again. Kim takes her out and hits her with a splash and follows it with a neckbreaker. Gail charges at Rayne but Rayne dodges and Kim collides into the cage.

They both make their way to the top as they fight off, and Kim grabs Rayne and launches off with a neckbreaker off the top rope. They both get up, but Kim gets up first as she grabs Rayne and throws her into the cage again for a nearfall. Rayne climbs as Kim tries as well, but Kim gets knocked down, as well as Lei’D Tapa who is on the outside. Kim hits a spear off the top rope into Kim as she covers and scores the pinfall, retaining the Knockouts championship. A solid bout. **3/4

Samoa Joe promo. Says he brought him in and travelled around the world, but he threw it away to take the easy way. He will teach Magnus that there is no easy way and will render him unconscious tonight. Calls him a paper champion and tonight he’s taking his belt.

TNA World Heavyweight title: Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe: Because, you know, ownership of the company ranks higher than the world title. Maybe that should be the ultimate goal of wrestlers both in TNA and WWE, to not worry about the world title but just worry about someday having all the power in TNA and/or WWE.

They start with some chain grappling with Joe getting the better of it. Joe misses a charge as Magnus capitalizes with an elbow shot, but Joe throws him into the cage and smashes his head against the cage. Magnus is busted open as Joe works on the cut, punching it and biting it. Magnus with a running knee into Joe and he starts to throw Joe into the cage, and now he’s split open.

Magnus grabs Joe and puts him in the figure four, but Joe doesn’t tap. Magnus follows with a camel clutch. Joe starts to fight back, hitting some forearms and hitting a back splash. He locks in an armbreaker but Magnus manages to grab the bottom rope. Stiff chop on the top rope by Joe but Magnus fights back and hits an elbow off the top. Joe almost gets knocked out but powers back after two.

Magnus starts punching away, but to no avail as Joe is ready to fight back. Magnus climbs to the top and tries to climb, but Magnus is crotched. Joe locks in the Kokina clutch but suddenly a hand emerges from the ring and grabs Samoa Joe, dragging him out of the ring. Crowd chants bullshit, and rightfully so. Joe then emerges from the hole and kicks away whoever grabbed him, and chokes him on the top rope. Abyss emerges from the hole and lays out Joe. Why can’t you just give Magnus a clean victory here? He needs one so bad, and here again is more interference bullshit. Magnus smiles as he and Abyss are in cahoots. He locks in the kokina clutch and gets the shitty submission victory. Fine match, atrocious ending.  **

Eric Young is mad that Abyss helped Magnus. Magnus dismisses Young as he’s held back by Simon Diamond and Al Snow.

Bobby Roode wants to know about this secret New York guy. Dixie says just trust me. Bobby says don’t screw this up. Dixie says don’t screw this up for me, I did my part for tonight. Bobby says fine, that he’ll see her in the morning, partner.

Lethal Lockdown: Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and the Bro Mans) vs. Team MVP (MVP, The Wolves and Jeff Hardy): MVP and Aries start things off. Aries takes control after a missed boot to the corner by MVP. Aries is in control for most of this initial time period. Robbie E is in next and they work MVP over. Eddie Edwards is in now. Edwards plants Aries with an overhead Michinoku driver. Zema Ion tries to interfere, but Edwards plants him on the outside. Jesse Godderz enters now as the Bro Mans work over Edwards. Davey Richard enters next and works over the Bro Mans as Edwards fights back with him and them and MVP start working over Aries. Stereo boston crabs by the Wolves but Aries breaks it up. Bobby Roode enters as the last member of Team Dixie to enter.

Roode and MVP square off as they exchange punches but Roode plants a spinebuster. Roode follows with another one on Richards. He takes off the bandages of Richards (who is suffering from a shoulder injury in storyline) and works over it. The countdown clock begins again, but it’s not Jeff Hardy who enters. IT’S WILLOW THE WISP!!!! The arena goes dark as Willow emerges from the top of the cage and hits a crossbody as the top of the cage lowers.

Dixie Carter’s music hits as she introduces the special guest referee, her insurance policy…Brother Ray. See, you thought it someone new, because of New York, and- LOL!! The faces stand around here looking confused like a bunch of idiots as Bully Ray opens the cage, only for the heels to jump them. Bully Ray pulls out a table as the weapons from the top of the cage start being used. Roode locks in a crossface to Richards as all the heels hold back the faces, but they power out and interrupt the submission.

MVP hits the ballin elbow as Aries is thrown into the cage by Willow. Wolves lay out the Bromans as Richards grabs a trashcan. The Wolves go to the top and hit running missile dropkicks off the top rope to the floor. Aries and Richards fight as a chair is set up, then suddenly Aries nails Richards with a brainbuster on the chair. Ouch. Aries goes for a 450 on Willow but misses and lands on the trash can instead. Willow hits the senton for a nearfall as Roode interrupts.

Roode sets up the table as MVP gets to his feet. Bully Ray then stands in front of him as Roode argues with him until Ray plants him with a uranage. MVP hits a running kick to the head and covers him for the pinfall, expelling Dixie Carter from television…maybe. Pretty fun match. ***1/2

Dixie Carter is angry as she storms to the ring and starts yelling at Bully Ray for betraying her. She then leaves. Bobby Roode sirs to his feet as Bully Ray plants him through the table, ending the show. For this being Dixie Carter’s exit from TNA, it did not seem like a big deal at all.


This was an alright show. Yes, I know that’s hard to fathom, but the matches here were alright, with the opener, last man standing and main event being very good. The only really annoying thing with the show was the TNA title match finish. Magnus’s entire gimmick is that he’s not good enough to be champion, so he asks for others to help him. That is a terrible gimmick for a guy you’re trying to push. He needed a clean win here, and he didn’t get it. Other than that though, this was fine enough.

Oh yeah, and the Sam Shaw stuff was terrible. Forgot to mention that somehow. Maybe I just blocked it out of my mind already.